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But there is much new mail from June, July & August 1999 just posted here in Reading Room #2 on 8/7/99 due to my 21" View Sonic being down for the past 2 months. Will take all the summers off after this ... was great.

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Subject: '27ErskineRoadster Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:18:53 -0400 From: "David H Oliver" To:

Hello Doc...restoation is well underway...we now have a running chassis..found an excellent motor man in St Petersburg, Fl that's 78..and still is doing antique engines! Body and sheetmetal are the next priority..found some excellent oak from Tenn. for the doors. Would be intresting to see if you hear from other Erskine owners..please advise..thanks, Dave Oliver 813-948-1822

Subject: Studebakers Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 20:38:40 EDT From: To:

About 60 years ago, when I was a youngster in Maine, my Father owned a "Roosevelt" automobile. There was one other in our small town. I have been unable to find any information on this car. Was it one of Studebakers "Presidential" Series? I have even looked in the Studebaker museum in S. Bend. If not Studebaker, can you tell me who made this automobile?

Thanks for your trouble.
Subject: Studebaker National Museum Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 11:26:54 -0700 From: To: "allyn stoecker (Ford)", dochemp

Hello Gentlemen:
I do hope that you enjoy the photos I have sent in separate email. The story behind that "paddy wagon," as close as I can get it at this time is: The Los Angeles Police Department received it as a gift from Warner Brothers Studios. I feel, but do not have the back up, that someone felt that the department may have had one like it, at some time. It was rebuilt almost from the ground up. The Historical Society uses it at public events along with their Mobile Museum.

Now to the Studebaker National Museum, I called out there sometime after receiving Ford's email of their location, and the information about the truck being rebuilt. I was put through to someone by the name of Andy Beckman. A pleasant person, but he did not have a lot of information on the truck being rebuilt. He did, however, give me their email address, which is: I thought you two would like to have it. Well, I asked some questions, and said that I would include them in an email to him. I sent the email, and in it, I asked if they had any sales records for 1920 to 1930 to the LAPD. It has been over a week now, and have not received an answer, of any kind. I will try to be patient.

I do wish to thank you both so very much for your help in this research matter, it has been nice and fun sharing emails with you, and I will keep in touch. If you ever run across anything you think might be of interest to us, do please let me know. If you are in Los Angeles, and want to see the Paddy Wagon at a public event call: 323-344-9445 and talk with either Richard or Beerget, explain who you are, and see if there is a public event going on or in a short time. You can mention my name, but watch out for flying stones...hehehehehe.

Yours most respectfully
Bob Holley
Subject: Stude 1913 Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 19:43:36 -0300 From: Roda Rui To: "''"

Dear sir,

I'm writing you from Cůrdoba, Argentina.

Mr. Beniccio Scruzi restored this one. It was hard, as he had no sources of information except the parts existing in the car. Yes, he knows that the original colour was black, but it's a personal pleasure to have it painted in that colour. Mr. Scruzi also has restored himself about 15 of other different cars, mainly Ford Model A (in fact he is an expert on model A, and has a lot of books about them). All of them are in his garage, but actually this one gets his favour.

(Would you be so kind to provide us with informations or sources of information on this particular model?. We thank you in advance)

Rui Roda (my personal e-mail is

Subject: 1955 Studebaker President Speedster Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 22:38:42 -0400 (EDT) From: (Roger Bean) To:

In 1955 I bought this car from a dealer, who at the time was the oldest active Studebaker dealer in the USA. Oldest in years and inbusiness. At one time he gave Studebaker money to help keep the factory going in theera of the Rockne car, which was a disaster. He was in his 80s when I bought the Speedster. He and his very young wife as a vacation would take the train to South Bend and she would drive the two of them home to Vermont. His garage was in Ascutney, Vt, his name was Clarence J. MartinAbout two weeks after they returned, he brought the Speedster to me and said drive it for the weekend, the wife and kids did and when Monday rolled around he came over and said I am trading cars with you ( I had bought a 51 Merc 2 door from him). Since he carried his own paper we swapped with no increase in payments. I never enjoyed a car more in my life and I have had some pretty exotic cars since.I have been looking for another 55 Speedster since. my car was pink, white and grey with pure white genuine leather interior, a beautiful car. Can you put me with another in the USA? Thank you, Roger Bean

Subject: old studebaker famialy Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 20:16:32 -0400 From: "Sam Teeter" To:

I realy enjoy your page. My grandad & father both worked at Studebakers in So. Bend, Ind. for more then 30 years each. So growing up Studebakers were the only car we ever had. Now that I'm about to retire I have started to look for a speedster and join our local driving club here in Niles, Mi. I will drop you a line when I find one. Sam
Subject: Friendship Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 23:16:55 -0400 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Hi Doc,
I hope that you have not thought that I have given up on the hobby, I had to get some problems that need my attention straighten away. I hope to have some new changes to the web page within a few weeks, I just have a few more things to iron out on 34 coupe, she runs very well, I know its not a H.D. but i like it, 1100cc Honda, I hope you & Becky are enjoying all your club's. Keep up the great work,thank's from me.
Best Regards
Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!

Subject: Chicken Hawk activities Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 01:18:20 -0500 From: Tom Stephany Organization: Shade Tree & Cinder Block Auto repair,no warranty To:

Hello to the Hemp family once again. I remembered that it had been a long time since we looked at your page and listened to the music. It was still in the bookmarked section so here we are. Since the first note to you all in 98 inquiring about Ted Harbit several interesting things have occured. The new personal best for the Chicken Hawk driven by Ted of course is 10.5 @ 131mph. He is presently working on a new car that will still carry the Stude name and engine. The new vehicle is an Avanti. The idea being to reduce the weight so as to get into the low 9 second bracket. The 51 weighs 3600 Lbs and Ted does not want to destroy its stock body configuration. That is very understandable after a 37 year relationship with the old girl. The Avanti is coming along much slower than originaly thought due to the very costly changes being made to the chassis. My 11 year old son has developed a like for Studebakers so we go up to Muncie Indiana Saturday evenings to watch Ted make believers out of some of, shall we say, less matured individuals. It is most enjoyable to here the comments, " a what beat you? a Studebaker, ahh man, you got to be kidding" And, " you say it had a Studebaker engine?" "How does he do that? It really is a lot of fun to watch the sly old fox. There is a lot of mental agility and "one upsmanship" required in bracket racing and Ted is the master. The 11 year old son I spoke of was responsible for getting me back into the old car hobby again as I had sold the Stude about two years ago. Ted decided to sell his wife's daily driver, a 63 cruiser, And my son convinced me to make the purchase. Ted will be driving George Krem's 64 Lark Challenger again this year at the muscle car drags in Michigan. Ted tuned and drove the car last year and made their magazine, Muscle Car Review. The lowly Stude went 13.38 @ 106.2. According to Ted and the magazine, the crowd really loved it. This year they expect to get in to the 12's with some minor but legal changes. You might find it interesting to visit the Michigan Strip on the 10th and 11th of Sept. Feel free to update any of the Chicken Hawk information on your page with what ever you feel may be of interest.

Tom Stephany
Subject: Studebaker Accident Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 22:27:57 -0700 From: To:

Doc Hemp,
Could you please post this E-mail on the ASC Web site so all members can read and help if they feel so inclined;

Greetings Fellow Studebaker friends,
I just learned that this last Sunday, Jerry Washburn was driving his 1928 President on A CHVA Tour. While crossing the San Mateo Bridge he had modern cars zipping in and out in front of him, one of the cars that jumped in front of him then quickly moved to the left lane. Before Jerry realized it, he found a mustang stopped in front of him, which had stopped because of a van load of illegal immigrants changing a flat tire in the right traffic lane. Unfortunately Jerry was unable to stop in time and rear ended the mustang. The Front end of the Studebaker lifted the mustang up off the ground and pushed pushed it quite a distance.
Jerry and his wife, Joan, are O.k., just a little shaken. Unfortunately though, the Studebaker is not. His entire front end is seriously damaged. He is going to need new headlights, headlight bar, "8" bar, front fenders, the front tires are "toed" out, so he will need many parts in the front end to repair it, wheels, radiator and shell, and anything else you can think of that would be damaged in a front end collision. If you would like to donate some cash or you have a part he can use, or you know where to get a part or would like to buy a part and send it to him, please let me know. Jerry does not know that I am doing this, he would probably would never ask for help, but he has helped many club members with advice, parts, labor and his mechanical expertise out here on the west coast and if you can help please contact me, or my brother Mark at 916-682-9262 (E-mail "").

