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Subject: Studebakers & Harleys. Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:41:30 +1200 From: David lane Organization: Real Estate To:

I have just discovered your web page on the internet. My name is David Lane and I live in New Zealand and you and I have something very much in common. We both own a 1930 Studebaker Straight Eight Roadster, we both ride Harley Davidsons, Sally, (my partner)and I have just returned back to N.Z. from an extensive tour (with our own bikes)of a 24 States, coast to coast and via Canada. A total of 15000 kms in 6 weeks. The 57th Sturgis Rally was the central reason for making the trip. Sturgis was such a blast. What an ammazing experience. We are also life members of the Harley Owners Group. Now how about that for one hellav coincidence.
The Studebaker that I own has been in my possession for over 37years. It is cream in colour with red wheels the same as yours. The auto shutters, twin spare wheels,left hand drive, (we drive on the other side of the road).The chassis complete with scuttle, windscreen and two doors was imported x the factory in mid 1930 and the rear part of the body was built here in NZ and completed at the end of 1930 for registration. I have travelled over 300 000 miles in her. I have also shipped the car to Australia and toured extensively there. Many years ago I once spoke to your friend Darrel Dye over the phone, but then lost contact. I would love to obtain some more information and photos about your car because I may have a very early photo of your car that came into my possession about 30 + years ago. Mine is the only example "Down Under". It has been a long standing ambition of mine to ship the car to the USA and complete a major tour in your country.I will be bringing it back!! Enough of me for the moment. I would appreicate making contact with you in the first instant.
Who ever said that truth was stranger that fiction. Kind regards,
David Lane.

Below is 2 photos David Lane just sent me & the text, all of which I am going to put up here - it is quite lengthy but very insightful for all of us hobbiests with the iron motors! He is very knowledgeable about problems with these cars & how to make them really road worthy as he has put on over 300,000 miles on this car in 37 years!!!!!! My gawd, I've had our car 27 years & have run it all the way across the USA in the Great American Race - this is so uncanny it gives me goosebumps that we are so much alike! Not to mention riding the heck out of our Harleys!!!! Below the photos, is David's last correspondence.
CLICK HERE ALSO To see Auckland New Zealand where Dave & Sally live!

click here to see Doc & Becky Hemp's Mid - year 1930 Studebaker President Roadster - Much like David Lane's above.

Subject: Re: Studebakers & Harleys. Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 13:21:44 +1200 From: David lane Organization: Real Estate To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" References: 1 , 2

Hi David,
We were delighted to receive your E mail so promptly. It is indeed a strange feeling to know that out there there could be another person who is experiencing the same joys with the same toys. Creepy eh!!! Enclosed please find a recent photo of the President. The following are the details you requested plus a few more. My chassis # is 7030238 and the original engine # is 25612. The body number like yours is non existent. I have known of this car for over 50 years and it has never had a body # plate on the firewall. The previous owner Jim Foley (now deceased) lived a few doors up the road from where we lived as kids with our parents. I happen to be in the right place at the right time. Jim even taught me to drive at age 15 and loaned me the car to obtain my drivers licence in it. Jim changed the colour from dark blue body and black fenders to the cream body and red wheels and red leather upholstery that it is today. I have had the car repainted twice during the last 37 years as well as having the upholstery replaced. The body that was built here in NZ has only one departure from the original style. The rumble seat in the rear section is 12 inches wider than yours. My rear mud guards (fenders) are mostly covered by the body. Your fenders show their full shape and curvature. My car came to NZ complete with all the fenders and if you look up underneath, the original shape is still their for all to see. I suppose there maybe slightly more hip room for the rear passengers. I like a lot of other folk, with various makes and models of old cars , have had a lot of trouble with water seepage through the cast iron block, particully in the valve chamber area. The condition is not all that uncommon in the older blocks of cars that are being used every day. The seepage is very slow and often hard to pick up at first. The first sign of trouble is when you run a con rod bearing and you are baffled as to the reasons why. I run several and it was not until I had the engine oil scientifically analysed that water was found to be present. I have solved the problem by having the whole engine stripped and “bead blasted” inside, heated in a make shift oven to 61 deg. C and coated with a special epoxy resin called “Bellzona” (made in Germany). It is a ceramic material that is as hard as the parent metal. I had it done 3 years ago and I have done 20 000 miles and no trouble to date. Caution; bead blasting is not normally recommended for the inside of motors because of stay bits of bead may still be present even after the most cautious of cleaning. I resolved this problem by painting the inside of the motor with a 2 pot epoxy paint after the Bellzona treatment to endeavour to seal up any stray bits that may have been lodged in the cast iron block. Because of the fear of a stray bit of “ bead sand” floating through the engine at a later date and ruining the engine, I carried out one last modification. I cut the main discharge fed from the oil pump (inside the engine ) and drill two holes through the block, taking the main discharge outside of the block and fitted a modern screw on type of oil filter and returned the feed back inside the motor to the original position. The engine was fully reconditioned with the usual white metal bearings. The result is that after 3000 mile oil changes the engine oil is still brilliantly clean. I have just had my Stromberg UU2 carb fully reconditioned by K & K Carburettor 30 Sunrise Hwy. Valley Stream NY 11581. Not cheap but what a stunning job and the results are unbelievable. I give them 10 out of 10. They know there stuff. Talk to the boss “Jeffrey Kanner” direct for max service. Tell him I sent you. Finally enclosed a pix of Sally & myself and our bikes. Sallys is a 94 883 Hugger and mine is a 94 Heritage Classic. That’s it for the present, I could go on all night and we haven’t even begun talking about HD’s. More later on.
Kindest regards to you both,
David & Sally.

Subject: New website finder Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 18:50:12 -0700 From: "R or I Grace"
Just had a very interesting time reading thru the information on this program. Saw a few familiar names too. I just found the address in the last issue of The Review. We have four Studebakers ,'28 Dictator Regal- '56 President classic sedan, '61 Hawk, '63 t-cab truck. All in very nice condition and used aften. We do have the original pistons from the '28 Dictator which where replaced with oversize when bored in restoration. If someone needs them I'll take $60. I'll open this up more often now that I found you. Ralph Grace RIGRACE@LANSET.COM Thanks
Subject: C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 21:59:22 -0700 (PDT) From: (JOHN HOLLIDAY) To:
on your teriffic web site. I'm only into the web several months, but I have really running around and nothing matches your site!!

If you happen to know Dick Quinns favorite song.... please play it for him from me. For loads of years I have been looking for my first loves picture... and this great guy Dick had it tucked away next to his heart and he sent it to me. Ah, my life is now complete.... My 1933 St regis Broughm at last.

Thanks to all you fine people. Jack
Subject: 1998 Torrey Pines Concours d' Elegance Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 17:28:02 -0700 From: "Torrey Pines Concours"
I was hoping that you could extend the attached information to your club members or include it in your newsletter or on your website. The Torrey Pines Concours d' Elegance will take place October 18th, 1998, in La Jolla, CA. We would love for your members to attend this great event, with the beneficiary being the Institute for Childhood and Neglected Diseases at The Scripps Research Institute.
If I can provide you with any more information regarding group attendance, sponsorship, advertising, or any other information, please do not hesitate to call, email or fax.
Betsy B. Adams, Executive Director Torrey Pines Concours d' Elegance (619) 642 - 7469 Fax (619) 642-7505
Subject: New Service Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 15:19:31 +0200 From: (Serviceteam) To:
We turn with our info to all owners of Oldtimer; classic cars, used-vehicles, tractors, trucks, and their technical keeper. With our new repair - and spare part-service of clutches for used-vehicles from the areas person-cars, usefulness-vehicles, trucks, tractors and all vehicles the one clutch requires. As owners of such a vehicle, you know, spare parts are like heavily it to get for Oldtimer or used-vehicles. With our new clutch-service, we would like to improve the situation. Our service-team looks forward to your inquiry under:
We also look for nationally and internationally trade partners, you should have interest in a cooperation, apply for:
Subject: Killer website! Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 00:20:55 -0700 From: "Bill MacDonald" To:
What afun place.. and I even looked at tooth repair, educational.. will have to tell my own dentist back home when we return from our vacation.Linked you from the Studebaker car site.. sounds like you two lead a full life!My husband is an ER doc in Austin Tx, I teach, and we're half way through a month long family adventure.. Did Yellowstone, Glacier, Idaho , Washington, etc, now with family in Ca. Saw a lot of folks doing a Beemer rally uuup in the Idaho / Montana area. Not as many Harleys. Keep up the good work. Karin Fore (
Subject: Web site Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 06:44:23 -0700 From: "John C. Meyer III" Organization: Horseless Carriage Gazette To:
Good Morning!
I love the excitement you bring to the Internet. Thanks.

Concerning your page of links...the Horseless Carriage Club is now at

I can't comment too much on Darrel Dye but he did live a couple miles from me and we visited often at the local shopping center or on car tours. Boy! Did he go quick.

By the way, I have a good friend (who just had bypass surgery) that I doubt if he'll ever do anything with the '31 Studebaker roadster (and extra parts) he got from Lionel Stone several years ago. Looks like a lot of work to me... I wanted to part-trade it on a brass-era car but nobody even called on my ad...
Subject: Antique & Collectible Faire Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 22:32:51 EDT From: To:
Hello Dave & Becky,
My name is Natalie Flamion. I have been browsing your website checking out the Antique studebakers. My grandfather owned a Studebaker dealership in Jasper, Indiana back in the 40's-50's. He died in '75 and left my grandmother with a garage full of studebaker parts. I guess that some day we will get around to selling these parts. After 2-3 decades it is about time to do something. But this is not the reason that I am writing you today...

The reason that I am writing you is to request some advice or information if you are willing to give. I am a show promoter for a monthly Antique & Collectible Faire in San Jose, Ca. We are beginning our 2nd successfull year and I am interested in adding an Antique car show in conjunction with our Faire. As I mentioned, our Faire is held monthly on the second Saturday at the Princeton Plaza Mall in San Jose, Ca. Our next faire is August 8th. Unfortunately this brainstorm comes to me with little time to spare. There is only 3 short weeks left until my Anniversary show and I want to put this together in time for that. I am beefing up the advertising in hopes that this will attract some more people to the show as well as foster an interest in people who ordinarily wouldn't come to a show like this. Do you think it can be done? If so, what do you suggest? I called the 800# listed on your site and found out that your are located in Dallas....Is there anyone in your club from the San Jose area? I GREATLY APPRECIATE any suggestions you might have for pulling this off:) Bye the way, the website was great. I liked the pictures of all the cars and the members in vintage dress. Good work!

