April 18 - 22
Kool April Nites 2007
17th Annual Classic Car Show
Redding CA, Convention Center

"Doc" & Becky Hemp's
Unofficial Site

I just want to say that the thousands of hours that it takes to put on a show like this is greatly appreciated by all of us that attend this function!!! I just can't say enough about the group pictured above and all the hundreds of volunteers that donate sooo much time because of their love of this hobby and our community. Becky and I am honored to do our small part by donating this unofficial pictorial site. It is in no way in competition to the official site .. it is only meant to compliment the official business site. We are also all blessed to live in such a great community that supports functions like this to the MAX too!

This site is dedicated in the memory of our good friend & patient for 20 years .... Bucky Bucklin who passed away 8/8/99. Bucky was one of the original founding fathers of the Kool April Nites Car Show. Bucky was the best of the best! A fellow car lover & EVERYONE'S FRIEND!! He never had a bad thing to ever say about anybody. You Are Missed Bucky!
I want to also dedicate this site in memory of another Kool April Nites founder, Randy Harrison and his wonderful wife Barbara who has done such a great job this year 2000 filling in for Bucky and Randy.

Below we have a history in photos of many of the earlier Kool April Nites and those involved in running it. There is also a link to the offical website where you can download an application. Becky and I hope to see you there every year ... in the parade we are driving Becky's 1960 Chevy Impala convertible .... Red with Red & White tuck n' roll interior ... photo below
Cheers and enjoy .... Regards ... Dave & Becky

  1. KAN 2002 Sunday Show & Shine @ Kent's Meats
  2. K.A.N. 2002 Parade Friday Evening
  3. K.A.N. 2002 2,300 Saturday Kar Show Page #1!
  4. K.A.N. 2002 2,300 Saturday Kar Show Page #2!
  5. K.A.N. 2002 2,300 Saturday Kar Show Page #3!
  6. An Aerial Photo
    1748 CARS 1997 at the Redding Civic Center. In 2000 we had 2,500 cars entered .. was too many .. that is why we now limit to 2,300 ... sold out way ahead this year for 2002 ... so .. next year .... send your application in early
  7. Official Kool April Nites Web SiteGet Your Application here for next year
  8. More Kool April Kars!
  9. Jay Finlay's 1953 Mercury 'NELLIE'
    Nellie & Jay are perennial favorites at KAN ..
    Becky & I gave them their own web page.
  10. Go to our GRASS ROOTS TEEEE PARTEEE Page 9/11/01
  11. 11/30/06 ... Meet Doc & Becky Hemp .. THE ELVIS JOKE! :-)
    The poor twisted soul that he is! ... Beck .... and me in the costume she rented as a joke for a favorite patient of ours that always calls me Elvis. This is what happens when the class clown becomes a Dentist! This wonderful Elvis car belongs to Don & Donna Jellison of Redding CA. It has taken many awards. Glenn Anderson was in the office when this was coming down and called Don to bring the car for some photos ... Thank You Don & Glenn for your support ....

    Subject: Thanks Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 19:57:59 -0700 From: Duane Tomei tomei@awwwsome.com To: "'dochemp@c-zone.net'" dochemp@c-zone.net

    Doc, thanks for all you do for the hobby, and especially your tribute to Bucky. He and I were the only two originals left on the board, gonna miss the hell out of him.
    Thanks again.

    Subject: Your Cool Web Site Date: Fri, 3 Sep 1999 16:19:26 -0700 From: "marshall" marshall@c-zone.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

    Dear Dave and Becky,

    Thank you for your way "Cool" BAD Chariots web site. A special thanks to the Dedication to Bucky, I had no idea he had passed away. I will also miss very much.

    I have been a volunteer off and on at Cool for several years as a NCDRA member.

    I have shown my 64 1/2 Mean Machine Mustang bracket car several times at Cool and sold it right out of the Civic at Cool 1992 and than had a heart attack the following Nov.92 and open heart the and Dec.92 along with two strokes Feb. 98.

    I am still after it and hope to be useful in April 2000 at CAN.

    Again, thank you for your way Cool Web Site.

    Marshall Wheeler,
    AKA: The Mean Machine

    Subject: CHVA BBQ Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 19:39:58 -0700 From: Duane Tomei tomei@awwwsome.com To: "Dave Hemp (E-mail)" dochemp@c-zone.net

    They caught us taking a break.... My cooking partner is Roger Lewis, owns a 57 retractable hardtop, 56 bird, 53 four door ford pristine and soon to be in a 46 street rod.
    God bless yourself and Becky.
    Your friend Duane.

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