Thanks again for your help and support,
Shawn Huston ("")
Subject: THANKS FOR A GREAT SITE Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 13:54:01 -0700 From: "A CAREfull Service REALTOR (sm)" Organization: To:

I just wanted to tell you what a great site you have produced for our club. I am not an active member, but do own a Studebaker, (1925 Big Six Duplex Phaeton 7 Passenger). Unfortunately, I have not had time to get it running, but hope to soon. Purchased from the original owners son about four years ago in Oakland, it now resides with me in New River, AZ. For your records, I have sent a picture along with this E-mail. I am a Realtor, which you probably guessed by my Website. Thank you again for sharing your talents with the club.


You can always count on "A CAREfull Service REALTOR" (sm). Please visit my Website: today.

Subject: Studebakers, Studebakers!! Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 21:23:44 -0000 From: "Steve - Turner" To:

Hi: I just found your web site and am I excited! I have loved Studebakers for ever and though I looked at and kicked some tires it was not until this week that I became a Studebaker owner. I have been surfing the net looking at all the neat sites, and I must say that your is great!! Even if I didn't love Studebakers, I would love your site. Keep up the great work!
Subject: Hello! Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 16:13:52 -0400 From: "Keith" To:

I dont even know if you can help..but ill tell you what I got..:)

Upon going thru my fathers "bone yard" yesterday..i discoverd something rather unusual.. I saw a pair of steel spoked wagon wheels peeking thru some brush..I went over and looked at it and what I found was a wooden undercarriag stamped "57770 Studebaker" on the ssteel plate...

could anyone tell me if this was a 1850's era conastoga or supply wagon made by the Studebaker brothers??? I know its horse drawn..but I want to know which wagon it is so i can do a full restoration on it...

thanks for the help!
Subject: 1926 studebaker sheriff Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 21:56:16 EDT From: To:

dear dave:

in 1982 I aquired a 1926 sheriff model studebaker. The vehicle was very hard to identify and most unusual. the vehicle had only 5, 000 miles on it and had the 1927 plates still on the car. The owned had purchased it in 1956 with the intent to restore.

I spent a lot of money preparing to correctly restore the car. Unfortunately, my business leave little time.. Many of the parts are in fact, overrestored to the level of a true show car. I have practically every part, plus the origional title, plus thousands of dollars worth of things i purchased as spares.

I would be interrsted in a dialog of whether I should part it out, donate it, sell all pieces to someone, etc. Does bob valpey still do studebakers?

please contact me at youyr convenience

richard carroll, cleveland, ohio
Subject: 1923 studebaker Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 00:53:50 -0400 From: "Mike Herrmann" To:

i have a friend who is wanting to sell a 1923 studebaker. i don't know much more than that right now, but would appreciate your help in maybe a guess at value? it needs work, don't think it has run in awhile. any help or history would be appreciated. mike herrmann
Subject: new kompeuter Date: Sun, 18 Apr 99 00:48:04 Central Daylight Time From: RICHARD QUINN To: dochemp

Subject: Question and praise Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 13:59:12 -0500 From: "Phil Kircher" To:

Dave & Becky:
First the praise, I loved your tour of the century and the rest of your site. Although I don't restore or collect cars I thought your site was great with a capital g.

The Question I have is regarding the attached. I have a post card made by a relation of mine that includes a photograph of a car. I'm pretty sure it is a Studebaker but I don't know anything more. Any information that you could provide me would be appreciated I.e..: model and year?, original cost?

I'm sorry I don't know the location of this car but it would be interesting to find out what it might be worth today.

Thanks for your help. And again your site is filled with beautiful pictures, is easy to navigate and loads quickly considering the amount of graphic material.

Thanks again,
Phil Kircher

Subject: 1910 Studebaker Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 07:21:39 -0800 (PST) From: Tony Ruzak To:

Dave and Becky,

I am looking for information on a 1910 Studebaker. My next project may include this car. I have heard that there may only be one existing today. I certainly appreciate any assistance you could give.

Thank You,

Subject: 1939 Studebaker Coupe Express Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 13:41:30 -0600 From: "Pilgrim's Auto Restorations" To:

We are just about finished restoring a 1939 Studebaker Coupe Express truck for one of our customers and need to find the interior for it. We have the seat, but need the door panels, headliner, etc. Thanks for any help you can give us. Our e mail is
Gayle Curtiss
Pilgrim's Auto Restorations

Subject: FW: Top 10 Signs Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 08:16:17 -0800 From: Thom Brown To: "Doc Hemp (E-mail)"

Top 10 Signs You've Joined a Cheap HMO
10 - Annual breast exam conducted at Hooters.

9 - Directions to your doctor's office include, "Take a left when you enter the trailer park."

8 - Tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicle.

7 - Only proctologist in the plan is Gus from Roto Rooter.

6 - Only item listed under Preventive Care feature of coverage is "an apple a day."

5 - Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to Goodwill last week.

4 - "Patient responsible for 200% of out-of-network charges" is not a typo.

3 - The only expense covered at 100% is embalming.

2 - With your last HMO, your Viagra pills didn't come in different colors with little "M"s on them.

and the Number 1 sign you've joined a cheap HMO:

1 - You ask for Viagra. You get a popsicle stick and duct tape.
Subject: 1955 stude pick-up for sale Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 00:15:30 -0800 From: "TJ Kistner" To:

i ve got a 1955 1/2 ton pick-up for sale that if possible, i d like to add to your list of stuff for sale....its an original truck i found in the eastern oregon desert, so its got a solid cab which is unlike most of the rust buckets you see for sale..i ve spent a lot of time and money on the brakes, exhaust, wiring, etc..its driveable and i d be willing to deliver it as far as the oregon border, or possibly as far as boise needs paint, etc .....i m asking $1950.00, which is way less than i have in it ,but isnt that the way it always goes....anyone interested can e-mail me at thanks very much!!!!!
Subject: Key chain Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 09:51:27 -0500 From: "Alan S Bridges" To:

I saw your web page when my 10-year-old daughter was doing a school report about Studebakers a while back. Then yesterday, while I was searching for old coins with my metal detector, I dug up a Studebaker Key chain that reads, "BUY IT BECAUSE ITS A STUDEBAKER." I wonder if you know of these or when they were manufactured.

Alan Bridges, Littleto
Subject: studebakers Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 21:04:16 -0800 From: James Tefft To:

Hi doc, I am new to the net but old to studes. Ibought a 30 pres in 1952 but had to sell it when i went inti the service. Got a 25 er in 1963 and have been to lots of nw zone meets. Many times fartherest driven. When you are 300 miles from home in a 70 year old car made partly of wood and cloth you wonder if you will ever get home. I now have a fine old 26 fire truck [pictured in the review] which has about 5000mile on it. 2000 of those are mine. Also a couple of 37 coupe express, a 50 starlight coupe and a59 lark that is driven a lot. I am now starting on another project. It is a 27 ES-S. I only need a few parts for it. A steering column and a body would be nice for starters. I got most of what I have from Shawn Houston. I sand blasted the frame yesterday and will start painting and repairing from there up. The body I need should be a 5 pass 4 door. If any one has a spare lying about. I plan to come down to the sw zone meet this year and plan to trailor the 25 er down. Will be the second time in 20 years for it to get a trailor ride. We have about 16000 mile on it now. I think your stude site is great if I knew how to I would send some pictures. But i dont know how so that is that for now. tnx jim.
Subject: Re: gidday mate Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:22:33 +1200 From: David Lane To: dochemp References: 1

Dave and Becky Ltd

how are you guys getting on. We have just lost our day light savings last week end and for us it's closing in onto winter. We have had the most glorious summer in memory and even today our tempt is about 10 degs above average normal for this time of the year.

The bikes have done over 10000 kilometres over the summer months. I have made a startling discovery about my Stude. I had the current motor fully reconditioned 5years ago. (I told you about all the sealing work that was carried out to prevent water egress) Because the engine had done so few miles some things were not required to be reconditioned. Ok since I got it up and running I have never been 100% happy with the performance relating to pulling power on long hills. I had the carb reconditioned in Long Island NY but that didnít make the difference. I had the 6 volt system changed to 12 volts and that didn't do it either. I pulled it down many times looking for the problem. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the valve timing was out. I dismantled, altered the valve timing and reassembled that "B.......y" engine about seven times over the last year and still I was unhappy. Then I gave up and just drove it. Well about 3 weeks ago Sally and I went down to the annual Art Deco Rally in Napier which is 500 miles away and I got so pissed off with the car hill climbing ability that I resolved to find it for once and for all when I got home. I hired an engineer and he came to my home and it took him 3 hrs to find the problem. The inlet lobe of the camshaft of #1 was 7 degrees out compared to the inlet lobe of #8.related to the fly wheel markings. Bingo!! He told me that the shaft had to have been twisted at some time. Possibly a rear bearing may have seized at some stage. Well out it came and it was not until we got it to the cam shaft people that reality of the problem became evident. It was not twisted at all as first thought rather it was ground originally at the factory incorrectly. As the grinding machine ran down the length of the shaft, the cutting tool was slowly rotating around the diameter of the shaft. Hence the discrepancy of 7 degs by the time it finished the last lobe. No wonder I could get half of the motor running well. But never the whole lot. This shaft had never been ground since original. Well I put it back last weekend and hells bells have I got a new motor car now. It's got more pulling power than a city full of prostitutes waiting for the American Army to hit town. I'm like a pig in shit at the moment. Got this real grunty 69 years old motor car thatís finally can show a clean pair of heals. Well thatís my story at the present time. Hey my new engine has just turned over 19000 miles.