Natalie Flamion,
Nostalgic Productions
Subject: someone has a 22 chubby 5 pass stude? Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 15:49:04 -0700 From: "leroy barker" To:
i belive it is a chummy roadster. tec.4passenger roadster. it is a special 6 & kind of rare. I also have one . roy barker ( maybe they can reach me,Ican't reach them. by by.
To Mark Huston
Subject: 1998 SW Zone Meet

Mark, I have a click up to the zone meet from 2 places = with the other zone meets #12 off the ASC page 1 & off ASC page 3. I think think I placed all the pics you sent me on the page. Send me any changes you want in the print or additions. It would be cool if some one has a group shoot of all the cars on the lawn at the railroad station. It was a great tour to a place we had never been. There was no picture of judge Bean's Marmon nor could I find him in the list of participants for his real name. Again, great job!
Dave (doc) Hemp
Subject: 1936 Studebaker President Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 14:09:00 -0500 From: "Bob and Lee King" To:
Okay Doc:
Bought that '36 President that I asked you about a few days ago. Now hope you can tell me more about it. Has side-mounts, straight eight engine and needs a lot of restoration. although all the parts are there with the exception of an original steering wheel and side-mount support.Motor does run. Probably going to need the rear seats, too, along with floor pans. Its a four door by the way.

Mailed my dues in yesterday, so should be a member of ASC by now. Thanks for your help.

Subject: wanted Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 10:45:04 EDT From: To:
Interested in 1950 Studebacker Champion conv. Let me hear whats out their.Thanks Bill
Subject: Studebakers Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 03:34:04 -0700 From: Marvin W Abraham "112035,1633" To:
Dear dave,
Loved your web pages, I am the proud owner of two Studebaker Champs(61 and 63) while not the beautiful classics I've seen here I drive them every day and can't tell you how much I enjoy driving and working on them. I just started looking on the internet for imfo on Studebaker and am very pleased to see so much . I live in South Bend so I get a lot of thumbs up from people when I am just out an about. These two trucks are my main form of transportation and although neither is "restored" they both run great and I wouldn't trade either for anything (well not anything). What I would like to do with my 61 is not so much restore it but preserve it as is, it looks like an older truck in good shape and thats what it is . I sort of like the idea historically of a sort of fly in amber approach . A 37 year old truck and what it looks like only with out any rust holes ect. well so long for now I have some other sites to look at and I am bursting at the seams to do it. Happy motoring. Marvin W. Abraham P.S. I belong to the Studebakers drivers Club and I have a full size billboard poster for a 68 Lark posted in the stairwell of my home. "Different By Design"
Subject: Oops, there goes the delete key again! Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 19:49:11 -0500 From: Tim Organization: InfiNet To:
"Doc"....thanks for the reply....however I'm not sure this will connect with you as I accidently erased your reply "without" looking at the attachment.

Have personally owned 27 motorcycles since I started riding in 1970 and have gone from a 1936 VLD to the 1989 FLHTC Ultra (bought in 1989) I own currently. Twas easier to move than 2 vehicles so the cause was good anyway as I bought a home in Pensacola.

Have been to Sturgis only once and funny thing was...I drove in my truck thru the town on my way elsewhere. Haven't been to Daytona but Sandra states she would like to next season (yah...hmmmm).

I am aware of Hemmings and think it's costly for the little that I would read it...but you are probably right. Thanks for stating you would post my notice for a 36 Coupe Express....yes, I agree, there are a lot of beautiful vehicles out there through the years....but I still stray back to Studes.

Will look forward to anything positive coming my way.

Tim Starkweather
Subject: ICA SITE AWARD - AUTOMOBILES Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:10:11 +0000 From: "" Organization: Collectiblenet To: "("< (>


As Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards (ICA), I want to congratulate your website on being selected as an ICA - Site of the Year for the category of auction. We have created the prestigious ICA - Automobile Site of the Year logo for display on your site. Details of adding the logo to your home page are contained later in this Email letter.
As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being selected as an ICA - Automobile Site of the Year Award winner. Good Luck in the 1998 Internet Automobile Awards!
With Friendship,
Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame
Subject: You don't know me but.... Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 08:09:45 -0500 From: Tim Organization: InfiNet To:
Tim wrote:
Dave & Becky....I fully fantasize about anyone who has the opportunity or good fortune to own one of the beautiful 1930's era Studebakers...I would personally love to get my hands on a 1936 era Coupe Express but like most, have little exposure or access to those wishing to part with such a vehicle.

Easy to own Tim! - subscribe to Hemmings Motor News & join the ASC.

I've owned several Hawks over the years and a year & a half ago, I parted with a 1959 Silver Hawk and 1952 3/4 T truck when I moved to Florida. Hence my contacting you now. I chose not to go to Austin for the International meet this past week and am instead stuck in Western Florida now wondering where the closest source for Studebakers might be.

Tim, I will post your email in our Studebaker Reading Room = Hopefully one of our thousands of readers will contact you too.

The midwest seems to have better resources. So I'm looking for some insight as to who I might contact within Alabama or Florida for Studes. I love the styling of the 1930's era vehicles yet also like some of the styles of vehicle of the mid-late 50's. In cars I love the Hawk line and in trucks the transtar seems to stick out the best.

Me too! I like all the era's & many of the different makes, so am not a Stude only person (Shhhh - don't tell any body!)

My contacting you now is to see whether you have info/insight as to whom I might contact in Florida for Stude information...whether any junk yards exist, etc. The Turning Wheels identifies only a group that gets together in Orlando at a Quincy's restaurant once a month. Is there anything else?

From our Cool Links Room go to the SDC - your turning wheels guys. The Studebaker Drivers Club.

You might not know....but I am seeking any website that might relate to Studebaker for further info. Your helpful response would be appreciated. Once in the blood...always in the blood, eh? Having left Wisconsin, I've visited South Bend more than once.

Well, I envy you as we've never been to South Bend, But we have been to Sturgis S.D 4 of the past 5 yrs. on our Harleys. Becky has even ridden once all the way out & back, myself - 3 of the 4 times.

Haven't been To York but am seriously thinking of it this next spring.
Yours is a great site! Loved the pictures....and continued good luck!
Thanks in advance!
Tim Starkweather (850) 941-8276 (Pensacola)

Thanks for the email & the kind words Tim, Regards,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Re Webpage Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 00:27:47 -0400 From: "Andy Hook" To:
Hi DOC, .....You have been good to me over the last few months .helping me get my message across to fellow Studebaker people inregards to export. of cars& trucks to oversea markets in the 1930's..I'm very thankful that people like your wife Becky& yourself are so giving of your time.With the great help of .my computer friends& their skill not mine, they have helped me with this webpage.I owe a lot to all of you, Check it out Doc , Thank you again, One day I hope to meet you both. http;//
Best Regards, A.H.
Andy Hook Studebaker Nut!!!
Andy, you have a wonderful page! You & your friends have done a great job! I urge all of you Stude Fans to visit Andy's site! You can get to it from our Cool Links Room from the bottom of ASC page 3, BAD Chariots, Dental Site, Harley Site.
Subject: Avanti air cond. Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:43:57 -0700 From: "Darlene Bentley" To:
Hi Doc,
Just ran across your web site and thought I would try getting this info out. I have the in-dash evap. part, brand new, for an Avanti and was wondering if there might be someone out there that needs such? Email me at: Thanks, Ron
Subject: 1941 studebaker sedan 2door Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 23:24:32 EDT From: To:
great site just found it. I own a 41stude and havent had to good of luck finding parts or parts car are they that rare?or am i looking in the wrong places.keep up the good work. any information would be helpful. hiboy@
Subject: looking for parts Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 23:59:35 -0700 From: (Dawn & Orian) To:
Hello I must say this a very good stude page. I am trying to locate some parts for a buddy of mine. He has a 35 stude commander. He is trying to locate a front grill or mabey even the whole front clip. We are located in soutern Oregon so if we didn't have to travel too awfully far that would be great. Any info would be apreciated. Thanks alot. Orian
Ps I have delt with and seen alot of old classics and That 35 stude has got to be one of the surdiest cars ever made. You knock on the fender and it is some solid and THICK metal. I am impressed.
Subject: studebaker Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:32:11 -0500 From: "Bob and Lee King" To:
Bob and Lee King wrote:
Wonder if you could give me a brief rundown on the 1936 Studebaker President. Did it come with side mounts?
Yes, side mounts were an option
Does it have much collector value?
About $13,000 restored
Can you give me an estimate of the worth of one in about a number 5 condition?
$1,250. - $1,550.
Runs and drives but needs restoring.
Thanks for you help;
Bob King
Good luck,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Help with restoring a Studebaker Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 08:39:07 -0500 From: Gotham Polisetty Reply-To: Organization: Global Software Solutions To:

Dave & Becky:
My brother in India is in the process of restoring a 1927/1928 Studebaker 6 cyl. sedan.
Since I live here in the states, He asked me search for parts for the car. He is looking for the following -
1) Radiator mascot
2) Cowl lighs
3) Hydrostatic gas guage
3) Wheel caps
4) 18 millimeter spark plugs
5) timing chain
6) steering wheel !

Please advise on how I should carry on (get started :) )with this search.
Gotham Polisetty Omahae, Nebraska
I posted your letter in our Studebaker Reading Room - hopefully some members & other stude nuts will be able to help. In the mean time I would contact Hemmings Motor News & also place a wanted ad for the items too.
Good Luck,
Doc Hemp
Subject: Greetings from South Africa Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 22:30:28 +0200 From: "gphebert" To:
Greetings Doc
My name is Georges Hébert. I live in Randburg (near Johannesburg) in South Africa.
Have just been given a 1960 Silver Hawk and started looking on the net for sites relating to Studebakers. Am thrilled to have come across your great site.
Being a rookie with regard to Studebakers I am keen to correspond with the experts.
Am presently redoing the braking system on the car and would appreciate any info (of the workshop manual kind) to help me.
Would also appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction regarding workshop manuals and/or articles on restoring the car
Here's hoping to hear from someone soon
Georges H
I have already directed you to the SDC - but am posting your message here also as there are Stude fans of all years that read our pages. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out! Also, more & more club members are slowly getting on line.
Subject: HELP ME WITH SOME INFO Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 14:30:04 -0400 From: "Oden Austin" To:
Subject: Studebakers and life (or is that redundant?) Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 16:18:00 -0800 From: Randy Silbaugh To:
I have recently been bitten by the Stude bug and whilst searching the net for info, I came across your sight

I LOVE IT......

