Dan and Gracie Dinsmore's
1930 Studebaker FE President Sedan

Becky and I will be joining Dan and Gracie with their great 100 point car on the PNW CARvan at the end of June 2002 with the Classic Car Club of America. It will be Beckys and my first time touring with the CCCA ... look for a full 10 days day by day of the trip later this summer. Dan sent us copies of their car as published in and on The Classic Car .... Dec 2001.

Dan's car is the oldest 30 President in the ASC registry .... It was during the depression and Studebaker registered the unsold 1929's (with some minor upgrades) as 1930s until they were all gone and then built a few mid year 1930 Presidents for only 3 or 4 months before Studebaker started their 1931 year production. The main difference is that the mid year 1930 Presidents have the bigger hubs and are the only Studebakers ever built with radiator shutters (and I think the wheel base is a little longer .. it was lengthened between 28 & 29 or 29 & 30). There are only 6 mid year Studebaker Presidents known left in existence. Two Roadsters and four closed cars. And there are only slightly more1929 and early 1930 Presidents left too! ... These are VERY RARE and large Classics! Studebaker also built Pierce Arrow between about 1928 to 1934.

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