Other than that, alls well here and we are still on target to come to the USA next July with our bikes. I will keep you up to date as progress develops. Must away now. Talk to you soon.

Love and best wishes to you both.

Another Dave and the one and only Sally.
David & Sally own the only other mid year 1930 Studebaker President Roadster & also ride Harleys like Becky & I do.
Subject: Your web pages Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 23:51:57 EST From: To:

Dear Doc and Becky, I'm new to the internet but a long time in old cars, 5 Studebakers, Two Sunbeams and an Avanti II. LOVE your music and pages! You can be sure this site is bookmarked for another visit very soon.
THANKS Jim Richter
Glenwood, IA

Subject: Linking to The Eastwood Company Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 14:27:45 -0500 From: Curt Strohacker To:

I found your Studebaker site and was quite impressed. Would you consider linking our site to yours? We supply a lot of unique tools used in maintaining, restoring and customizing cars. Eastwood has been in business since 1978 helping hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts solve their automotive problems. You can check out our site at

Our site has experienced a great deal of traffic from our catalog promotion magazine ads and especially television advertising. We are looking to increase that with reciprocal links with non competitive companies such as yourselves. If this is agreeable to you please let me know how you would like your site described.

We have on line e commerce and our complete catalog is on-line for customer ordering.

Suggested link description: "Source of unique hard-to-find tools and supplies for restoring or customizing. Really neat stuff for the home mechanic. Free catalog and secure on line ordering"

If you would like to add a graphic link to our site please choose any of the banners on this page:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via e mail or the below numbers.

Curt Strohacker
Easthill Group Inc.
The Eastwood Company ‚ "Unique Automotive Tools And Supplies

580 Lancaster Ave
Malvern, PA. 19355
610 640 1450 x2001 fax 610 644 1028
Subject: 33 Stude,Model 56. Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 20:26:35 -0600 From: Ab Gamble To:

I hope you can help me. We have this wonderful car which was originally bought by a fellow in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This town was notorius is the thirties(gambling.girls,moonshine). We restored it about fifteen years ago, but try as we might, we cannot eliminate the shimmey in the front end. If we hit diagonals(train tracks,etc) we go for a wild ride. We did the tie rods etc. set the tow in. But alas, we still have the problem. There was an anati-shimmy spring out for Model T's, but I know very little about them......any advice? ......shaken in Saskatchen,

Ab gamble.

Subject: Neat Web-Site All my favoite things (Well Almost) Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 16:09:20 EST From: To:

Dear Dave & Becky Way Cool web-site. Harleys and Studebakers, what else is there. I have a 95 Dyna Low rider, and am a member of Three Rivers Hog Chapter in Fort Wayne Ind. Not doing any riding, due to the fact that we're up to our butts in snow. Can't wait for sping. I also am restoring a 63 Avanti and have several other studes in need of restoration. Well, I have to go shovel snow, Keep up the good work.

Randy Fryback
Subject: 1928 Commander EW Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 09:44:42 -0800 From: "steve nisewander" To:

Hi Dave. I have a restored 1928 Commander EW which I like to drive once in a while in the summer. It runs really well and all parts are in excellent condition. My only concern are the mechanical brakes. While these are the original equipment and I have kept the entire car all original, they are unsafe. The stopping power in normal traffic is a concern. I don't know if they are not working properly or I am just expecting to much. Do you have anyone in Oregon who might be familar with these type of brakes, how they should perform and what I can do if I want to change to a standard brake system?
Many thanks.
Subject: Web site! Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 21:22:53 -0800 From: "James S. Burns, Jr." To:

I have certainly enjoyed my visit with you. The sights and sounds are wonderful.
Thank you!
Jim Burns
Subject: Car at Austin convention Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 15:27:26 -0600 From: Dave Bedrich To:

Doc Hemp,

I stumbled across your website, great photos of the Austin Studebaker Conv last year. I live in Austin, but somehow didn't know about the convention, or the car show at the Auditorium. One of the photos shows the 1922 touring which was used in The Newton Boys (I'm also in the movie), but back to the photo--there is a roadster of similar vintage in the background. I was wondering if you know what year that car is, and if there are any photos of it.

Thanks for your help,

Dave Bedrich
Subject: 1918 Big Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 09:46:04 -0800 From: To:

My neighbor recently called and asked if I could help him start his car. Little did I know it was a 1918 Studebaker. He had bought the car six years ago. He moved it home and then tore out his left knee. He was unable to drive it and, because of his knee, will never be able to realize the joy of tooling around in his pride and joy. That is why he decided to sell it. The person he bought it from had it in a parade in 1972. That is the last time it was up and running. It took about six hours for us to get it started. We have now put over five miles on it and got it up to a resounding 45 mph! Something did get into the gas and it started back-firing. We blew the end right off the front of the muffler. Certainly adds something to the sound as it goes down the street.

It is a beautiful car. He advertised it in Hemmings last December and got an offer. The offer would be substantially better if it was running. He is now getting that better price.

I wish I had known of the Studebaker show at the Towe Museum in Sacramento. It would have been a great addition.

I understand the buyer is the President of Turkey. Before the car is picked up we are going to put some more miles on it. We have videos now but we want some with the top down.

Allen Johnsen
Subject: Value and how to sell a '48 Land Cruiser? Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 17:12:34 -0500 From: Dave Nance To: Dave & Becky - Studebaker Club

I inherited a 1948(?or is it a '49?) Studebaker Land Cruiser from my grandfathers collection a few years back and need to sell it due to constant moving with my job. I hope you can give me a ballpark value and any recommendations that will help me find someone who can give it more attention than I've been able to.

It is a Blue 4 door(suicide rears) with 84K original miles, 6 cyl motor, and 3 spd overdrive transmission. It was repainted at some point but otherwise is all original. It was stored for about 15 years before I received it four years ago and has since been under a cover and driven only a couple times a year.

Any help or references are appreciated.

Thank You,
Dave Nance
(503) 229-4677 day
- 4688 fax
Subject: Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 16:36:00 -0800 From: "Deb Dekoninck" To:

I am interested in finding a place to purchase a poster of a Studabaker Avanti. Would there be a possibility that you can help me with this project? My father is a car buff and the proud owner of a 1983 Delorean. He would like to have a poster of a Studabaker for his office and I am trying to find a place to purchase this poster for him for his birthday. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank-You Deb DeKoninck

My e-mail address is
Subject: studebaker fire truck Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 12:38:32 -0600 From: Jim Hodny To:

I am Keith Rud, Fire Chief at the Newfolden Fire Department. We have a 1952 Studebaker fire truck that we a considering selling. I am looking for a web site to for Studebaker collectors or Fire truck collectors to place an ad.. I would also like to know if someone could give us an apprasal on the truck. I believe it is a 1952, Studebaker serial # R 16a I6870, model # 2R16A 55. There is a second tag listing model # as 2R C2, cab # 61054, Trim # T-603, Paint # P-2193. The body and tank are mfg by Forstner Bros. The truck is equiped with a 500 gal./minute front mount pump. The body has a 500 gal. tank, four storage compartments, hose reel and ladder rack. The truck runs and pumps. There is 9,098 miles on the truck. it is in good condition, the only damage is the windows in the right hand door a cracked. You can e-mail me at

Thank you
Keith Rud
Subject: senate-news(johannessen,press-releases): mojo introduces smog check bill Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:29:39 -0800 (PST) From: Senate-News-Reply@SEN.CA.GOV To: Recipients, of, johannessen, press-releases, messages

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: DEAN A. MCEWEN February 26, 1999 (916) 445-3353

SACRAMENTO: Senator Maurice Johannessen introduced legislation Friday which would eliminate some of the unnecessary smog testing of vehicles with after-market parts.

Currently, California requires vehicles to pass two types of smog check tests: functional as well as the tailpipe test. The bill, SB 1058, streamlines the "visual portion" of the smog inspection by limiting the equipment required to be inspected, thereby eliminating unnecessary inspection. Less time would be spent by motorists and inspectors, fewer burdens would be placed on referees, and less costs would be imposed on the state and consumers by the program.