The info, pictures, music (oh yes what a mood setter), and Ebonics are great. Every time i visit your site i smile....Thank you so much for your time in doing it...
Keep up the good work
Subject: curious Ron Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 00:37:09 -0700 From: "prime communications" To:

Doc ,
I have recently come to own a Studabaker car clock made by the Chelsea clock co. and was wondering if you could help me find out what model Studabaker it is for . I have contacted Chelsea clocks and they could only tell me the clock was manufactured early in the 1900's.
Ron Wright
Subject: Hello from Mexico Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:56:55 -0500 (CDT) From: Adolfo Torres To:
Congratulations, your web page is wonderful
Hello, i am entusiast Studebaker y need help
Need studebaker grille comander provincial station wagon 1957 and accesories Tanks (c: Written please I sorry, my bad english I am from mexico Atte. Adolfo Torres Vazquez Tel. (91) 27-16-00 Fax. (91) 27-20-20 Av. Hidalgo 5111 Fracc. Flamboyanes
Subject: Help regarding radio for 1938 Commander Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 15:20:59 -0700 From: Scott McGlone To:

Hi there,
I don't know who will get to read this but I hope someone who might be able help me will. My dad has a 1938 Commander which was featured in the film, "Empire Of The Sun". He is at the moment restoring it but is finding it hard to get a hold of a wiring diagram (skematic) for the radio. He has told me that it is a Philco valve type 12v and needs the diagram for the valve part of it. Anybody who can help with contacts etc would be greatly appreciated. All correspondence can be sent to my email address which is
Many thanks
Subject: 1937 studebaker Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 12:46:12 -0300 From: "Peter Mills" To:

Hi, My name is Tim Mills from Nova Scotia, Canada.I have a 1937 Studebaker business coupe and I was wondering if you would know of any place I could get a few real good pictures of one like this.Most people think I am crazy for wanting to rebuild this car,I drug it out of the woods where it was sitting for the last thirty years that I know of.I have seen only one picture and it was just from the back , it was in the March 1998 National Geographic page 91 I think. But even it was a little different because it was a president coupe with rumble seat and spare on fender.My spare went behind the seat.I would like any information on this car that I could get. Thank you ,
Tim MIlls(
Subject: 1935 Studebaker President Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 21:22:19 -0700 From: "" To:
e Dear Sir,
I owned a 1935 President STUDEBAKER IN 1941.Drove it four two years until I entered the Army.It was sent to the scrap drive for the war effort.Would like to locate a picture of one with the spare tires mounted on both sides of the hood.This car had many great features.Your reply would be appreciated.Fred Baum.My Email is
Subject: ASC Southwest Zone Meet Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 13:56:58 -0700 From: "M & J Huston" To:
Howdy Doc,
Sure was great to see you and your fine President in Columbia, great to see Becky also. Glade you could make it. I hope you had as much fun attending the meet as we did in hosting it. Do you want me to e-mail you some of the pictures or snail mail them up to you. I am sure your scanner must be of a better quality than mine. You have a couple of examples of how well my does the job. Let me know your preference. Please excuse my grammar - I am still working to achieve a higher standard like you, I just find it so hard to break from what has been ingrained in my by all those years of public education.
Best to you and the missus,
Mark Huston
A note from Doc Hemp ...
Becky & I had a really great time (as did everyone else!) at the SW Zone meet. It was really nice to meet so many ASC members for the first time! The steam engine ride and the walk through the round house was the highpoint for me as we are in the process of building a 15 Gauge (large enough for 2 adults to sit in the cab) steam locomotive right now to put around our property. We will put a click up to the SW Tour with photos shortly.
Subject: radiator cap Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 21:20:39 -0700 From: "Jene Johnson" To:

I have a strong desire to purchase a radiator cap for a 1926 studebaker. I recently acquired on and that is the only part missing. Any Help??? Check all your resources< thanx, jene
Subject: Re Reading room Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 07:13:59 -0400 From: "Andy Hook" To:
Hi Doc,
Sorry for the delay in sending you update on my progress on research of export of 1930s car's & truck's , to oversea market's, I've had some interesting outings lately,I have found a very old car& truck wideside railcar, it is an all riveted car ,very old ,an in the hands of a private company.I will try to send you some pictures of it in a couple of weeks . Maybe some of your readers will be able to shed more light on these cars to me & others.I just got a letter from Dick Quinn to say he is going to do & article on one of my adventure when I purchased a very interesting old Studebaker many years ago.I sent him the story & he was so kind as to edited it ,& do all things required to bring it up to standard.I think you &the other readers , will like it, I hope? At the same time ,I have ask him to please try to get across to other members my keen interest in the 34&35 Studebaker items, stories,ect.I must think about going to work now.
Bye for now,
Best Regards
Andy Hook
Subject: Web page up and running Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:51:53 -0400 From: George Rohrbach To: "''"
Hi Doc to Doc,
Thought you might be interested that I now have my Parts web page up and running. Come by for a visit.
George Rohrbach, DMD

HIGHSPEED MOTORS, Your local Studebaker Dealer of THE 30's - 40's
Subject: curtis johnson's gorgeous J-5 Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:06:19 EDT From: To:
Hey folks!
I caught a look at the J-5 on your nov-dec 1997 magazine cover. I was wondering if you knew if Mr. Johnson ever takes his truck to any shows? I'd love to see it in person, as I find the J-5 to be the most beautiful truck ever designed. The only other one I've ever seen was at a Stude show at the Seattle Center, years ago, and it was blue,,, It blew me away. Anyway, if you could pass on my E-mail address to mr. Johnson, I'd love to hear the nest time it's shown in public!
Michael Morelock Seattle, WA
Subject: 1927 Erskine Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 06:09:40 -0500 From: Walter Lynn McClellan To:
Hi Dave & Becky!
13 June 1998
Great w/page. I bought my 1927 Erskine (rumble seat, convert coupe) in Brazil and shipped it more than 6500 miles to Dallas area. Have not joined any clubs, but expect to do so. This car about 90% restored and runs great! Beautiful wood steering wheel too! Will need to find headlights, tail light lens etc., to replace later models now on car. Expect not too many convertable coupes around.
Thanks for the site. Walter McClellan E-mail:
Subject: classic cars article Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 11:32:29 -0700 From: Bob and Jan Lindsay To:

Hi there
My name is Adrienne Lindsay and I'm doing some research for an article on classic cars for Bridges, a daily online career services publication aimed at high school students across North America, and I thought maybe you could help.
Bridges specializes in continuous and customized publishing on the Internet. Our primary focus is on services and products for the career development industry.
I am currently updating the current article and was wondering if you would give me permission to use one or two of the photos from your website. There would be a credit line beneath each photo and a link to your website.
Adrienne Lindsay
Subject: 1922 "Chubby" Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 23:19:55 -0700 From: "Paul D. Melanson" To:
I hope you can help a fellow Studebaker lover. I'm sending this E:Mail for a friend who does not have a computer. As the President of a local chapter of the SDC, I get a lot of requests for help, but this one is out of my league.

The gentleman was asking where he could get various mechanical parts and some sheetmetal for a 1922 "Chubby" 5 passenger Touring Car. The car has bucket seats (original?) and is in need of a replacement trunk lid and numerous parts to replace/repair the convertible top.

I can't help him, as we don't have a lot of pre-war Studebakers up here in NH. I'm hoping you could post this so someone with knowledge of this vehicle could contact the owner and perhaps be of assistance.

For direct contact: Bob Bullock 21 Pinecrest Dr. Bedford, NH 03110 (603)472-3330
Or you can send any information to me at: I'll be happy to pass along any info to Bob.
Thanks for any help you can provide to get another Studebaker back on the road.
Paul Melanson Goffstown, NH
Subject: Doug Bixley: Stude Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 11:51:42 +1200 From: Angela & Adam To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."
Dear Dave
Yes, Dave Lane and I are very good friends. He was the one who told me about your web site. My name is Doug by the way... I just used my daughters' and son in laws computer and their names are Adam and Angela Kerr. They know Sally and Dave too. We have had our two Studes together on a number of occasions and always get a lot of attention when we do. We traveled around the South Island together 2 years ago... had a great time. Only one vintage car passed us. Lack of attention on my behalf. In 1979 I attended the Studebaker meet in Long Beach California and spent 5 weeks in the States which was really great but haven't managed to get back that way since. But would dearly love to.While I was at Long Beach I met Daryl Dye, and he was a great help in restoring my roadster. He helped me collect bits for it. I stayed with Dick Osborne who also had a 1931 Studebaker plus 10 other classics. We have had 2 visits from Mike Marjoram in N.Z. which we have really enjoyed. My wife Barbara and I hope to follow our dream one day and go with Dave and Sally and take our cars to America and drive across the states from California to South Bend.
Doug Bixley
Subject: Erskin Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 22:38:42 -0700 From: David Tilbury To:

Dear Dave and Becky,
Was the Erskin manufactured solely in the U.S. or was it also manufactured in London ? I am trying to trace down a rumor that there may have been a connection with the Tilbury Motor Body Co. Ltd at 27, Lower Mall, Hammersmith, London and the Erskin automobile .

D. Tilbury

The Erskin was much more popular in Europe than in the USA. It was called the "clu du salon" (The Hit of the Show) at the Paris auto show. It appeared next at Olympia in London where it sold 2000 units at the show! The reason is foundered in the USA was that Henry Ford introduced the Ford off the assembly line at $525. compared to the "Little Aristocrats" Erskine's $995.

