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You must remember in 1999 there was no Pebble Beach website as our
websites were among the first photo sites in the world in many categories

"Blackie" Me, Doc Hemp and my Becky Girl now in our 53rd year of marriage :-)

Our very original 1933 1004 Packard Super 8 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton 21,800 Original Miles and Never Off the Frame (99 Points), Previous Owners David Kane and Ron Doss (Need I say More?) "Blackie" even has the original factory functional manifold heater still in place! Very Rare and the only we know of.

This Photo was taken at the Recent 7/15/2015 Pacific Grove Concours Where Blackie was Awarded the Statesman Jerry Hanauska Memorial Award, and Also 2nd Place in the C5 Classic Open Cars 1933 - 1939. Sponsored by: Barrett-Jackson. 1st Place in our C5 Class went to Larry Nannini, Colma, California with his 1934 Packard 1104 Super 8 and also a VERY RARE Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton like Blackie, which also won the "Best of Show" with a perfect 100 points, fresh off a total ground up zero mile restoration. 3rd place went to Bob Newlands and Jan Taylor with their 1935 Packard 1204 Convertible Coupe. An email posted at the bottom of this page.
The Forest Grove Concours Also Hosted the Oregon CCCA National Grand Classic at the same Event. This was the first time "Blackie" has been shown since a 2002 concours where he scored 100 points.

  1. Video #1 of Blackie at Oregon's CCCA National Grand Classic Forrest Grove Concours 7/15/2015
    Receiving the Statesman Jerry Hanauska Memorial Award. Blackie was one of 7 Packards invited to Pebble Beach for Packard's 100 Centenial celebration, but was the only Packard factory built one there (Dietrich design though)

  2. Video #2 of Blackie at Forrest Grove Concours 7/15/2015
    Beckity and I want to thank our friends Harv and Kathy Corwin for taking these videos, as I am always behind the camera, these are a first for us ever!





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Join "BLACKIE" at Pebble Beach in 1999

"Blackie was one of only 7 Packards invited to pebble for Packard motor car's 100th Anniversary. Dietrich designed but Packard Factory built.

Pacific Northwest Tour 2002
THANK YOU Al McEwan!!! One of the best CCCA tour organizers there is. Al now also does the P.B. tour from Washington State down to Pebble Beach every year.

  • Doc, Becky & "Blackie's" Original Pebble Beach 1999 Site
    THIS WAS GLEN'S FAVORITE ORIGINAL SITE I PUT UP .... You must remember in 1999 there was no Pebble Beach website as our websites were among the first photo sites in the world in many categories.

    February 2001 Retromobile France (Click here)

    CCCA'S 50th Anniversary Meeting

    Our Late and Great friend Jacques Harguindeguy ("Frenchy") with his
    "Best of Show" 1937 Delahaye Figoni Falaschi

  • Subject: Re: 44th Forest Grove Concours
    Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2015 18:47:46 -0500

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hemp, Thank you for the nice email and the kind words regarding our event. We appreciate it very much. Also, thank you for sharing photos of your collection of cars. You certainly have a very nice collection and I am sending a copy of your email to our committee members so that they can also see your collection of cars.

    Congratulations on winning the Statesman Award in memory of Jerry Hannnuska. Your 1933 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton was a good choice. Also congratulations for winning 2nd place in the Classic Open Cars, 1933 - 1933 Class, (I have attached a list of all winners which also lists your car as winning 2nd place in this category.)

    Next year we will be featuring German cars; however, we will still have a large display of antique, classic, sport, race and other collector cars of several eras of automotive history. So, we would love to have you bring another one of you fine automobiles to our 2016 event which will be on July 17.

    Thanks again for the email and we hope to see you in 2016.

    Jim Crisp


    In a message dated 11/1/2015 10:48:58 A.M. To Forest Grove Concours, writes:

    Thank you for putting on such a wonderful Concours d Elegance this past year. We showed our Black 1933 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton ("Blackie") and we were very Honored and Pleased to have been awarded the "Statesman Award in Memory of Jerry Hannuska". We are not usually into trophies, but this Memorial Award is Very Special to us, and the crystal and engraving is phenomenal! And we have it front and center in our family room. See attached photo and we had also posted a video of us receiving this as we crossed the podium .. But don't know if it is still there as I am no longer on Face Book.

    Do you know yet what your featured cars will be next year? We have cars of almost all the eras and are hoping to attend your event again next year if possible. Attached is a photo of some of them.

    We would also like to receive the 2016 Concours Magazine with all the info and photos.

    One other thing .. I just saw the results of the F.G. concours and didn't see our car in a 2nd place anywhere .... this attached photo is of the crystal 2nd place trophy given to us at our car. I think it was probably given to the wrong car ... if so I would really like to return it to you to send to it's proper owner ... just give us the info and your the address to mail it to.

    I just signed up for your info email to keep us in touch ... we are out of the Redding CA area in Millville Ca.

    Again thanks so much for all your thousands of donated and volunteer hours everyone in the Portland area puts into making your concours such a world class event ...

    Kindest of Regards,
    Dave and Becky Hemp

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