A car enthusiast himself, Johannessen stated, "Motorists who upgrade their vehicles with after-market parts are often forced to see a referee even though their car may run more efficiently and cleanly. This is a complete waste of time, only benefiting those bureaucracies which this process creates."

Added Johannessen, "If tail-pipe emissions are coming out clean, it shouldn't matter at all what motor parts you have under the hood. This is a good consumer bill that does nothing to harm our air."

For a copy of Senate Bill 1058, contact either Cathy Evans (Legislative Aide) or Dean A. McEwen (Press Secretary) at (916) 445-3353.
Subject: Painting Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:45:40 -0700 From: RLBurk To: Doc

Hi, Dave & Becky,

I've been busy "painting" your favorite Christmas drawing (of mine) so I've neglected writing. Here it is for your page for Christmas '99 if you want to use it. I hope you like it. As predicted, the quilt drove me nuts. My eyes are shot as well as my mind.

Bob is going to San Diego this weekend, Yuma next weekend, and a week or two after that to Oklahoma. He's a busy little bee this time of year.

Our ostrich festival is the second weekend in March. It should be fun. They have races, food, jewelry (my brother and sister-in-law will be selling their shell jewelry), etc.

Hope your weather is treating you well. It's starting to warm up here. I hope summer doesn't get here too soon.

AM (Anna Marie Burk)

Again, Doc Hemp speaking here, Bob & Anna Marie Burk have helped & supported us with this ASC site since it's inception!! Anna Marie is one great artist!!! This is a sneak preview of the 1999 Xmas welcome folks! We all put in these many hours on artwork, the internet, sharing of our hobbies, etc. because we enjoy doing it .... and if some of you there enjoy viewing it here even better.
Subject: New Stude Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 16:17:28 EST From: To:

Hi I am a member of the ASC. I have a 35 Dictator roadster and a recently purchased 21 Light Six touring. I need a glass face for the clock on the 35 and other parts for the 21 Light Six. If any members out there have extra parts, I would like to hear from you. Thanks, steve dillon 203-269-1635 or Becky and Dave, you are doing a great job. I am starting a class on making my own web site next week. I will keep you informed.
Subject: studebaker help Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:00:43 -0800 From: "Steve May" To:

Hello from Canada.
I'm trying to find a modern paint mix substitute for the "Studebaker Blue" color found on teens Studes.(paint chips don't seem to go back that far). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve May. Cumberland Ontario.
Subject: ANTIQUE STUDEBAKER "RADIATOR" Date: Mon, 22 Feb 99 20:18:00 Central Daylight Time From: Clay Northrup To: dochemp



Subject: Studebaker Club Info Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 09:14:28 -0500 From: Jeff To:

I hope I am directing this question to the correct party. If not I apologize, and if possible please direct me. Here goes, about 7 years ago I purchased a coat rack (one of a kind) that has been made out of Studebaker car parts. I was told it was made in the Fort Wayne factory during the 30's. The President and Vice President shared the coat rack between offices. The coat rack has been assembled by axle and bumper guards. It weights over 150 lbs. The appearance is very interesting rather art deco. For the past 7 years I have used it in my personal business. Recently, I sold the business, and I am sure I could sell it to an antique dealer. Yet, I believe a Studebaker enthusiast, would enjoy it more. My question is who shall I contact to give the hall tree a new home. Thank you in advance for your time.
Jeff Freedman
248 626 2480
Subject: Studebaker Indy 500 car infomation Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 19:59:05 -0700 From: John & Debra Peck To:

I am trying to find out some information on the Studebake Indy 500 race cars. My dad was in the 1937 Indy 500 in a Studebaker and came in 10th. My wife is going to paint a picture of the car from old photos we have but all are in black and white. My dad is no longer with us to ask. The Indianapolis Motor speed was only had a few B & W photos. If anyone has information on Studebaker Indy race car # 53 10th place 1937, Driver Louie Tomei, riding mechanic John Peck.
John Peck Jr
Subject: erskine cars Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 23:58:41 +1300 From: David Booth To:

Of course you can join the ASC! I am sure there is also an Erksine Group in the club already & or a seperate club too. some of our best friends live in New Zealand ... David Lane & Sally. They own a late model 1930 President Roadster ... it is one of only 2 left in the world! The other being ours. David's is a special one off body finished in New Zealand & an extremely rare car! Ours is the only Studebaker factory late 30 model left in the world & equally as rare. They are great folks ... be sure to look them up ... am sending this reply to them too.

Am also forwarding your email to the president of the ASC who will know more about your situation.

Will post this in our ASC Reading Room #2 too.

Best of luck with your project ... please send photos of your car = before & after.

Dave (doc) Hemp ..... hmmmn ...... looks like we are all daves here .... a GOOD SIGN!


David Booth wrote:


I am an Englishman who for the time being is living in New Zealand,I have always run Austin 7's but as I now have a family (wife two kids 8 and 10 ) I looked around for something bigger.

I bought and used an Essex (1927),but then by chance had a ride in an Erskine....... The rest is history,The Essex went and Doris (1927 Erskine) arrived!!!!!

I am in the process of restoring her.The paintwork will be finished at the end of the week and then she is off to the upholsterer.

I would really like to change all door handles and winders,as none of them match, could you please Email me dfetails of anyone who may be able to help?


Is there a separate Erskine Club in America,or would I be allowed to join the Studebaker Club?

Thanks for your help

Dave Booth
Subject: Questions on hill holder history Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 17:59:12 -0500 From: "Gary Ash" To:

I am an SDC member, drive a '65 Wagonaire, and am rebuilding a '48 M-5 truck. My father recently told me that my great-uncle Charles Lumley was the inventor of the hill holder and sold the invention to Studebaker. Apparently Lumley had a number of other auto-related inventions, so it may be true. Does anyone in ASC or SDC have info on how the hill holder came to be at Studebaker? How about patent numbers on the devices, so I could trace the patent holder? Anybody ever heard of Charles Lumley of the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area? Incidentally, I tried a search through and came up with lots of references to Subarus having hill holders!!!

I guess it's time for me to join the ASC as well as SDC, since the M-5 qualifies. I'll send a check to the address listed in the web site. You can see my cars at Don't miss test driving the Wagonaire!

Do you know of anyone else (besides Apple Hydraulics) who works on lever-action shocks? I am looking for the small fill caps for my M-5 shocks. Apple wouldn't sell them to me. It seems that some assortment of screwdrivers, chisels, monkey wrenches, and vise grips were used to remove them over the years. I desparately need new caps, but not complete shock rebuilds. Also, I keep seeing various references to what oil to use in these shocks. One month, hydraulic jack oil was the answer; but, the next month jack oil was said to be wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Gary Ash
Walpole, MA
Subject: Another Studebaker finds you! Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 20:02:19 -0600 From: "Richard R. Fox" To:

Barbara and Dick Fox up in Bar Harbor, Maine have been happily doing the Glidden Tours in Dad's 1928 Studebaker. (Dad is Forrest Downing from Canaan and at 88 has several times lately been the oldest driver to complete the tour.) This grand Dictator, model GE is kept in great running condition. If fact, to our embarrassment, we had to turn back with our modern car this year while the '28 kept on rolling. This car now belongs to us but we hope to all be driving it again come summer. Dad is a wealth of information and I think I should pass along some of the questions we found here for his advice. Thanks for bringing together fans from around the world. You can find us at
Subject: Fw: Studebaker ExportThis would not be possible without your help Doc,Thank you
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:36:56 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:

---------- > From: Bob Hoffman > To: > Subject: Studebaker Export > Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 5:41 PM >

> Jan. 27, 1999 >

> Dear Andy: >

> Caught your webpage as I was trolling through the Antique Studebaker Club site. >
> My name is Bob Hoffman. My father was Paul G. Hoffman. During his term as > President of Studebaker, I and my brothers and sisters got to know many of > the officials in that organization. Among them were Dewey & Lottie Smith, > and C. "Scotty" Fletcher. All of them came to our summer home on Lake > Michigan from time to time. >

> I do not presently own a Studebaker. I would like to but I have an > agreement with my wonderful wife that we will not own more rolling stock > than will go in our garages. That includes a 1998 Buick LeSabre for her and > a restored 1965 Olds Cutlass for me. Sad but true. >

> I remember many wonderful cars that Dad would bring home from time to time. > My earliest recollection was of a 1929 4-door sedan that rolled gently on > to it's right side with the whole family in it. It seems that Dad had > gotten the right wheels just off of the road into the soft mud. No one was > hurt. >

> Another car I remember was one specially set up for a pace car at the > Indianapolis speedway of about 1931. It was a dictator convertible with a > black and silver paint job. I believe it was souped up because when Dad > took it out on a back road it would really move! >

> I was especially fond of our 1937 Station wagon. ( Can't remember if it was > a president or dictator) It was shiny black on the metal surfaces. >

> Another interesting note. There are seven of us children, all still living. > When we went to school in the early thirties, Studebaker did not make > station wagons. So Dad brought home a 1931 black president limosine. It > created quite a stir as we all piled out of it in front of school. >

> Enough of my ramblings. I think your interest in the Export Department is > great. I am sorry that I do not have photos and material to send to you. >

> Good luck! >

> Regards, >

> Bob Hoffman
> 2786 Rodman Drive
> Los Osos, Ca 93402
> e-mail:
Subject: studebakers TV dicumentaries Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 20:27:12 +1100 From: "Ian Rowland" To:

Ian Rowland wrote:

Hi Doc!