If you find a connection (which might exist) please let us know as my research book doesn't show it - but it would be great to notify them to update it, if a few were produced there.
Dave (doc) Hemp
Subject: 1930 studebaker Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 19:40:04 -0400 From: Mona Usimaki To:

Dear Dave and Becky We have a 1930 6 cylinder Studebaker complete engine including the radiator and transmission with the dash and instruments and the front part of the frame to the back of the transmission. If anyone is interested in buying this they can contact us by e-mail. no reasonable offer will be refused. Mona and Marvin Usimaki
Subject: Antique Studebaker Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 17:28:21 +0800 From: "ken churchman" To:

G*day Doc, Ken Churchman from Perth, Western Australia calling. Progressing along well on the restoration of my 1935 President. Now on the finishing stages, hoping to have the car finished for the Australian Studebaker National to be held here Easter 99. There will be,I believe, a few Americans coming Down Under for the meet. Hoping to meet some of you. The elderly gent whom I purchased the car off, from the east coast will be attending as well in his Lark. I*m sure he is looking forward to seeing the car back on the road again after looking at it for 35 years in his shed. He is restoring a 33 President convertable sedan at the moment. My car sure took some getting, being tucked away in his shed for so many years. Took 4 men two days to "dig" it out of it*s tomb. The car is now ready for the interior trim. This is where I need the help of my North American cousins. "HELP ME". I need a pair of Control Beam headlights for a President or Commander. I have a pair of Dictator ones which maybe we can do a deal on. If anyone has any leads please call me at -----------
Thanks, Ken Churchman.

Have posted your letter in the Reading Room - have also forwarded it to David Lane In New Zealand, Bob Burk, Rex Miltenberger (current president of ASC). Sounds like you salvaged one from the grave yard for sure!! Congratulations!
Dave (doc) & Becky Hemp
Subject: Studebaker Presidents Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 11:59:03 +1200 From: Angela & Adam To:

Hi My name is Doug Bixley and I am from New Zealand. I own a 1931 Model 80R Studebaker President 4 seasons Roadster and I have a 1929 Studebaker President 7 seater sedan too. I have fully restored both cars and I have owned them both for about 20 years. I haven't got internet connections yet but I am around at my daughters and have been enjoying reading your home page. If you want to conatct me you can do so at her email address. Look forward to meeting you in person sometime.

Subject: 1947 commander Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 22:01:35 -0500 From: "James D.Gant" To:

Dave and Becky, this tour of your websites has proven to me that you have the best site on the net. I am a chrysler technician by occupation, but I have a customer with a studebaker. It is a 1947 commander, inline 6, 3 speed manual with a non operating overdrive. I have checked switches,solenoids etc.I think the car has a bad kickdown switch.

If you could tell me where to get technical info on this system, I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, as far as I can tell, this is all thats left to restore this car completly, it is in very good shape

Thanks for providing such a good website, hope to hear from you j gant
I forwarded your message to Bob Burk, a mechanic in our club that knows these cars - I am sure he will help you with your problem or maybe on of our readers of these pages.
Good Luck,
Doc Hemp
Subject: 39/40 Studebaker? Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:37:08 -0400 From: cadtecoburgnet "" Organization: Info Avenue Internet To:

I'm a new owner of a 39/40 Studebaker commander. This will be my first Studebaker. Please help! The person I bought it from, 6 days ago, sold it to me for a 1940. He said he had it for the last 25 years and his great uncle bought it new. After bringing the car home, I started to look on the net for anything I could find on Studebakers. I found a few 1940's, a President and a coupe come to mind. But they don't look anything like mine, at least the front end doesn'nt. Yesterday I received my first issue of a new magazine. As I looked through it I found a picture of a car that looked just like mine. The caption read 39 Studebaker commander. How can I find out what I really have?
Mickey Hinson
E-mail address

The 1940 Studebakers had more massive fenders and a greater degree of streamlining. The new Commander grille was of a large latttice -bar design with low, chrome-plated ventiilating grilles on both sides of the radiator. The model name appeared on the upper rear corner of the hood.
You need to join the ASC to find others that have the same car to help you restore it.
Good Luck,
Doc Hemp
Subject: 1928 commander ew Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 22:00:19 -0700 From: "steve nisewander" To:

What a great site!! I have restored a 1928 Commander EW with the big six engine. I am still in need of a carb for this car. Anyone out there who has one or can identify what carb was standard for that model would be helpful. If anyone has a alternate carb which has worked the model and number of that unit might also help. I was at the Stude Museum in South Bend last week and saw one but was unable to get the ID off of it. Email the info to Many thanks!
Subject: Question Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:18:45 -0700 From: "chris" To:
chris wrote:
I'm not very familiar with Studebaker's, so I was wondering if you would answer a question for me, PLEASE. Afriend of mine is selling what he says is a 1937 Studebaker Super Terraplane? It's a four door sedan, pretty cool with suicide doors, it runs but need complete restoration. Is this a car that I would find difficult to locate interior kit, rubber, etc.? Iam pretty sure he called it a Terraplane, but it is definately a Studebaker.
Please reply, Chris Bush Seattle
No Chris,
The Terraplane began in 1932 as a model of the Essex built by Hudson, called the Essex Terraplane, Orville Wright purchased received the first one built. Would do 80mph. In 1933 it became simply the Terraplane. It went full cycle by 1939 & was called a Hudson. You should contact the Hudson (Terraplane) Club & also check Hemmings Motor News.
good luck
Doc Hemp

Subject: Antique Studebakers Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 14:08:17 -0700 From: "M & J Huston" To:

Howdy Doc,
Everything is coming along on the upcoming ASC Zone Meet in Columbia this June. We have nearly 30 early registrations and a great bunch of antique Studebakers coming. Posted to this e-mail is a picture of an interesting real 1926 Studebaker taxi cab and some vintage bathing beauties taken next to Jerry Washburn's '29 President roadster this past Sunday in Woodland. Hope to see you in Columbia next month.
Mark Huston

Here is Jerry & Joan Wasburn above with their 28 President Roadster (equiped with modern brakes, 6 to 12 volt ignition & modern shocks - for saftey) Notice the trailer they pull. They put many thousands of miles on this car per year. Jerry is a Master Machinist - See his card below & call him for custom parts you need made.

Above is Mark Huston & Family in their 1928 President Sedan. See Mark at the June Studebaker tour in Columbia CA next month. We hope to be late comers - sure we can find a room somewhere in town at the last minute. - Doc & Becky Hemp

Subject: Studebakers... Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 12:19:20 -0600 From: Kelly Oele To:

Hi there, Our names are George and Kelly Oele and we live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are the fortunate owners of a 1962 Studebaker Lark. He may be a plain jane of sorts, but he's our pride and joy. We would like to know if you have any information of any Studebaker Clubs in our region, as we are searching for particular parts to replace and parts that need restoration. We loved your Webpage, very very cute dochemp :o) Love all the quips and quotes. If you have 'ANY' information for us, please email us. Attached are a couple pictures of our 'STUDLY'! (thats his nickname...hehehe)
Blondy and Pipemaster (aka - Kelly and George)

Subject: 1928 FA President 8 7-passenger sedan Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 06:48:04 +1000 From: John Leevers To:

Hi Dave and Becky,
I have just found the club homepage which I think is great.I live in Sydney Australia. I acquired the above car (in a sorry state ) way back in 1968.Around that time I joined the ASC and was a paid up member for quite a long time.In early 1982 I moved to Europe with my work,garaged the car and lost track of the membership.I expected at the time of going overseas to only be away for 4 years,but 4 turned into 13.I returned to Australia at the end of 1994 and we were reunited with the Stude shortly after.It is a great old car,but is now a 25year old restoration and hence doesn't look as pristine as it did in 1972 when we finished the restauration.The car is virtually complete and original.The only non original parts I can think of offhand are the external doorhandles,Do you know if it is possible to find reproduction parts such as these?I know Bill Canon was making a lot of bits years ago,has anyone taken over from Bill's great work? I have to admit that I am not as enthusiastic about vintage cars today ,as I was in the 70's,and am having difficulty in deciding whether to keep the car for another few years or to part with it.This is an extremely difficult decision as we have a great deal of sentimental attachment to the car (we finished restauration 2 days before wedding in August 72 and of course it was the wedding car ),and of now my daughters are claiming the right to have it as their wedding car.But when the need will arise could be years away.What a delemma.The other problem I have is a lack of knowledge of the market for these cars today.Certainly in Australia,the demand for vintage cars (except for the real classics) seems to have fallen dramatically since the 70's.Is it the same in the US ? Sorry to bore you with all this but as you may gather I am trying to make up my mind whether to join the club again and keep the car or to put it on the market.Best regards,
Subject: Web-Site Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 00:27:07 -0800 From: Gary Bain To:

Doc Hemp, Thanks for the fun in your web-site. I was just surfing the net and decided to look up Studebaker. After a couple of hours I landed on your site. I have owned a number of Studebakers in the past and wish I had some of them now. Again, thanks for your effort at this web-site, I have enjoyed it. Goodbye from "The Great White North."
Subject: `51 Studebaker Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 18:14:47 -0500 From: Steven Howe To:
I need your advice. I really want to restore this Studebaker, but I don't want to invest a bunch of money until I know if it is worth it. The car I am looking at is this 51 studebaker champion starlight coupe. I called the man about it and he said that it still runs, but needs about 300 dollars worth of engine work done, and I have looked at it and it would need a completely new interior and I looked around for rust and I found these little spots, about a fourth an inch wide each, all over the car. Also, on the hood there is a big spot of it, but I figure it can be sanded off The paint is still on, but in places there are these rust spots whats up with that? Also, under the hood the engine was completely rusted, but the man says it still "runs" and to me it looked like it needed more than 300 dollars worth of work, but he owns a custom car shop, so I don't know. But the under side of the hood was rusted and all around the inside of the hood was rusty. I also looked at the front bumper, it too had the little spots!Also it has a broken window, flat tires, and a few classic parts need to be bought. He is asking $1,400 for it, I think I am willing to offer him $1,250 for it. What should I do? How much would a new interior cost? Should I make him go even lower on the price? Is it even worth buying?
Thank You Charlie Howe
Subject: studebaker parts Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 23:25:30 -0400 (EDT) From: Stephen Frappier To:

dear dave and becky,
i have a 1937 studebaker president 3c. i am looking for some parts and came across your web page,(very impressive).how do i go about placing an ad in (the i am a member of the asc and have placed an ad there. were you ever at the national meet in s. bend,indiana? thank-you,
stephen frappier 1208 hillcrest st. joseph,michigan 49085
Subject: Studebaker Help Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:30:13 -0400 From: Rick Stickle To:

I received the message below, and had it translated, and I'm hoping you can provide this person more help than I can. I'm sure he accidentally ran into a historical article I did on Joseph Studebaker, and could only read the word "Studebaker".
Thank you,
Rick Stickle

>Aside from the fact that it's from Argentina, and it has something to do >with an old Studebaker, I'm lost - but curious. If you get the chance >could you let me know that this person is trying to tell me? Thanks. >
>>Reply-To: >>From: "Santiago Frasier" >>To: >>Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 17:02:38 -0300 >>X-MSMail-Priority: Normal >>X-Priority: 3 >>MIME-Version: 1.0 >>

>>Poseo un automovil Studebaker Dictador Touring del ano 1928/9 que lo estoy >>terminando de restaurar .Desearia saber si me pueden informar algo acerca >>del mismo
>>ya que solo me faltarian 2 ruedas completas que son la auxiliares >>agradecido desde ya .
>> santiago frasier.

