B.A.D. = Becky And Dave's
Our Private 15" Inch Gauge Live Steam & Electric Railroad
"Little and Big Bubba" STEAM, "Davey Boy" Electric, & "Yard Goat Billy" Gas
(Links From All These Photos Are Listed Below)

Doc & Becky Hemp

All Non-commercial, Private, at our home, about 3/4 mile of large 15" gauge track and switches, Grand Scale Steam and Electric Railroad ....Everything was and is built locally from scratch. Dave Moeller, myself & Becky have done and do as much as possible ourselves. And as of 4/17/05 our "Little Engine that Could" ... "Davey Boy" .... electric switcher engine was delivered ..... And Nov 05 our all steel Warren Truss bridge that Dave Moeller and I built was placed with a 100 ton crane. We have a train station, haunted tunnel, an old Western Town, a large engine house and shop. 14' all heart redwood water tank.

"The greater the obstacle, The more glory in overcoming it!"
-- Moliere

This is "Big Bubba" our private Steam Engine, Melvin Harris of Harris Locomotive Works built the boiler and running gear. Dave Moeller & I built all the rest .. I did all the welding and most of the plasma cutting & used a photo of a narrow gauge Forney style engine to design all our engines and rolling stock.

Even though we would like to invite the general public we can't due to the litigious society we now live in. But there are many other commercial layouts like ours that do .. and we have links to several at the bottom of this page. We also have many of our Railroad Vacations with unbelievable photos, Some of which have been published in historic magazines, etc.

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    Big Bubba

    Our Hand Pump Car

  • The nearest flat car I built from scratch. The flat cars are for parents, older and younger children to ride on. Usually pulled behind "Davey Boy" our little electric engine.

    "Davey Boy" In front of our Railway Station.

    Our 14' Functional Water Tower.

    Close Up of the Water Tower and one of our Flat Cars Dave & I restored.

    Little Bubba steam engine
    Both our steam engines are propane fired.

    My mom Margaret and Bryan our grandson some years
    ago in front of our caboose at the train station

    Size comparison.

    Some of our rolling stock
    On our 70' Warren Truss Bridge Dave Moeller and I built

    Moving our 70' Warren Truss Railroad Bridge
    Into place over Millville Gulch with a 100 ton crane.
    Below are tons of links with details of all these photos.

    We Built This Bridge With a 3" Crown & My Tractor "Big Blue" with Dave Moeller on it only Depressed the Center 3/8th of an Inch! Unbelievable! I Did Put A Center Support in too after building our very heavy "Big Bubba" just for my peace piece of mind. Also Shown Is "Little Blue" My Trusty Welder!

    Dave Moeller in "Little Bubba"
    Exiting our Sierra Snow Shed type tunnel

    "Little Bubba" at the top of Horse Shoe Grade

    Our Wingate Windmill I built from a kit

    The View From Our Track Just to the North of the Above Windmill

    Yours Truly filling the water tank on "Little Bubba"

    Our Family Halloween Party 2009

    Play House and Play Ground
    (for Syney and Shelby our cool grand-daughters)

    Inside their play house - the one Becky never had growing up.

    Our Haunted Tunnel

    Me yours truly in "Big Bubba"

    Our Old Western Town

    David Moeller jus relaxin in Old Town

    Actual Jail .. Put the rowdy kids in here (grin)

    And ... Rowdy Wives!! (Well .. that's my story & I'm stickin to it)

    Our Saloon with real wooden indian! And adult refreshments ;>)

    The Dry Goods Store

    Railroad Cop ;-)

    Thank You Frank Delker For this great night time photo of "Little Bubba"

    Our Pony Astro Sugar Pop ... The Most Gentle Ever!
    Shelby Renee watching &
    Our Own Sydney Iris Delker in the Saddle
    Supervised by the "Pony Lady" we hire at our events
    (Where we got Astro Sugar Pop from her)

    Alanna and Eric Dunbar's Daughter Shaylee on Astro Sugar Pop

    Getting Ready for our friends Grandparents/Grandkids Party

    The Shasta 2002 1&2 Cylinder Tour Visit
    and Ride Becky And Dave's Great Northern Railroad

    One of my favorites, I snapped this as he was leaving
    We had about 90 cars parked all over & everyone got a train ride

    1999 Medford and Redding HCCA Tour at Dave & Becky's

    2002 Pacific Costal Region National Model Railroad Association
    Visit our railroad, My late very close friend Mel Nethery pictured here

    7" gauge belonging to Bob McMillan - 2002 PCRN

    Mel Harris of Harris Locomotive Works who built all our boilers and running gear,
    Dave Moeller and I built most the rest.

    Friend Ransome Roscoe with two of his grandkids Cameron and Ethan

    Our family Thanksgiving Outing 2008

    These are Movies of our private railroad ... All 3 loops are around 3/4 miles of track ... Thankyou Dr. Bill Hooker for these latest ones taken at our SVA/MILO/LLU Western Reunion at our home .. 5 different schools involved that Becky and I went to since the 3rd Grade ... We had about 150 friends from all over the country that came.

    1. 5/29/2011 - One of the shorter movies.
    2. 5/29/2011 - Big Bubba and Davey Boy Our Electric.
    3. 5/29/2011 - Big Bubba & Davey Boy down into station.
    4. 5/29/2011 - Davey Boy heading up into our Redwood Forest.
    5. 5/29/2011 - Monday Evening Taco Dinner
    6. 5/29/2011 - Shows bout 1/2 of our outer loop #3.
      On the slow DSL this may take a while to download. We have 3 Loops = About 3/4 miles of track, it shows going over our 70' Warren Truss Trestle, thru the Haunted Tunnel, Redwood grove

    7. 8/13/06 - Steam Movie - Phase #3
      ... All these are of Little Bubba, I hadn't built Big Bubba yet.
    8. 6/10/06 - 1 Crossing New Bridge Movie
    9. 6/10/06 - 2 Crossing New Bridge Movie
    10. 6/10/06 - 3 Crossing New Bridge Movie
    11. 6/10/06 - 4 Crossing New Bridge Movie
    12. 7/13/06 - Crossing Bridge & Beyond Movie
    13. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
    14. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
    15. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
    16. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie
    17. 8/12/06 - More Phase 3 Movie


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      July 25-31, 2009 - World Wide Country Tours .. Hundreds of GREAT PHOTOS! Pikes Peak Railway, Royal Gorge Railroad, Cumbres/Toltec in New Mexico, Durango/Silverton, and Leadville.
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      From Orville, CA to Portola, CA via the beautiful Feather River Canyon.
    3. The Last Trip on McCloud Steam Engine #25 - I was official photographer
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      On it's run thru Redding to Portland! This is the
      3rd largest operating Steam locomotive in the world!
    16. Grand Scale RailFest, Reedly Ca... Oct 14 - 15, 2006
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