Many thanks for putting out the feelers about Studes for me following my recent message.

My computer went into meltdown from the responses but I still need a simple response to my original question:

>>>>>This should tell you just a little bit of the interest in Studebakers still left in the world! You could also point any T.V. brass to our official ASC site to read only about 1% of the emails Becky & I receive in our reading rooms!

Has there ever been a TV documentary does on Studebakers?
Is so when and where?
Would there be much interest in another one if I can produce it?

>>>>>You also need to contact our editor of the ASC Review ... Richard T. Quinn .... one of the worlds leading automotive editors .... he would be the one for you to get together with from the get go ... has Studebaker's main interest ahead of his own .... if you know what I mean??? And Becky & I only do & donate all this hobby website stuff & don't really know Jack Sheeiiittt about Studebakers other than owning a gorgeous Roadster! Dick's phone or fax is (708) 479-2658 .. 20026 S. Wolf Rd. Mokena IL 60446.

I need to know these things before I proceed with pitching the idea to TV networks and video distributors.

Although I am not a Studebaker owner, I have soft spot for the cars as my late Dad had one in the 1950's.

I'm not sire what model it was as I was only a kid at the time but it was a huge grey limousine and one of dozens you yanks brought out here for use as staff cars during WW2, (My city of Brisbane was General Macarthur's headquarters and the place from where he launched and directed the Pacific campaign.)

Brisbane was a huge garrison city with up to half a million Yank troops here at any given time.

They outnumbered the total civilian population at times and our troops used to complain out them stealing the girsl.

The famous saying was: The Yanks only have three problems...They are OVERPAID, OVERSEXED...AND BLOODY-WELL OVER HERE!!

Back to Studebakers...

The cars pioneered road transport in both Australia and South Africa and they almost always won gruelling rallies over thousands of miles on almost non-existemt roads in the Outback and Bush. ( I recently showed shots of winning Studes in 1920's rallies and will send a copy of teh completed doco toytou on tape if you would like.)

>>>>>>sure ... just send it to our office address at C. David Hemp DDS Inc. 2315 N Bechelli Ln Redding CA 96002

I was considering as a title for a documentary:

What do you think??

>>>>>>I would only change the COUPES TO ROADSTERS .... the roadsters being convertibles & the coupes closed cars & not considered as valuable as collector pieces .... either one is great however.

Ian Rowland

>>>>>>Say, you aren't related to Keith Rowland over here that is Art Bell's (radio talk show host's) webmaster are you? Kieth's an alright guy ..... but this art bell guy is really wigged out ... hee-hee!

>>>>>>>Thanks for the email again, sorry for the computer meltdown!! The Studebaker response amazes me even to this day .... all the love for these cars from all parts of the world!!!! We bought our Roadster in 1973 from an Automotive Museum ... had to pay 2 x the book value to get it .... the value grew into the car later ... is part of the family ... have turned down amounts way above it's value as it is the only one of 2 of these roadsters left in the world & the other being a one off custom body from the cowl back done in New Zealand ... now owned by David Lane ... you have his email address too .... was a CC sent back with yours. .... he is in your back yard so to speak.

Tailwinds & sunshine,
Dave & Becky Hemp

Subject: Studebakers Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 20:33:48 -0500 From: Larry Schear To:

Hi,Dave -

Heard (of) Art Bell on the radidio tonight, and a search for his website disclosed yours, and the Studebaker dragster link! WOW! I grew up with the damned things (Dad and I went through 7 before they went out of business (I personally sent thee to the junk yard!). Had # 8 until recently ('55 President Speedster, white/yellow, with yellow leather seats) - sold to a local Stude fan who's putting a supercharger (Rootes, of course, not one of those weasley Paxson units) in a '56 Hawk, too. Lot of Studebaker activity in Spring City, Royersford, PA (between Philly and Reading).

Anyhow, thanks for the fine memories; best of luck to those still campaigning Studebalers, including that Avanti (have an XKE that color!).


Larry Schear Twin Cam, Inc.
Subject: Important Notice!!! Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:02:00 -0800 From: Harry Biggins To: "Dave \"DOC\" & Becky Hemp"

This notice is for all bad ass Bikers, ASC, CCCA, HCCA & Packard Club members that frequent the Rocky Mountains,

Montana Grizzly Bear warning!!!...........Be Aware, this is important!!!

In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear conflicts theMontana Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, Hunters, and fisherman to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the field.

We advise that outdoorsman wear noisy little bells on their clothing so as not to startle bears that aren't expecting them. We also advise outdoorsman to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter with a bear.

It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoorsman should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear shit. Black bear shit is smaller and contains lots of berries and squirrel fur. Grizzly bear shit is larger and has little bells in it and smells like pepper.

Have a nice hike!!!!!!

This notice, complements of Smoky Bear.
Subject: Thanks Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:54:36 -0600 From: ford stoecker To: Doc Hemp

Becky and Dave-
I want to thank you for the nice comments on the ASC website about my helping you. Mine is such a small part of what you are doing here. Thanks again.

I also wanted to acknowledge the "visibility report" that you sent. We certainly should be "discoverable" to anyone who wants to find out more about Studebakers.
Thanks again.
Subject: Brain vs. brain Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 09:46:39 -0700 From: RLBurk To: Doc

Hi, Becky,

Here's one for us girls.

A.M. (Anna Marie Burk)

The patient's family gathered to hear what the specialists had to say.

"Things don't look good. The only chance is a brain transplant. This is an experimental procedure. It might work, but the bad news is that brains cost a lot of money.Ē

"Well, how much does a brain cost?" asked the relatives. "For a male brain, $500,000. For a female brain, $200,000."

Some of the younger male relatives tried to look shocked, but all the men nodded because they thought they understood. A few actually smirked.

But the patient's daughter was unsatisfied and asked, "Why the difference in price between male brains and female brains?"

"A standard pricing practice," said the head of the team. "Women's brains have to be marked down because they have been used."
Subject: Looking for a Studebaker Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 10:29:17 -0500 From: "Andra Read" To:

Dear Dave and Becky,

I have a friend who loves classic cars. Currently he is looking for one of the following:
Studebaker Starliner or Starlight - years 1953 - 1954
Studebaker Golden Hawk - years 1956 - 1958
Would you have any info where I might find such treasures?
Please E mail at
Subject: Club info.... Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:11:32 -0600 From: (Ploger, Julie) To:

Was wondering if you club has a division for Stude Pick-ups? I'm currently restoring a 41 & am searching for related T-Shirts, etc... Also, I've been searching with no success for the mag "Turning Wheels", any info would be appreciated. Being in Kansas seems to be a major obstacle!!! Thanks for any help... ...jules
Subject: Your Web page. Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:57:39 -0200 From: Mitch Bennett To:

Lots of fun. Broke a tooth eating a tootsie pop waiting for the page tocome up. But don't worry, I'm from SC so I won't be trying to make an appointment. Found your pages looking for Studebakers. Really like the old cars but my interest has always been in the Hawks.
Thanks for the fun.
Subject: Bring on the letters! Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 19:22:08 -0600 From: ford stoecker To:

Dear Dave and Becky-

Thanks for your comments about me on the website. Mine is such a small role in what you are doing here. I would not call myself a "computer nerd" by any stretch of the imagination, but I have visited around on the internet enough to clearly recognize that the site(s) you maintain are superlative in all aspects. Certainly I ( and I would hope the club members if they offered their collective opinions) thank you for this tremendous effort. I feel sure that it has been the magnet that has pulled in multiple new members this year alone.

I have several people who have volunteered to take messages about specific models, so I don't feel too lonely out here answering the messages you forward. It really has been an eye-opener for me as I read through these letters. So keep the mail coming, Dave and Becky. If I reach saturation, I'll recruit help, otherwise, I will try to keep up.

