Doc & Becky Hemp with our Mid year 1930 Stude President roadster

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I Made This ASC Website in 1996!
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Many of our Web Sites are over 20 yrs Old now.

Ray Asbahr with his beloved 32 Studebaker Dictator 7/18/15
Ray is featured several times below here on this site from many years ago

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12/5/04 Just starting up our guest book again
Had to end the last one due to spam and indecent material.
Please share all your Stude wants Here!

The Antique Studebaker Club was founded in 1971. The purpose of the Antique Studebaker Club is "to encourage and promote the acquisition, restoration, and maintenance of all Antique Studebaker vehicles produced through the 1946 model year and M-series trucks produced through the 1948 model year". Linked below on this page is the EXCELLENT Studebaker Drivers Club for post war Studebakers.

Mark R. Wheeler
Antique Studebaker Club
c/o Cornerstone Registration, Ltd.
PO Box 1743
Maple Grove, MN 55311-6743

Phone: 763-420-7829
Fax: 763-420-7849

To place classified ads (pre 1948 only) in the A.S.C. Review please contact Richard T Quinn, .. the world class editor of the Antique Studebaker Review! Just click on the photo of Dick's WONDERFUL 1939 L-5 Pickup or his 41 Champ Cpe shown below here to email him ... You can also ask him about any relevant Antique Studebaker questions.

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Please take a moment and sign our Studebaker Club GUEST BOOK ... Put your Stude for sale and wants stuff there too. And if you are a member of the ASC please help those with questions and encourage them to join our club. To reach all the ASC members please contact Dick Quinn to place an ad in the Studebaker Review .... cost is minimal.

..... Hopefully this site will whet your appetite to join this Great club for all it's up to date info and to receive the wonderful Antique Studebaker Review edited by my pal Richard Quinn! ... Also visit Rick Peterson's new ASC Web Site linked below! Has all the up to date info as to club meets, etc.

You will also notice as the years have worn on our photos have gotten larger and saved with higher file sizes ... this is because of DSL and even faster services available now days .... thus the unorganized look of different photo sizes ... Is impossible to go back and change our thousands of older photos.

2006 ASC Review
The Front, Back, Inside Front & Back Covers

Udate - 2/25/06 (Finally - Sheepish Grin) ... This Jan/Feb ASC Review is probably the most significant one ever with the great August 15 - 19, 2005 International Meet in Spokane and the GRAND OPENING of the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana at the Midwest Zone Meet on October 28 - 30, 2005. (CLICK on the highlighted text)

Visit our Studebaker Email Room #3

2/19/06 = Finally some Undated photos with emails, some very good ones!

... More info below with our email reading rooms 1 & 2.

My Pal Rex Miltenbergers newest ... 29 President Stude Touring ... Beautiful Car Rex!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Monty Montour!

Blast from the past! - Monty saved my derriere in the 1984 Great American Race
Read all about it on the ASC Sacramento National 03 Meet dedicated to him.

For some more of Doc's favorite past ASC Color Covers

Many Great Photos on each page! Start the down load & go out & adjust your clutch .... when you get back it will be here for you to enjoy (grin)

In Memory of Darrell Dye - Click Here - By his good friend Richard Quinn - Darrell is shown with his 1931 Model 80R Four Seasons Roadster that he so dearly loved. Darrell was on our Great American Race team in 1984.

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August Grasis's 1933 Studebaker Indy car #34 .... photo was compliments of Bob Dunsmore Photography, P.O. Box 80008 Mulnomah, OR 97280 ... taken on the 1000 mile "Colorado Grand" road rally. Studebaker was a major force at the Indy 500 from about 1928 - 35.