>> >_______________ > >Rick,
It says: I have a Studebaker Dictador Touring car circa 1928 or 1929 that I am finishing restoring. I was wondering if you could give me some information about the car; I only need to finish restoring two wheels (which are the emergency tires). Thanks in advance.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ,__o Rick Stickle |NASA's Mission to Planet Earth:
_-\_<; |earth observing system (*)^(*)
(*)/'(*) or |here's looking at you \_____/
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::my opinion, not nasa's:::::::::::::::::::::::::
Subject: Ted Harbit Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 11:16:13 -0400 From: Tom Stephany Organization: Household Technician To:

Hi Folks,
Really great page. Found the music as I was looking for more info on Ted and the Chicken Hawk. Was impressed with the quality and selections (age here is the "past 50" group, way past.) Was pleasantly surprised to find that Studebaker as I was surfing. Brought back many good memorys. (I raced a '53 commander coupe) Do you have any more info on Ted? If memory serves, he was a teacher in Frankton Indiana in the '60's. Wondered what he is doing and where he's located now. Saw the date on the picture is '96 is that correct? Anyway keep up the good work and all the info you have would be appreciated.
If you accept Comp-Dent I have these two teeth---------- Tom Stephany Martinsville, In.
Subject: 1938 stude.&1947 harley davidson knuckle head m\c Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 19:48:39 -0700 From: gemtool To:

Got a 1938 studebacker 4dr commander with a 1938 State commander front-end.Missing one headlight lens. I ride my 47 knuckle. Mike Clark 906 w. Jeanette st. Breckenridge Tx. 764
Subject: studebaker Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 13:40:12 EDT From: B6401 To:
Found your site looking for old studebaker trucks......want one. Have '55 Ford 1/2 ton trade,sell,whatever. New user to www.(2 days) Hope this gets to you and you consider adding the great stude trucks
Subject: re 1934/35 landcruiser Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 16:08:40 -0400 From: To:
can anyone advise me on how difficult or not it is to locate 1934/35 Lancruiser for sale. It could be either a President or Commander. I would love to make one my first stude. I am not looking for a show quality but one good enough to drive around in a little bit.
I fear I am looking for a needle in a haystack. I hope this is not the case but would to have an informed opinion. ( I did see the listing in Aprils Hemmings for one, but at $65,000.00 this seems to be a bit of a joke, I hope) thanks for any help ted harsha
Subject: Kool April Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 22:17:33 -0700 From: RLBurk To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

Hi, Y'all,
I just home from ground school. I don't feel like I've accomplished much. The class is ending two sessions short. Young, inexperienced instructor! I feel this episode is a real joke! The urologist has cleared me for flight status--now to pass FAA written and get soloed. Still a ways to go.
Will need directions up I-5 to Redding. Probably won't get there until 10 p.m. Don't have all the fun before I get there.
What do you think if I put an ad via the web to have Studes repaired at our shop? I don't know of any other shop that advertises for vintage car repairs. Do you? The work would be quality with references available. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Desert Rat
Desert Rat
Of course we will! I know what kind of work you can do. Have known you for a long time now = will give references myself! Will put it on the Stude page.
Our Stude will be on the stage inside, featured with many other cars too. It was shown in the flyer for 1998 recieving it's award last year though = Studebakers Rule! Hee-hee!! Scooter Trash (doc hemp)
Subject: MAMA*S 95TH BIRTHDAY Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 19:37:17 From: "William R. Rogers" To:

Dear Dave and Becky, Just love your webb site, Have a white and blue 97 springer myself. And took my Mom on her first ride, on her 95th birthday this past spring. She*s at Spring Hill Fla. and I leaavea the springer down there till this spring,saves hauling it back and forth. But what really drew me in to your webb was the curiosity I have for Old studebakers. Mom, inherited a 1930 Sedan which was just a tad on the bodacious side with the front chauffer*s quarters open and the back enclosed. It was l939 and My father was real ill, hung on till 1946. So only Mom worked as an R.N. Needless to say we couldn*t afford gas for the inheritance, and it just sat out there for us kids to play in. But it lead to a long line of Studebakers which we could afford. 194l, 1946 which my brother rolled in a cemetery, bulletnose 1951 6 with od, As i grew older I had a l960 Lark v8, 1963 Lark v8 and a l965 Daytona, which everone thought it was a Mercedes. Had to say Hi and hope to see you in Sturgis, we were there in 93 and 95 and 97.
Subject: Hello! I'm writting from Spain Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 18:15:46 +0200 From: "Fernando Lanchares" To:
Your web page is fantastic!
I have a friend with a Studebaker 1925 "Big Six" and nees some pieces... you can help me? Thanks a lot!
My friend need the "Pet" the woman of the front panel... sorry... my english it's vey veery poor...
Thanks again.. Bye
Fernando Lanchares
Well Fernando, ..........
My Studebakers out for sure! ......... Yeah, ..... Better include my wife Becky too! Hee-hee!
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 17:09:39 EST From: Dick Quinn To:

Hi, David
Thanks for your note of Feb. 9 with the address for David Lane in New Zealand. I will be forwarding him an application for membership.

In case you have not heard, Darrell Dye passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 4 as the result of brain cancer. It had been diagnosed on Nov. 16, 1997. The memorial service is on Monday, Feb. 16. I am flying out tomorrow to attend the service. Contributions in Darrell's name are being accepted at The Studebaker National Museum, 525 S. Main St., South Bend, IN 46601.

Incidentally, the email address I provided you in my letter of Feb. 1 is correct: You may reach me there at any time. Cordially,
Dick Quinn

(A note from Doc Hemp) We are all saddened at Darrell's passing! He was a long time friend of ours. Did the Great American Race with us in 1984. Please see our note on the main ASC page.

Dick Quinn is the premier and VERY CORRECT & RESPECTED editor of our Antique Studebaker Club Review! Now you can send him direct questions too, as he has an email address! Please don't blame him for my haphazard disregard for the kings english in these web pages!!! I am not an editor = just having fun! See my Hemp Ebonics statement on the index pages - Hee- hee!! Heck, all my english teachers have committed suicide since I became a webmaster! Hee-hee again!
Subject: The important things in life. Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 18:32:14 -0800 From: One of the Mentzers Organization: Home To:

Hello from Kim & Jim Mentzer,

Knowing what to write seems difficult yet so easy. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your site. Feel like I have found two new friends.

We are owners of two Studebakers( '48 and '49 LandCruisers) as well as two Harleys. Read your page and could not have said it better. We both ride and are members of the Grand Rapids MI HOG group.

If ever in the Holland, MI area drop us a note ahead of time just in case we can be of any help to you. Will visit your page again. Have to come back when Kim is home to see it for herself.
Thanks for the page. Jim
You guys are most welcome!! It is emails like yours that make all these thousands of Hours worth it!! Keep in touch!
Doc & Becky Hemp
Subject: Studebaker Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 23:29:46 +0200 From: Thomas Billicsich To:

have enjojed your work very much. I am from Austria and as you know on a sommer resort nearby (6 Km) there will be the great european Harley meeting in june.Have bought SF Series 17 Studebaker Three seater Roadster Australian Export with left hand drive. Missing top and stays.
Will join ASC.
Thomas Billicsich
That is great!! You will really enjoy the club! Keep me posted as to what is happening with the Rally! I will post the news in our Harley Reading Room! You could be our foriegn correspondent.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Needed: 1963 Studebaker Paxton for Nike Photo Shoot!!! Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 14:52:52 EST From: CLucas6305 To:
Dear Dave and Becky,
My name is Chuck Lucas from Chuck Lucas Production Services near San Francisco.
I am searching for a white1963 Studebaker Avanti with a Paxton supercharge for a still photography shoot for Nike. I understand Phil Knight began his business selling sneakers out of the back of his 1963 Studebaker.
They want to shoot this On April 2nd, 1998 in Oregon. As you can see, we have a rather short turnaround time on this. I would appreciate it if you could steer me toward someone who has this car. Do you know of anyone who has a car like this? It is possible that we can computerize the color of the car and change it to white if we can't find a white one.
You can reach me at (707)794-8184 or e-mail me at
I will also try to reach you at the 800 # on your page. Pease contact me as soon as possible. I am in a panic.
Thank you very much, Chuck
Subject: Re: White 1963 Avanti R2 Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 13:29:46 EST From: CLucas6305 To:

Dear Doc,
Thank you for responding. I did visit your wonderful page. You folks really do a nice job. I have been contacting many people from the info I got there.

Since I made that first post I have gotten more information. I am looking for a White 1963 Avanti R2 in the Portland/Beaverton area on the 2nd of April. I have $1000.00 for the owner and will pay transportation costs.