Best wishes,
Ford Stoecker
Subject: Compliments Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:44:44 -0600 From: "Larry Campbell" To:

Dave and Becky,

Compliments for such a varied website with the music, humor, dental info, and especially the cars! I am also a D.D.S. and I also have some cars, although on a much more humble scale. I have a 1939 Packard coupe that went over Independence Pass in Colorado this past summer on the Americruise. I also have a 1939 Oldsmobile sedan that we took to other Americruises to Peoria, Ill. and Lincoln, Neb. Finally, I have a 1946 Mercury coupe that hasn't been anywhere except to a couple of local (north Texas) car shows. These old cars sure are fun. My wife has always wanted us to get a really old and nice car like the early era ones on your website.
Thanks for the effort to make the site available.
Larry Campbell
Sherman, Texas
Subject: We are new to the Net and "Kids of the Fabulous Fifties also. we enjoy Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 01:25:28 -0600 (CST) From: (Hudson Williams) To:

We are new to the Net and "Kids of the Fabulous Fifties also. we enjoyed your web site. any advice on the best place on the net to see some nice pictures of Antique Cars would be welcome. Your photos are jewels!
Melba and Hudson Williams from Clinton,Ms.
Dear Hudsons,
Thanks for the kind words,
Have you been & seen all of our car sites? antiques, Studebakers, classics, sportcars, etc.? All have photos .... sorry to say ... you will find very few sites like ours that are not financially motivated.
Dave & Becky
Subject: Re: Letter Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 08:43:37 -0500 (EST) From: Stephen Kriss To: dochemp

Folks, this following email is from the fellow that saw we were looking for this Nov 20, 1943 Saturday Evening Post in which there was an article about my Uncle Herb (a B 25 Mitchell Bomber Pilot in the China theater during world war 2 - done just before he & crew were shot down & killed) as posted on our airplane pages out of BAD Chariots .... Steve saw our request for that magazine & contacted us ... he only wanted $10.00 including shipping for it ...... now that may be the going price for these ..... but not that one special date for us!!
We sent him more for finding our wants from the internet for this special magazine!! We do not collect magazines ...... only this special one! Uncle Herb was awarded 4 Purple Hearts, the Air Medal & the Flying Cross. I feel it is my responsibility to live his life for him too .... which he & other Veterans gave up to protect all of us. To enjoy the freedom of this wonderful country & what it has to offer.
Thank you again Stephen Kriss.
Dave Hemp

At 05:02 PM 1/14/99 -0800, you wrote: >Steve, >we really appreciated your contacting us on the magazine .... we felt >you didn't charge enough .... wanted to wait & see if you were for real >with your offer first though and that we actually got the magazine before we sent you some more money .... we are glad you are. We only had >copies of the front & the article before.
Do you have a website we can >link to? Do you do this commercially? If so we will give you a plug >with your address & phone # ... just email it to me again to post. >kindest regards, >Dave & Becky

> Hi Dave and Becky.

I have been selling vintage magazines and paper collectibles part time since 1980. I will be retiring in two years and then will probably have the time to "fool around" with a web site and update it on a routine and timely basis.

I am aware what dealers charge for various vintage magazines and the higher prices for searching and individual covers, etc., and that I can easily receive those prices for my inventory. However, I am not in a full time business with overhead to worry about, and enjoy attempting to find or sell an item at a price that makes one happy and gives me a small profit (which is at present being used to complete a set of Saturday Evening Posts from 1900-1949).

I can be contacted through the above email address or at 30 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10003, should you wish to recommend me.

Once again, thanks for your generosity, concern and good thoughts.

All the best,
Subject: Carlisle Collector Car Events Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 06:43:54 -0800 (PST) From: To: Doc Hemp


Please allow us just a few seconds to introduce the Carlisle Collector Car events to you. Our facilities located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Bloomington-Normal, Illinois offer car enthusiasts a place to shop, sell, buy and show their vehicles. We provide a wide range of events. Some shows are dedicated to a specific market such as trucks, Corvettes and custom compacts, while others cover everything from antique and muscle cars to late model performance vehicles. Our 1999 schedule of events is listed below. For those looking for immediate automotive action we offer an on-line automotive event at: Visit our web site to find interesting articles, a detailed listing and description of events and activities plus a virtual swap meet on-line. Thank you for you time and we hope you will visit us often.

ATLANTIC CITY CONVENTION CENTER Atlantic City, New Jersey Atlantic City Collector Car Event Plus Antiques & Collectibles February 12-14, 1999

INTERSTATE CENTER Bloomington-Normal, Illinois Carlisle Mid-West Collector Car Swap Meet, Show & Corral Spring Mid-West May 21-23, 1999 Fall Mid-West September 10-12, 1999

CARLISLE PA FAIRGROUNDS Carlisle, Pennsylvania - near the intersection of I-81 and the PA Turnpike. Easy drive from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington and all Mid-Atlantic Regions. Come help us celebrate our Silver 25th Anniversary!

Spring Carlisle April 22-25, 1999

Spring Antiques & Collectibles at Carlisle May 7-9, 1999

Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals & Custom Compact Power Jam May 14-16, 1999

Carlisle All-Ford Nationals June 4-6, 1999

Carlisle All-Truck Nationals June 25-27, 1999

Chryslers at Carlisle July 9-11, 1999

Summer Carlisle July 30 - August 1, 1999

Corvettes at Carlisle August 27-29, 1999

Autumn Antiques & Collectibles at Carlisle September 10-12, 1999

Fall Carlisle September 30-October 3, 1999

For more info on all of our events, phone 717-243-7855 or point your browser to
Subject: studabakers! Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 23:20:30 EST From: To:

My husband and i really enjoyed your web site! We just purchased a 1936 studabaker 3 window President coupe. We are having a great time with the car! We went to are 2nd car show and took best of show.
Have a nice day,
Charlie and Hope Berryhill
Subject: Last one for the night, I promise,cross my heart. Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 21:17:43 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Hi Doc,
The snow is getting hi up here, must stay indoors, keep sending you e mail, must learn this computer backwards so I can do it in my sleep, Ha,Ha. Your last fellow on reading room 2 said he bought that Rockne from Africa here is picture of Rocknes being unloaded in Africa.
I'll give you a rest again for a while,
Best Regards,
............................................ Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!

Subject: Not trying to fill your pages up , for your eyes only, enjoy Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 20:49:24 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Hi Mate,
Two pictures save you a lot of space,conv's we never saw over this side of the water. & 31 5th wheel up in my neck of the woods ..Just trying to keep interest up,
You two are doing a wonderful job, Best Regards
Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!

Subject: Thanks for the site! Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 00:34:40 -0800 From: "Joe P Gabele" To:

I live in Lodi, (And no, I am not stuck there) and was surfin' for info on a '46 Champion I am about to aquire. Saw this site and loved every byte of it. (Sorry) Just wanted to say how much I appreciate a good CLEAN site that is well thought out and handy to use. (Good tunes too.)

Joe G. (Future Studie pilot)
As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being nominated with the ICA - Antiques Site of the Year Award.
Good Luck in the 1999 Internet Antiques Awards!

With Friendship,

Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame

Subject: 1933 Studebaker Rockne Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:10:59 -0500 From: (Dewsbery, Steve) Reply-To: To:


I have recently acquired the above vehicle. At present, I know very little about antique cars in general and this vehicle in particular. I have not yet seen the car but have some colour photos of it. I am told that it is in good condition and it runs. It has been in a museum for the last 20 years but they do take it out on runs occasionally. It appears to be a 4 door sedan with a "cloth" roof. It is a right-hand drive vehicle as it has spent most of its life in Africa. As far as I am aware, it is completely original.

I would appreciate it if you could provide me with contacts who can give me any information on this vehicle. I need to assess it's worth to see whether it is viable to import it to North America.

At the same time, I also have acquired a 1926 Chrysler 4 door coupe and I will be searching for the same details on this vehicle.

My return email is
Yours faithfully
Steve Dewsbery
Subject: Thanks! Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 19:44:16 -0500 From: Cletus To:

Thanks for showing me how damm cool bakers (Studebakers) have always been! I'm Keith from Chattanooga TN. Not from here but here now. I just bought a 58 commandor, That I fell in love with! But I had no idea that they had been around that long and had always been so tuff!
Thanks again for the site!
Subject: Studebaker Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 11:44:48 +1200 From: "Daniel Shepherd" Organization: University of Auckland To:

I know a gentleman with a 1929 Model 52 Erskine Six who is keenly looking for other owners to correspond with. He has just fully restored an example (a prize-winner) and has a lot of spare parts and advice.