Al Ticknors 1927 Big Six President Model ES-7 passenger sedan

1931 President Four Season Roadster!
Now owned by Charles Petty of Jasper, In,

1933 Commander 8 roadster, belongs to Mark Mcpeek. The site is 30 miles South of Coos Bay Oregon.
(Back Cover - Oct - 1996)

1932 Dictator 8 Regal Coupe, belongs to Roy Asbahr. Photo in his back yard in front of his shop.

1941 President State Land Cruiser. Owned by Don Armacost.

(Back Cover June 1995) The Old Hunt Special Studebaker! Seen leading a 1938 BMW & a Riley Brooklands! It was raced in the Indy 500 in 1931 & 32. In 31 it was leading, went through a fence & finished 18th! In 32 it finished 6th with an average speed of 110 mph!

1941 Champion Delux-tone coupe, a Studebaker promotional photo in late 1940.

1930 Model Fe Brougham
owner Don Armacost,Jr.
(back cover April 1995)

1934 Studebaker President Convertible Roadster
Photo sent by owner Dick Osborne, Riverside CA.
Dick has many beautiful Classic Cars

Don Dinsmore's 1930 FE President Sedan
Click Photo

Yours Truly ... Doc Hemp with his
1930 Studebaker President "THEN!"

Doc Hemp with the Stude "NOW!"
"What a Revoltin Sight!"
Click on Photo to view Hemmings
Special Interest Autos Aritcle on this car

  1. 3/20/2010 .. Car Show honoring Veterans
  2. Read Studebaker Emails - Room 1
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... Updated room 3 as of 1/5/07 Many great photos in these old email pages ... send me your emails with your jpeg Stude Photos. Put (For Studebaker Email Site) in the subject line ... Thanks
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  4. Visit the 2003 National ASC Convention
    Old archived stuff
  7. Visit our B.A.D. Chariots Web Site
    Trains, Planes, Automobiles & Harleys
  8. Visit our Dental Web Site Home Page
  9. Send Dave and Becky Email
    For Up to Date ASC Info
    I told Richard Quinn several years ago I didn't have time to keep our ASC website up to date all the time ... But will still leave it here for info and the archive stuff of almost 20 years on the net.
  11. Some Studebaker art by John Evans
  12. Please Visit Our HCCA Site (Horseless Carriages)
    Becky and I have been members of this club since 1970 and members of the ASC since 1973
  13. Please Visit Our CCCA - Classic Car Site
    ... Becky and I are the ones that Petitioned the CCCA board and got "Dandy" Our very own 1930 Studebaker President Roadster Accepted into the CCCA in the 1970's. That is what opened the door for all the others to follow. We have belonged to the CCCA ever since then too. Please visit our club here also.
  14. CCCA Pacific Northwest Tour 2002
    ... Please join us for a day by day photo journal. Great Cars! Great People! And a Great Time! This is better than Pebble Beach, National CCCA & ASC meetings, stuffy car shows and award dinners all rolled into one! To us this is what car collecting is all about! Getting our antique cars out on the road with fantastic folks!
  15. The Official Classic Car Club of America Web Site
    Chuck Conrad started as web master, then National Director, Now 2005 President and a long time friend.
  17. Google Antique Studebakers, Click Here
    For more Studebaker Info.
  18. The Studebaker Drivers Club
    A club for WW II Studebakers!
  19. Visit the Studebaker Museum

    NOTE: .... A few of these archive pages left here below and above to whet your appetite to join and find out all the up to date info and receive the Classy ASC Review.

  20. Hemmings Vintage Auto Almanac
  21. 1998 National ASC Meet in Austin, Texas
  22. Go to the Pacific Zone SW June 1998 Meet
    These tours shown here are to give an example of what you will find as a member of the ASC ... All tours in text & photos are featured in the ASC Review that all members receive bi-monthly ... so, become a member to see it all!

    NEW FEATURE ... PUT YOUR STUDEBAKER INFO, WANTS, AND FOR SALES INTO OUR NEW GUEST BOOK at several areas on this page ... This will take time to develop, but will be much easier for me than posting into the reading rooms. View Guest Book periodically for info and feed back to your own posts.

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