If you know of anyone in the area, please e-mail me or call me at (707)794-8184. Thank you, Chuck Lucas

Subject: Studebaker Cup Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 12:21:10 -0500 From: Mark_McHugh@SMTP.NYNEX.COM To:
Hi there.
I was just perusing your site(which is quite beautiful and fun) looking for information on a related object that is being offered to me. It is a sterling trophy by Tiffany inscribed 'The Studebaker Cup'. It dates from 1903 and has 10 3-dimensional horse heads around the rim. Would you happen to know for what events these(I hear there may have been up to 30 of them made) trophies were made? Thank you for your time and assistance

Subject: Studebaker Commander 1935 Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 13:58:14 +0100 From: "rosales" To:

Dear sir:
I would appreciate if you could provide me with a snap of a Studebaker Commander 1935 at I have been working on my car I bought eight years ago which has been in ruinned conditions and finnally after eight years of working on it I have managed to work out and I have been able to drive it as well.
I have not been able to find any information or any photograph in any sort of media of Studebaker. As I have mentioned earlier I would very much appreciate if you could forward the address of any lynk or any web where I could find any information of picture about this 1935 car.
Thank you in advanced
Juan J Rosales Ceuta. Spanish North Africa
Juan, The best I could do is a photo of a 1935 Dictator - but the only difference is that the Commander has a 6 inch longer wheel base. Hope this helps - I know the cost where you live to join our ASC might be a hardship on you. Doc Hemp

3/17/98 Stephen Ledonne wrote:

I have a friend who just bought a well preserved 47 pick up. It is complete and has little or no rust. It has been stored since 1962. I am not sure what he wants to do with it now that he owns it. Who would you recommend for a ground up restoration in the Cincinnati area.
Thank You Stephen Ledonne
This spring go to one of the car shows in your area = ask them who does the best job at the best price = see whose names come up the most - get 2 or 3 names & get each to bid out the job. I would get 2 painters & 2 upholsterers.
good luck,
Doc Hemp

Subject: Model 54 Commander Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:39:57 EST From: MLSBest To:
I have just visited your web site for the first time. The pictures are beautiful, but once again I am unable to find the Studebaker that I own, which is a 1931 Model 54 Commander Roadster. Is it that my car is extremely rare? If you happen to have any information on this car, and especially a picture, I would greatly appreciate recieving it. Thank you, RP
Are you a member of the ASC?
MLSBest wrote:
Not yet. Should I?
Absolutely! And again ..... this is for all the readers of the site. Where else are you going to find others with the same car? Get a roster of everyone & all the cars each owns? Free advertising in the Bi monthly Review? Parts, help, information, memorabialia, T shirts, hats? The site is to make Studebaker Owners aware that this club has existed since 1971! The cost is nominal, free 800 number. (Plus we would all like to see your wonderful convertible! Hee-hee!)
Doc Hemp

Subject: Re: Out Black of NZ Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 16:11:31 +1300 From: David Lane To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."

hi Dave See All,
Now I have connections in very high places (Just like U ) and they have told me that they will definitely have the power repaired by Easter. If this is not going to be possible we have been assured by the power company that torches will be given out free of charge with only one additional set of AA batteries. Please forgive my format in this eM for right now my feet are getting sore through the pedaling of my "Gibson Girl" treadle generator. WW2 relic. To think that my X wife wanted me to throw it out as rubbish. Knew it would come in handy one day, Sally has asked me to see if you can locate any spare AAA batteries so that she can continue to have a quality of life that she has become accustomed to. She does however point out that these will only be used in dire emergencies. Yes it's a shambles re the power cut. It's only the Business part of the city that has no power. We live very close to the center of town but so far we have not been too inconvenienced. The compensation to the business community is going to be enormous. Thank you for the contact re the tyres. Now I have a new problem with the Stude. Last weekend while returning from Napiers Art Deco Rally ( which was unbelievable) we had the misfortune to have a blowout in the front right wheel at about 55 mph. After some hairy driving to gain control, unbeknownst to me at the time the tyre & tube decide to vacate the said rim. The brakes locked up the naked rim and we skated down the road on bare steel. (They don't make steel like that today eh!) The result is I now have a round, flat, squared wheel. (called a squircle!) Don't go to too much trouble but should you know anybody who may have a 20 inch, 6 stud (internal) wire wheel that is surplus to their requirements and they wish to sell ,swap, or donate to someone who's in the dark, please advise me. At a pinch I might be able to get it repaired anyway, even if I only use it for a permanent spare. Got to go now , feet are very sore, light fast fading. Da...............................................................................................................
Subject: Antique Studebaker Club web Page. Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 19:25:27 -0600 From: "Gene P.Searcy" Organization: University of Saskatchewan To:
Hi Becky and Dave,
I want to thank you for creating a really great web page. I have been an SDC member and ASC member for many years and look forward to checking the ASC Web Page regularly. I own a 31 President roadster, a 1937 President coupe (ASR last year)and a 1938 President coupe.
I am also enjoying the Music Room.
Best regards and keep up the good work
Gene P. Searcy
Subject: 1929 Studebaker President Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 12:30:36 -0800 From: Daryl Schultz Organization: G-5855 - CATIA/Online Production Management To:
I recently bought a 29 body from Rex Miltenberger and have begun the long restoration process and am starting my quest for parts. I saw your web page and thought I'd drop you a line asking some questions you might have answers to.. I probably could give Rex a call but e-mail is so easy these days. I'm looking for a few things like: o engine gasket kit
o the aluminum step plate that fits over the bottom of the door jam
o weatherstripping
o fuel pumps (I have the original, can it be rebuilt?)
I believe one of the shocks is bad, and wondered if rebuilts were available or who could do the rebuilding of them. Also, wondered about the gas tank and sending unit. My tank is pretty bad and before putting a few hundred into restoring it, wondered if any were available. One other question, my door handles have some nice scroll work on them, but need refinishing, and wondered if you might know what the finish is. It doesn't appear to be chrome but not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..... Daryl Schultz (425)-644-7237 Bellevue, Wa.
Subject: 1928 Commander EW Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 18:36:04 -0800 From: "steve nisewander" To:
What a great site for Studebaker buffs ! My total congrats on a wondeful effort. I have a 28 Commander EW with a big six engine that was complete and running.(was) I decided to detail the engine and while at it I reset the plugs and points to the spec in the manual. Unfortunately the manuel is for a small 6 not the big six I have. Would you or any of your experts know: 1. What is the plug gap? 2. What is the point gap? 3. Where is the timing mark located on the flywheel,or is their one? Please e-mail to Thanks a bunch and I'll keep reading your site.
Subject: Studebaker Pocket Watch Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:47:50 EST From: JoyNiss To:

I have Studebaker Southbend pocket watch. The watch has Studebaker on the dial and is from the 1915-1929 period. It is beautiful and is in excellent condition. If you or any of your club members are interested they should call Larry Smith at: 1 800 203-7449 Access Code:77. The watches are part of my antique automobile watch collection.

Subject: Studebaker ads & manuals Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 06:40:38 -0800 From: lance and kay taylor "" Organization: cottage bay antique To:

I have come across original manuals for Studebaker and Willys Motors. The first is " Studebaker Commercial Car and Truck shop manual , M series" and the second is "Mechanics Manual, supercharger, Willys Motors". Also ads from the 30's and 40's. one is the 1936 Studebaker Dictator. The second is " The President". No. 3 is "Studebaker Champions 1935". These brochures are all original. I have 3 other brochures and I have eleven b/w photos of cars I think are Studebakers. There are two books covering Studebakers from 1902 thru 1966, these are newer books. If you are interested, please contact me by Email at: I am an antique dealer (Victorian Era Porcelain & pottery) that has found these items at an Estate sale. Thank you , Lance

Hello, I have come across six original brochures from Studebaker. These are from 1930's and 1940's. Also eleven b/w photos of Studebakers (I think, I am not versed in auto,s.). The Photos are taken in the 1940's. Also two original mechanics manuals. No.1 "Studebaker Commercial car and truck shop manual, M series" Aug. 1941. No. 2 mechanics manual for supercharger, Willys Motors . I have volumes 7 thru 10 of "Turning Wheels" and a few other volumes. This appears to be the Studebaker Drivers Club magazine. I am an antique dealer ( Victorian Era porcelain and pottery) and If you are interested in these Items Email me at: I can Email you photos of the items if you wish. Thank you, Lance
Subject: 1919 studebaker Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 06:11:10 -0800 From: Steve Jeican To:
Hello Dave and Becky, Through a strange turn, the business I am manager of, we aquired a 1919 4 door conv studebaker that had been stored for approx 30yrs in a n enclose storage the car is very complete but in need of restoration, the man we bought it from claims the eng was run a couple of years back, looking at the condition of the car it is very possible, the car came with many xtra parts, most of the wood parts are there but would require replacement, the car is red in color and has a potmetal star rivited to the original front license plate , leading me to believe this car to be a police or fire officals vehicle, this car also has an electric starter option installed, it doesnt appear to be fabricated part , as it uses the front cover of the engine to mount it and uses a chain to turn a gear on the front of the crankshaft. Well to make a long story short we purchased this car to restore it but have found it to be too much of an undertaking at this time, (how many times have you heard that) this car is a very important part of the history of an automobile that in it's time was as great as anything FORD or CHEVY could produce. We paid $4000. for this car and would to sell it for the same to get it in someones hands beofre the car deteriorates any further. If any of your associates would possibly be interested in the vehicle please feel free to contact me via E mail. Thanks again for your time. Steve Jeican
Subject: M5 truck 1946 or 1947 Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 23:37:02 EST From: Tzony Organization: AOL ( To:
I am looking for an M5 truck 1946 or 1947 . Any condition . contact me at . Thankyou
Subject: Newby Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 11:25:24 -0700 From: Duke and Shelly Jones To:

Dave and Becky,
We just bought two 1950 Studebaker Campions (4 door). I know this is not old enough to be in your league, but we wanted to start with a bit more simple project. Our next car will be very old. Do you have any resources or suggestions for our current restoration? How would you suggest we turn this restoration into the first step towards a very old car? Taking all suggestions, Duke and Shelly Jones (Generation X - some youngsters care) Redding,CA Call anytime - 223-1310
Subject: Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 00:03:11 -0600 From: "Ronald E. Meyer" To:

Enjoyed the Studebaker stories/mail. I lost two '56 Golden Hawks and a '46 5-passenger coupe in the tornado of March 1, '97. This is the first time since 1956 that I have been without a Stude, but will content myself to reading about them in the future. Especially enjoyed the mail about the beautiful President roadsters, my dream cars.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to post the page. It is appreciated.
Ron Meyer Mabelvale, Arkansas
Subject: Enjoyed your site! Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 03:37:45 -0600 From: "John A. Owens" To:
Becky and Dave,|
I found your site by searching 'car photo' on my favorite search engine at If you have not used Inference Find, it uses the major search engines in parallel with inferences about what you want based on your history of searches.
What a treat! Not sure which was better the cars, music or sense of humor. Your efforts are definitely appreciated. : ) Thanks! John
Subject: 38 Studebaker Truck Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 08:23:20 -0800 From: Jim Purchio To: "''"
Is there someone out there who would like to lavish generous amounts of TLC on this vehicle? Thanks, Jim
Rob Miller
Rob Miller wrote:
I have a '37 Coupe Express and would like to know what the cross-section or shape of the door weatherstrip is supposed to look like and where does it go on the door. Do you know anyone who can help? Is there a tech rep for this year in your club? Thanks, Rob Miller


You really should join the ASC - it's not that much & well worth it - you can place free ads in the Review. We all work together to save these great vehicles! On the 37 Coupe - I know Dick Quinn the editor has one and could prolly help you - you can get his address & phone # off the ASC page. Hope you join.
Doc Hemp.
Subject: WANTED MORE NEW PENPAL'S Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 22:19:21 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:
I would like to tell you both how much Ilike your site.Being new at the computer game I must two finger it for awhile till my speed get's up? So here is what I'm after, possibly with your contact's you could help me find some interested Studebaker people that share the same interest as myself.I currently have2 1934 stude truck's &4 1934 stude car's in various stage's fo restoration.My main interest of the last 5 yr's has taken me to the archives at S.B. where I have sat & read & looked at nearly every item studebaker kept on file for the year of 1934 & 1935 .Thank's to that wonderful lady Jean at the archives.I can no longer write people & wait for return mail, the answer is the web, you may edit,shorten, do anything within reason but please get my appeal across, I'm inlisting your help? PLEASE &THANK'S Andy Hook ............................................ Andy Hook Studebaker Nut!!!


Thank you for your kind words! You do not say if you are a Antique Studebaker Club Member? If you aren't you are not a 100% Studebaker Nut Yet! Hee-hee! Please join & have your few dollars help sustain all the resources you use. You would have the rooster with all 1400 plus members with all their cars listed you could contact. For now I have put you up in our Studebaker Reading Room. Others will see your letter & email address & hopefully write you.
Good Luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: THANK's FOR QUICK RESPONSE. Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 15:50:30 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:
PS. ASA HALL, BILL CANNON, FRED FOX,LIONAL STONE, &MIKE MARGERUM AND MANY OTHER's have helped me in the past & I'm alway's greatful.
Subject: Re:gidday mate Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 18:37:48 +1300 From: David Lane To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S"
Hi Dave & Becky,
Just a brief note to keep you up to date. We are having the hottest summer in 30 years.Average daily temp has been up around 30 C.Normally 20 22 max is normal. El Nino is the reason. We see on the news tonight that you are having very inclement weather with snow & floods. Thank god you and I are the only ones prepared to face such adversity. The Studebaker is running just like so well. Two weeks time will see a big group of us all get dressed up in Art Deco clothes and drive 400 miles to Napier for a weeks festival celebrating Art Deco Week. Will send you the photos as they come through. Today I've been on a short sharp blast of 150miles on the scoot. No jacket (very unusual). Only another rider would understand. I feel totally recharged. Have you had any experience with ICQ or "Speak Freely" (Computer telephone) software? That's it for now. You guys take it easy now. Untill later, David & Sally wrote:
My father recently began his mad quest for restoration of his aging ( it has been sitting in a barn for over twenty years!) 1947 studebaker truck. I think its a M5 pickup with a L6 engine weve come to the first hurdle and are already stuck. We are having trouble finding the firing order, among other things, and need some technical guidance. If you could please help us or at least point us in the right direction, we would greatly appreciate it thanks, e-mail
Subject: 1937 J-15 Firetruck Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 11:43:29 -0800 From: Bill Mahl To:
I am in the process of restoring a 1937 J-15 Firetruck. The truck only has 2760 miles on it and was lucky that most of the parts survived over the years. However, finding some parts have been difficult. Interior parts in particular. Are there headliner and interior cardboard patterns available and the right materials. Also door seals and hood seals. I also need two hubcaps. Any information would be of great help. I know there are few of these trucks around and parts are uncommon. Bill Mahl 4141 Starlite Dr. Greenwood, Ca.95635 (530)333-1650
Subject: Darrell Dye Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 21:42:36 -0700 From: RLBurk To:

Hi, Dave & Becky,
Haven't heard from you guys for a while. Hope you are well and as sassy as ever.
Dick Quinn called today. I don't know if anyone has told you or not, but Darrell Dye died on Wednesday. The memorial service is tomorrow. If you want to send a card or whatever, you can send it to Sharon or Colin (son). Contributions can be made in Darrell's name to the Studebaker Museum.
There are two '32 St. Regis President Broughams for sale at $40,000 each by Darrell's family. The '41 President and another car are already gone. The Broughams are approximately 80% restoration complete. I don't know too many other details.
We're flying hot and heavy in our airplane. (That's Bill and Bob--not me. AM) For Christmas Anna Marie gave me new upholstery for the seats. They finally got done and really look nice.
How's the weather treating you? Should we send you a rowboat or a barge? The storms come our way from there, but they are pretty fizzled out by the time they get here. Sorry California is getting pelted, but we could use the rain.
Bob the Damp Desert Rat

Dave, I found this picture on a calendar. I thought it was a good shot of the Sedona area. Hope you enjoy it. AM

Subject: Info. on Studebaker Erskin 1927 Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:11:31 +1100 (EST) From: GEYER To:
I own a Studebaker Erskin 1927 model, could you send me some history on this particular vehicle, as I am have trouble getting information about it here in Australia. I have had the vehicle for approx. 10 years, It has been undercover and in good condition and is absolutely complete. I will be starting to restore it early this year. Any information on this model would be greatly appriciated. e.g. how many of this model produced? How many still existing? availability of part etc? Thanking you Les Geyer
Adelaide Australia
I have pictures of 2 - 1927 Erskins on our Studebaker page 2. Erskin was made from 1927 - 1930. 1927 - 24,893 units. 1928 - 22,275 units. 1929 - 25,565 units. 1930 22,371 units.

If you are not already a member you really must join the ASC - there is a toll free 800 number. you can then adverise in the ASC Review- get a roster of other members that own the same car & can help you out.
Good Luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: Help! I Just Inherited a Restored 1937 Studebaker Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:37:01 EST From: To: CC:
I have a restored 1937 Studebaker with most original parts. However, I would like to sell it so that I may take care of my family members. I have very little knowledge of vintage cars but, I know that I have one "piece of work", shining in black and grey with 616 White Walls. Totally pampered and well maintained! Please help me or give me some type of direction. I truly thank you. Tonya L. Washington San Diego, CA (619) 688-1282
Subject: Studebaker 1921 tourer / 1922 utility info required Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 20:53:07 PST From: "Sandor Kolozsy" To:
Subject: Set of very old tools. Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:57:08 -0500 From: Dan and Rita To: "''"
First off.. cool cars!!! Wow they are sure eye poppers!! I had better stay out of this area, I'll end up with a different car!!! :o) Greetings! I found a tool box full of tools. I was told that these were for some very early cars. I am not a tool or car expert, but would like these tools to find a good home. The sockets in this set have holes through them so a rod can be put through and used as a handle. There are many sizes and lengths. I found them in a very old leather tool box. If you know anyone interested, just send an email, and we will respond quickly. I can send pictures if desired. Dan Ross - near Toledo, Ohio
Subject: Southwest Zone Meet Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:11:14 -0800 From: "M & J Huston" To:
Hi Doc,
Just a note to let you know things are progressing on the Southwest Zone Meet in Columbia, CA for June. The meet motel is now full. If anybody still plans on attending there is another nearby motel that still has some rooms - it is the Columbia Gem Motel, there phone # is 209-532-4508. If you wait to long and this one fills up you are really going to end up far away from the food and drink.
I check your web site frequently to see what is new and was sorry to see the notice on the passing of Darrell Dye, I know he will be greatly missed by all members of the club, and my condolences go out to his friends and family.
Thank you again for your hard work and the time you put into maintaining this web site.
Best regards, Mark Huston
Charles Gal wrote:
Dear Becky and Dave,
I am a regular freelance writer for the Edmonton Journal's Wheels section Edmonton, Alberta CANADA)
I found your site while looking for anything Studebaker related. I would be interested in learning how you got involved with Studebakers for an upcoming story I am doing. I don't need a lot, but some personal thoughts might add something to the story.
Cheers, Charles Charles Gal e-mail:
I got interested in Studebakers in 1973 when Archie Manning the quarterback for the Vikings, I think, bought out from under me a 1930 Cadillac Convertible Coupe (with wooden artillery wheels) at the Wayne Schlothouwers Auto Museum in Paradise CA. I had already put a deposit on the car - he offered much more - they sold it out from under me! To make a long story short I made them sell me the Late Model 1930 Studebaker President Roadster (with the radiator shutters) for the same price even though it was $5,000 more. Even at that, I paid 2x what the book value was on the car! Wayne thought there was only 5 or 6 of them left. It turns out is is one of only 2 left in the world that we in the Antique Studebaker Club know of!
My name is Jarred and I just found your page, good page. Anyway, I have a M-5 Studebaker truck that my father had when he was a kid. I have just began the first steps of restoration and have discoverd that I have a few questions about my old truck. First of all, the title says it's a 1948 model: however, I was told by someone who works on old cars and trucks that the first two numbers of the serial number on the plate inside the cab, represents the year it was manufactured ('46). But my father seems to think that '46 Studes didn't have factory installed radios, which this one does. The only other thing I know is that the plate on the firewall says: M-5 C-2, 46241, if that tells you anything. So what year is it? What do I look for to clear this up? And lastly, did '46 Studes have automatic clutches or manual? Hope you can help me a little, thanks very much, Jarred.


I forwarded your e-mail to our editor of the ASC Review - he may be able to answer these questions for you - and I also put it up in our reading room for all to see! Good luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: 1921 STUDEBAKER TOURING SEDAN!! Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 20:01:31 EST From: To:

Passed on from my grandfather to myself was a 1921 Studebaker touring sedan. It has been completely restored by my grandfather and then it sat for approx 7 years when he passed away. I would like to get it running but I need some help. I definetely Iam going to join the ASC Club I think that is probably the best place to start.