Correspondence can be addressed to:
John Fowke
64 Weatherly Road
Auckland 1310
New Zealand

Or through me

I sincerely thank you for any actions regarding this request
Subject: Studebaker Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 20:58:31 +0100 From: "Eric van Kerckhoven " To:

dear Doc,

Congratulatios for your beautifull web-site. I am Eric van Kerckhoven and I live in Belgium , Avignonlaan 59 B8310 Brugge Belgium Tel/Fax 011 32 50 354 955. I own 2 Studebakers: one 1924 EK 5 passengers coupe big six . I bought this car in Charlotte NC .... one Avanti R1 1963 without supercharger (still to restore); This one I bought from Weldun Chritcher in Boone NC

There is also a Studebaker club in Europe , only some 90 members ,and I am a member; As actually I am on early retirement ,I hope to have more time to restaure my cars.
I have been member of the ASC in the States for some years , but The magazines were send by surface mal and arrive 2 months late. I am prepared to adhere again if the mailing could be faster by air.Could you inform me about how to pay the menbership from europe ( Mastercard?) and what the supplement is for airmail.
Is it possible to have some room on the ASC site to bring some new from Europe.? What are the conditions? And what for my Avanti membership ? What are the possibilities. Did you know Studebakers were manufactured in B from Belgium from 1937 until 1956 by D'Ieteren company , who are now distributors for Audu, VW , Porsche , Seat and Scoda cars. They have 25% of the Belgian marked ,and still support the European Studebaker club with donations and also technical information.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Subject: Studebakers at Towe Auto Museum Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 07:22:44 -0800 From: "M & J Huston" To:

I thought I would bring you up to date on the latest Studebaker happenings around the Sacramento, CA area. Shawn and I got hit up by a rep from the Towe Auto Museum in Old Sacramento to organize a display of Antique Studebakers for the month of Jan. So, we did. There are 7 lovely old Studebakers on display until we pull them out on Jan 30th. There are as follows: 1928 FA President State sedan - Mark Huston; 1928 GE Dictator Royal Sedan - Ralph Grace; 1929 Dictator GE Sedan - John Walkin; 1929 FC Dictator Truck (was a Royal Sedan before it lost a game of chicken with a Shay Locomotive) owner Mike Gastaldi; 1929 FE President State Touring - Shawn Huston; 1928 FB President Roadster - Jerry Washburn; 1930 Commander FD Roadster - Phil Smith. During the 1928 - 1930 era Studebaker set the greatest number of stock car records and that is what we are emphasizing with our display. If you are in the Sacramento area during January stop by and see the ASC display. The museum is located at 2200 Front Street, Old Sacramento. Adult admission is $6.00. If you want more info contact me. The story about the Shay Locomotive and the Dictator is in the Jan/Feb 1994 Review.
See Ya, Mark Huston

Subject: ASC/SDC member for the list Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 01:34:11 -0800 From: "DePrey, John J" To: "''" CC: "'Mom & Dad'"

Cool webpage! Feel free to put me on your list. I have been in ASC about 10+ years, and have a '37 Coupe Express and a '41 Commander Land Cruiser in work, plus various postwars.

My email address is, yes the lazy B is okay with personal use on own time. I've postponed going online at home until we upgrade, plus this direct connection really spoils you...

Oh yeah, my folks are online too, I was surprised to not see them listed yet! They are definitely more active in ASC (one of the luxuries of retirement). Al and Mary EllenDePrey, ('32 St Regis, '41 Commander and 3 other '41s, and others.)

John DePrey
15021 75th Street NE
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
(425) 334-6735

Subject: 31 roadster Date: Fri, 1 Jan 1999 23:22:55 EST From: To:

Hi Doc
ASC member Charles Petty of Jasper, In, called last week and said he was tired of seeing Richard Studebakers name on his car. He bought it about a year ago. I told him I would let you know. I'm sure he would like to be listed as the proud owner.
Thanks Rex
PS : the web site is looking great.
Text sent to us in capitals will be posted smaller
Subject: 34 STUDE Date: Sat, 2 Jan 99 15:00:29 +1200 From: Geoff Brown To:








CONTACT Email Phone 64+7+533 1818 fax 64+7+533 1819 or browse our web site on
p.s we have not purchased a harley YET

Subject: Studebaker car parts Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 22:49:24 +1300 From: stephanie To:

Dear Dave and Becky
Just a brief query at this stage to get an idea of the value of Studebaker car parts in the U.S.A.
My grandfather owned approx 4 Studebakers-I believe they were 1935-1938 Commander 6's. He was a hoarder of all manner of things including spare parts and I am in the process of sorting out what to do with thems. The selection includes unused gasket sets, water pumps, carbs,headlights,springs etc.
Is there a market for these in the states and what type of price would they bring ?
He died in 1977 and most of the parts etc have been waiting to be liberated and put to good use.

I also have a 1917 Dodge motor complete with gearbox plus 4-5 1920 to 1925 dodge motors( some complete ).

Any information you have would be appreciated.

It may be that the cost of shipping would either be uneconomical or would price the parts off the market.

Looking forward to any info that you can help me with.

Have a happy new year.

Alec Corban
Subject: hi stude lovers,just came into the world of modern tech with a webtv Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 17:49:54 -0800 (PST) From: (Glenn Clapper) To:

from santa.i have a 1954 conestoga wagon i just started working on this year runs perfect your cars are primo. glenn and ginny
studes and blues
Subject: Stude Truck info Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 19:05:39 EST From: To:

HI my name is Bobby I've got an intresting truck and I would like to know how many are left i've only found one other (very poor shape though) i've got a 1945 m-15 28a truck it's all original I am the third owner of the truck I know the son of the man that bought the truck new in '45 he gave me some info on the truck but I would like to know Are there any more????????. Please send me more info on joining the club i',ve seen the ad in Turning Wheels but haven't had a chance to do anything . I look forward to hearing from you
Weaverville N.C,
Subject: No car Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 22:05:22 -0700 From: RLBurk To: Doc

Hi, Dave & Becky,

Here's the Christmas picture for 1998. No new car this year (thank heavens!), so the picture doesn't have one. I've filled it up with critters, though. Hope you like it. It didn't quite fit on my letter-size max scanner, but I'll be sending you one by snail mail anyway.

Bob soloed his airplane today and tonight he's pretty happy with himself. He's going up again tomorrow. As usual, nothing gets done around this house on the weekend unless I do it. Ha!

Have a blessed Christmas and healthy and prosperous New Year.

Anna Marie and Bob

I also want to thank Sharon George for sending these animated lights & angel gifs to us this Xmas in an email.

Subject: The Best Yet Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 13:13:32 -0500 From: (Pattison, John) To:

Great! The best I've found sense I will pass this good news to all my friends, most of them also just love STUEDBAKER.
Subject: Export 35's Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 22:25:36 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Hi Doc,
I know that a few people in are club are probably getting tired of seeing A Hook name on their computer, so tell them to send in some material, and I will stop adding mine for awhile,
I must get those Studebaker people interested in the 1930's ,I need imput ,help.THEY ALWAYS SAY A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS, I'LL SHUT UP .
The picture is from S.M. South Bend, showing a load of 35'S going from U.S.A. to & oversea market
Doc just put the picture in,if it works out
Best Regards to you & Becky
Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!

Andy my Bro!
You just keep those cards & letters coming in!! I for one never knew Studebaker even had an export policy, till I met you over the internet!! It is great .... I will post them all. That is what this reading room is all about ..... your input is really appreciated ..... The biggest problem on internet activitiies is no computer access for most ASC members. And to those with computer access ... sometimes I think the different factions in any club, group, society, country and even families tend to get in the way of the purpose of a group as a whole ..... whether due to real or imaginary persceived slights or petty happenings, and or, jealousies & bruised egos & pride. Leaving many with residual grudges smoldering deep within, just as in (and about as important) as an old pile of leaves. The ASC (like most other clubs in the world) has had some small problelms in the past. Any club or group is no better than it's constituencies temperature as a whole. I know I for one am far from perfect & rub some people the wrong way .... but, difference is what makes individuals individuals. The other decay indicator in a group is it's apathy & non involvement factor. Also, as Richard Quinn says "Jealously is the tribute mediocrity pays to achievers"
Becky & I belong to between 20 - 30 different clubs at any one time & have very little time to tour or meet with any one of them & are involved primarily & many times singularly through our 90 plus websites we do gratis for them.

99.9% of the visitors to these Studebaker pages are not ASC members ..... it is "STUDEBAKER" that brings them back .... not the ASC or me or you or any members in this club. The ASC or SDC could crumble tomorrow .... but Studebaker will be here forever.

