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I Am Dedicating this PNW Tour Site to the Classiest Packard Guy
And Friend/Aquaintence Any of Us Could Have ... The Late Tom Moretti

Come on a Classic Car Tour with Becky and Doc Hemp

This is Becky in "BACKIE" Our 1933 Packard 1004 Dietrich Designed Super 8 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton... Photo taken this past June, 2013 ..... One of only 3 in existence today ... 21,800 original miles and never off the frame.

But, on This 2002 PNW Tour we Took "Dandy" Our mid-year 1930 Studebaker President Sport Roadster Shown here below, this is an original car that we purchased in 1973 out of a museum. It has never been off the frame, still has much of the original maroon paint ... very badly checked but looks great from about 15 feet away :-) ... One of my best friends, Terry Rust and I drove this car cross country in the Great American Race in 1984 and even took first place one day ... Terry was Navigator and was the lead foot driver! ;-)

This car is one of only two known left in existence out of only about 4 or 5 ordered and built during the great depression and it was also the first to break the ice, being the very first Studebaker ever accepted into the Classic Car Club of America on September 13, 1983. Tom Lester (of Lester Tires) was the one who approached me to present our car to be recognized by the CCCA as a Full Classic ... and .. His Studebaker 1931 Four Season Roadster and all the other Stude Presidents followed shortly there after.... Here is an article done by my friend Arch Brown and photos by Dave Brown in Hemming's Special Interest Autos in October 1990

"DANDY" Our 1930 President

.... This is what's known as a DEAD MAN'S CAR .... As it only changes hands after it's owner goes TOES UP! ;-) .. and his wife sells it for about a $100 bucks ;-) ... Speaking of wives ... Becky is pictured here too.

Now Continuing on with our PNW Tour Here Below!

12/10/11 ... THANK YOU Al McEwan!!! Probably the best CCCA tour organizer on the planet! Al now does the P.B. tour from Washington State down to Pebble Beach every year now too.

"Car 54 Where Are You?"
Took these 2 photos at home afterwards
To show off the cool tour bag & license plates.

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We have over 500 photos, please allow time to down load

Becky and I would first of all like to thank Al McEwan the tour director and all the others in the Pacific Northwest Region for putting such a magnificent tour together! The work and donated hours are countless in a big project like this. The food, accommodations, routes taken, etc. etc. were perfect!
I was the last one in every night from around the cars and would then sit outside on the balconies overlooking the cars at all times of the night and have an occasional Cohiba and just soak in this most amazing site of so many high quality pure classics all in one place .. It is hard to explain even to another car nut. Also, the Idea of two tours with fewer cars limited to 37 and older for one was really great! 7/20/02 .... the 2nd group of cars, 1938 - 1948 are now on the same tour route ... I told Ron Peterson to tell them to get me some photos to put up on their own page off this one of their group too. Ron lives in Eugene and sent us some of his great photos already ... see below on this page.

We would also like to thank all the great folks that were all so friendly and helpful to all us CCCA CARavan first timers! Especially Ron and Gayle Doss, they are one of the main reasons we decided to do this tour.
We would also like to thank Ranger Ron for teaching us how to cheat at Gin during breakfast. (Grin!)

In this our private unofficial web site I am trying to show the humor and fun we had on this tour. The CCCA sometimes appears to outsiders and new members as nothing but traditional rules and staid, rigid, formality. This club is a group of very fine and friendly folks! Please join us in the spirit it was meant to be and enjoy our trip again with us here on the internet.

This web site is a day by day journal and photos of our trip. Becky and I would like to invite all of you to travel with us on this 1000 plus mile tour with 64 other Classic cars. We drove "Dandy" our 1930 1/2 Studebaker President Roadster. Dandy ran magnificently after Barry Keating made us a new radiator cap gasket, we tightened up our water pump graphite seal (Thanks to Ernie Crutcher), and we finally unhooked and later had Mr. Goodwrench put an on/off switch to the electric fuel pump, kept our battery from charging properly when it ran unnecessarily all the time.

Most of us traveled an average of 1600 - 2000 miles on this tour. Becky & I trailered up to about 150 miles from Eugene and drove Dandy the rest of the way. On our off days we all drove around each area and many drove all the way to and back from the CARavan. Afterwards we drove Dandy from Bend to Klamath Falls and met our son Wes there to trailer the rest of the way home.

We arrived on Saturday July 22, 2002 in Eugene, the starting point of this tour. A local, Pat Carpenter, helped me adjust the points and he placed some rubber tubing around parts of the fuel line we thought might rub. We were working on the car and missed the early bird party Saturday evening, hopefully some one will send us some photos of it to put up here too.

Later the next day Sunday Dan Dinsmore who drove an early model 1930 Studebaker President Sedan from Washington, to and from the tour, gave me a hand with the correct point gap as per his owners manual (which he let me copy later on the tour) and a lend of his feeler gauges.
We had quite a coincidence happen Sunday too when a couple of folks that knew us from our websites dropped by .... Jim Johnston and Herb Dungy. We had pics of Jim's cars posted in one of our reading rooms.

Also very helpful were a couple of the transport drivers that gave me some good tips on how to keep these old cars going on these long tours! Phil Randall and Brian Hawley

At the Valley River Inn Becky rented bicycles for us to ride the FANTASTIC River Trail that goes for miles .... some pics included in day #1. On the other side of the river from the hotel is the most fantastic Rose garden, etc.

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  4. Our "Can Almost Keep Up With The Studebaker Roadster Award"Goes To? (Grin)

  5. Sat & Sun day #1 Eugene Oregon

  6. Monday & Tues #2Gold Beach Oregon

  7. Wed & Thurs #3Eureka California

  8. Friday & Sat #4Ashland Oregon

  9. Sunday & Monday#5Bend Oregon

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