I am going to be 30 this year and I am really interested in finding a hobby. I really am not sure what exactly I have sitting in my garage. It has a pickup bed on the back, two doors, V6 flatblock engine. It looks like it may have been converted into a pickup. I really am not sure, the manual that my grandmother has refers to a touring sedan. Where can I get some history on this. I would like to get it in running shape and join ASC as a hobby.Please respond with any suggestions or info you may have.
Bryan Brooks
Andrei Bogomolov wrote: 2/20/98
Dear Dave and Becky,
Thank you for my interesting visit to your pages. Very rarely one can meet such good site, indeed! I am creating my own pages named Oldtimers picture gallery (1935-1945) Will it be infringement of your copyright, if I copy some of your images for my Studebaker trucks page? Of course links to you will be beside pictures, if you let me to copy. Sincerely yours Andrei Bogomolov, Moscow, Russia

Copy all you want with a link back to us from the pictures would be great. I will link to your new site from our Cool Links Room also! This is what is so great about the internet!! Here we are conversing a world apart in only a few seconds!! I am putting your e-mail up in our Studebaker Reading Room now too! Please keep in touch!!
Doc & Becky Hemp
Subject: 50 champion conv Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 22:26:04 EST From: To:
Would be interested in any information about 1950 champion conv, for purchase, my location south Florida. Thank you very much
Subject: Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 22:12:34 -0800 From: To:
I have a studebaker for sale and wanted to put it on your web site. Here is a page I made for it. Let me know if you can place it on the cars for sale page. Thanks, Sean
Subject: Need Help! Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 01:11:11 EST From: To:

Dear Dave and Becky,

I am in the process of building some Studebaker web pages. I plan on getting my on a domain and site in time, but I need help. I need for your members and viewers to help me get some pictures for my site. I have a lot of pictures, but I am scared of the copyrights. They are mostly from books and calenders. I am in a bad situation. I am only 19, but have loved Studebakers for as long as I can remember. It is probably because I am a Studebaker (Ryan Studebaker). These past couple of years I have really struck an interest in the cars. I have been doing a lot of research and looking for the actual cars. I got very lucky one day when I was going through a field and found about 25 of all different kinds (all post-war models). Back to my point. I would really appreciate it if anyone would send me their photos. I would be more than happy to put their information by the photo. I am not trying to take any credit, I just want a site that my viewers can enjoy. I am also going to add links, so if anybody has a Studebaker related link they would like my to add, I would be more than happy to. Anybody may E-mail me at or write me at P.O. Box 126 Geronimo, OK, 73543. Thank you for your help. I hope to hear from you soon!

You are welcome to use any off our pages, just give the Antique Studebaker Club & the owner credit below the pics & a link to us from your page. Good luck, we will be looking forward to your site!
Doc Hemp
Subject: 1932 Commander 8, model 55 Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 11:45:36 -0800 From: "hans k. adam" To:
Hi guys; I have a 1932 Commander 8 I would like to sell. But I don't have any idea how to go about it. Can you help? sincerely-hans adam
Hans, advertise in Hemmings Motor News. I have also posted you here. Good luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: Unlimited entertainment Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 23:15:25 -0600 From: Patsy Miller To:

Found your sites through the Studebaker url. I have spent at least two hours the past two nights just surfing the site and enjopying the music. Keep up the nice work, I like old cars, trucks, rock & roll and trains. Currently restoring a 59 Chevy Fleetside.
This is my wifes computer but she lets me play on it some. Tonight, while the sites are loading I'm listening to your music and playing solitaire. I'm a junky for solitaire.
This e-mail is from McAlester, OK.
Subject: Re: Need Help! Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 13:25:48 EST From: Stude3536 To:

Dear Doc Hemp,
Thank you for you support. It means a lot to me that someone is willing to help. Yes, my site is for a hobby, not for commerical. I would be more than happy to put your link on my site. I am not sure when it will be complete, I am still learning HTML. I will be sure to let you know when it is done. Thanks again.
Ryan Studebaker
Subject: 1947Studebaker truck Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 16:57:40 -0600 (CST) From: To:
Becky and Dave
Recently my father-in-law passed away. He owned a 1947 Studebaker truck that my mother-in-law would like to sell because she is unable to use it. It is a farm style truck, that I believe is a 1 ton. The I.D. number is M1630. I think it is 1 ton . It is in fine condition well restored. It was owned by his brother-in-law.
This vehicle was used for parades and events. The truck was used to transport his other antique vehicles. He was unaware that there was a club of Studebaker owners but I learned this information from the net. Can you help me?
Subject: account book Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 15:08:36 -0800 From: Don Butterworth To: "''"
Hi, I have an unused Studebaker "Farmer's Statistical Record & Account Book". 112 pages - 61/2 " x 41/4". Book is not dated but says on one of the pages "Studebaker - Over 60 Years Old". Any interest? e-mail me at: DonB@ROTEC.COM
Subject: Looking for info on 23-34 Studebaker Speedster Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 22:11:13 -0500 From: "Francis X. Pavy" Organization: att To:
I've just put up a page on 55 speedsters but I wanted to get a little more information on the earlier 2324 Studebaker Speedster 5 passsenger Touring Car. I've heard that it came just in one color is this true? what set it aside or above the regular touring cars? Were the engines any different. Is there anyone in the club who owns one? My speedster page : Would you put a link on your Links page?
Subject: Re: Fun Eh! Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:29:48 +1300 From: David Lane To: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc."
Gidday "Sport",
a tennis freek ! I'm glad that you enjoyed the article as seen through the eyes of an English Car reviewer. Did I tell you that this magazine has only ever done a few Amercan reviews. I was honoured. There were a number of errors. I have the original 5 bearing crankshaft with the harmonic balancer right up by No 1 cylinder. According to my early records there was no reference to Pierce Arrow. There was a bit of gossip going down at the time that the motor may have come from the Lycoming works, but I dismissed that as very odd. I have always assumed that it was Studebaker 100 %. All the con rods have the "S" engraved on them. I have seen some very early photos of the original Chassis soon after it arrived in NZ and the fenders were in place then. (I have all the original export ,shipping,and delivery paper work on the cars arrival in NZ) I am very lucky. I have collected all this information and copied it, a copy of the latest news paper, family photos, and hidden it in the cars body work for somebody in the far distant future to discover it. What a supprise it will be eh! Another silly thing that I've done since I've owned her is as I carry out any repairs on say the brakes, clutch, chassis, etc etc, I've cleaned a small area up and with a small paint brush dated the job, marked the price of petrol per gal, and a world event at that time. When I first bought the car petrol was 33cent a Gal. Today it's NZ$5-00 per gal. ( ie) 2nd clutch job, petrol 89cents a Gal, President Kennedy Shot. It's like a time capsule. Besides it helps me remember the last time I did the job. Fun eh! Recieved the application form for the A.S. club. Thanks very much. They have asked for Photos and a story. I will put that together and send it in due course. Must away now as Sallys screaming at me to come for dinner. She says Hello. Also another David.
Subject: Stude parts Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 23:11:35 -0500 From: Steve Butler To:
What a great Web Site! I'm having a heck of a time finding a set of 1936-37 President wheels. Dictator wheels will not fit. Anybody out there got any?
Steve Butler 403 Saratoga Rd. So. Glens Falls, NY 12803 (518) 792-2339
Subject: new old stock Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 08:12:51 +0300 From: J-P ROQUIER Organization: LEOFRIC (E.A.) Ltd To:
Hi, I live in Nairobi, Kenya and we have lots of new old stock spares here. I have been buying spares for British cars and selling them in England, but the stock of American spares is largely untapped, except for Ford. There are quite a number of Studebaker parts, as the cars were imported here in the fifties. I am therefore looking for somebody who could help me identify the desirable spares and who could buy them. Can you recommend a dealer? I have an shipping opportunity in June, when a friend sends a 40 foot container back to the States. Best Regards, Jean-Pierre Roquier
Subject: RE 34 &35 car's &truck's exported to oversea market's Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 14:37:35 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:
Dear Doc,
Thank's so much for putting my e mail in your web site, If I can impose on you again I would love if any of your vast follower'smight be able to fill in the missing blank's. As I mentioned in my fist attempt at using the web ,my passion is in 34&35's while doing this I got more & more interested in how they got to those market's oversea, example's from S.B. to port's usually by train;s from the port's to oversea market's shipped uncrated 1934 &1935.. .on arrival some time's driven to inland dealer's or transported again by train while doing my research over the last 5 yr's I have been able to see how the shipping route's work in regard's to car & truck deliver;s Over the same period of time at every chance I was around or able to question different studebaker people Asa Hall ,Fred Fox, Dick Quinn,Chuck Naugle, the answer was that they knew of no other person who was interested in the transportation end of thing's in regard's to the 30's But if it were not for the effert's of ever man& woman& young people involved through the corporation in all area's ,the company would have closed the door's in 1933. But we know this was not the case. So once again I'm asking if any STUDEBAKER people located in different part's of world can shed some imformation on dealer's & the mean's in which their car's & truck's were delivered to them. I 'm currently in the process of writing a book inregard's to all the above imformation & hopefully can add new fact's from other people's imput. All credit will be given to source, & person submitting fact's Again my goal is to make enjoyable , interesting reading.
Thank's In Advance, Captain Hook . Andy Hook Studebaker Nut!!!
Subject: mid-1930's Studebakers Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 10:41:03 -0500 From: "Cynthia H. Chertos" To:
I am a writer working on a novel where the protagonist (in 1941) drives a used Studebaker. I'm looking for pictures that would help me describe his beloved automobile. He's a printer/linotype operator, who bought the car used in 1940. So, I think a car from 1935-36 would be ideal. The 1935 models you have on your e-mail site (sent to Juan Rosales on March 6) would work fine, except that I can't seem to print them off that site. Would you mind e-mailing these to me directly -- or if you believe another model/year would be more appropriate for my character, please send that info as well.
I always loved Studebakers as a kid (my uncle had one) and I wanted to use the car in my story.
Thanks for any help you can be. Cynthia Chertos

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