P.S. Oh & Andy .... I am dedicating the ASC page 4 to you my friend (and Carolyn) for your involvement in this & your own website.
Thank You from me & the ASC.
Subject: Fw: Mutual interest exporting of your makes of cars Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:53:46 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Andy Hook wrote:

From: John Clement To: Andy Hook Bracewell, Jim Subject: Re: Mutual interest exporting of your makes of cars Date: Friday, December 11, 1998 12:07 PM

In addition to being a NCCA member, I am a National Director for the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. The Hudson Motor Car Company had extensive export activity to Europe, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, and even parts of Africa. One of my older buddies told me the largest Hudson car lot he ever saw was in Nairobi, Kenya! I will get an address for you to contact John O'Halloran who is our Club Historian. He may have some information that could be of use to you, and of course he would be interested in your research. Best of luck and Merry Christmas! John Clement, Big Country Director, HET Club

thanks for the info and Merry Christmas to you too!

-----Original Message-----
From: Bracewell, Jim To: Andy Hook Date: Monday, December 07, 1998 12:12 PM Subject: Re: Mutual interest exporting of your makes of cars

At 10:16 PM 12/6/1998 -0500, you wrote:
Hi Jim & Dorothy,
I'm a Studebaker Historian who is researching the export of cars& trucks to oversea markets during the 1930's,I was just wondering if any of your members might be interested in this part of history, All manufacturer commonally used the same major ports to deliver their product to customers If you would be so kind as to ask at one of your meeting I would be greatful,
I have a website that anyone who might have a common interest might look at to see what I 'M after.

Thank You Very Much,
Best Regards,
Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!
Hi Andy,
Thanks for looking us up.
I checked out your page. Looks great! Nash did a lot of exporting. We have a list of Members-on-line, many in Countries where Nash's were exported to or assembled in. Your interest in the export of American cars could lead to a nice story and I'm sure some of our members could be of help to you in finding material on the subject. I'm passing this on to our on-liners. I hope you hear from many.

Good Luck.

Jim Bracewell
Nash Car Club of America
Glen Ellyn, IL
Subject: Re: Re 34 comm Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 21:44:01 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To: "Doc Hemp"

Hi Doc,

Please find enclosed 2 pictures of 50' long side rail car used to ship cars & trucks during the 30s to seaports. The pictures of the 4 Studebakers are '35, '33, '32 & a '34 left to right. These pictures of his relatives cars were submitted to me by Dick Hulan from Tennessee.
Andy Hook

Subject: Studebaker Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 09:42:50 -0700 From: Donald Price To:

Becky and Doc: What an interesting and fun Web sight you have. I found it as a result of an impulse to find a tastless and uncultured junky old '53 or '54 Studebaker Coupe. Instead I find tastful and erudite stuff.

Nice drawings Becky. I am confused about the beautiful water color you did with NO drawing experience. Did your drawing skills evolve after the water color? As the Fonz might say "heeeyyyy!" Sorry, I need not ask.

Donald Price
Bozeman, Montana
Subject: Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 23:06:28 -0800 From: "malahat auto parts" To:

Hi there my name is jeff montgomery, we have just purchased some land here in canada and it has 5 old studebakers on the property that have been sitting there there for several years you might be interested or know of someone interested in these cars for parts or restoration. these are there seriel #'s
- 63vc1098
- 63sc4752
- 64vc1427
there is another but i cant get the # off of it if you need more of a description let me know
thanks jeff montgomery malahat auto parts 1-250-478-4751
Subject: RE 34 PRES ENGINE Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 22:33:32 -0500 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Hi Doc,

I was very lucky lately on aquiring a 34 Pres engine that had been forgotten about for nearly 40 some years The complete block is not in real go shape,this is where I need some help from other Studebaker people, The spark plugs are broke off nearly flush to the Alum. head,I very much want to safe as much of this engine as possible.My Grandfather told me many, many ,years ago, that you must learn from other peoples mistakes, life is to short to learn from your own.I have had to over the years break loose many a steamfitting, but more care is needed here.Any help in this matter would be greatful excepted.
Best Regards
............................................ Andy Hook Studebaker Nut!!!
Subject: Re: My new web page!! Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 21:13:16 EST From: To:


This is the correct address. Sorry

You all can click right to Bryan's web site from the Studebaker Reading Room #1 where we list all the members on lline with their email addresses & websites.
Subject: Stude Diagrams!! Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:18:12 EST From: To:

Thought I would inform you, also other ASC members that I have available 141 drawings and diagrams for the 21 & 22 Light Six Model EJ,EM Touring Car. I am interested in offering services in my spare time to anyone that may have the original/reprint of the service manual for the car and be interested in having the manual/diagrams available on there PC. This can be invaluable if you are doing restoration work. I am using the diagrams and such to have the ability to zoom in on specific areas, modify specific diagrams and even add various labeling ID's etc. Please post this in one of your reading rooms.
Bryan Brooks ASC Member

I down sized this & saved it as a smaller jpg file so it would download fast as it was over 400K = it is now 26K - Bryan will send these to you in a WIN zip file much larger & clearer - but 3 of these drawings took 10 minutes to down load & each were 1600 pixcels wide - Bryan - you might down size the drawings to at about 800 pixels wide & store as a #6 size jpg file & then zip them up - they would down load twice as fast & could still be exploded & clear upon opening. You really do excellent work though, thankyou for your input - this is just what we need from members - participation.

Subject: 1932 Rockne Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:16:35 EST From: To:

Hi, I'm helping a friend maintain a 1932 Rockne Model 75 coupe. I was hoping someone could identify for me, other Studebakers (and model years) that used that same six cylinder engine.
- I am lead to believe the 1932 Studebaker Dictator, model 36 used that same engine.
This information will help with parts interchangability.
By the way, it is a 2nd owner Texas car, older restoration, smooth driver, and truely delightful.
Thanks for your webb page and interests in Studebakers.
Sincerely, Steve Faletto
are you a member in the antique studebaker club - if not you really need to join - you will get a roster of all the owners & their cars - also the ads in the ASC Review are free - if you don't want to join - contact Dick Quinn the editor from off the page & place an ad in the Review for a small cost.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Re:Love or Hate Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 22:07:18 +1300 From: David Lane To: Dave & Becky Hemp

Gidday Dave,

hows the business of life going. People still wanting to try and say something and you still have your hands in there mouth?? Well I suppose I'm in the same business except some times I put my foot into there mouths. Got to scratch up a living some how, don't we? Hey I loved the cover shot. I am a regular subscriber to Hemmings Mag. It's very popular in New Zealand. Well done.

Hey thanks for putting up the two pictures of our city on the Net. I have sent a number of my friends there and they all say what a great site it is. We are famous, but nobodys contributed any donations to the David & Sallys CA trip yet. The following is a couple of pixs of a very well known 1929 President 8 hybrid that was built by Jack Jeffrey of Sydney Australia during the 1940's for hill climbs and sprint racing. The only modifications that were done was a dual inlet manifold with two Stromberg 100 Carbs. and a Humber 4 speed gear box. It had 12 volts. It has been officially timed at 103.6 MPH over the flying quarter. The body style is based on the popular English bodies of the time and the Lucus P 100 head lamps set the theme of quite well. I would make some room in my garage if they were looking for storage.

hey take care, and we will be in touch soon.

Subject: My 21 Stude Light Six Touring Car!! Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 02:29:28 EST From: To:

Dave /Becky,

My name is Bryan Brooks. I am a member of the ASC. I visit your well developed Stude sight frequently and enjoy it very much. I thought you might like to see the pride and possession I got passed on to me by my grandfather. I plan on doing a full restoration of the car within 2 years, starting in Nov98.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.....

Subject: 1936 2door Dictator sedan Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 00:03:24 -0800 From: Nathan Bradley Organization: Gem State Fertilizing To:

I believe this is a hard to find item, but I need some help. I would like to find a hood ornament. If you know where I can get one please e-mail me at I think your web site is great, keep up the good work.
Thanks a bunch Lee Bradley in Nampa Idaho.

Andy Hooks Neat 34 stude coupe!

Subject: 1929 Erskine coupe Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 21:41:13 -0800 From: "budman4u" To:

Dear Doc & Becky
We had written you before but for some reason no one could reply to sender, so we will try again.

We have just purchased a 1929 Erskine coupe that is in good condition. The car has been in storage for about 46 years in a barn. The past owner said that it was running when he put it away. It does not have alot of body damage, it is missing one running board and the fenders need some work. The engine is intact, the interior is in good shape, the spoke wheels are in great shape and the overall appearance for a car of this age is very good.

We own a 1934 ford 5 window coupe and have only the body and interior work left to do on it, so what we were wondering is do we sell the Studebaker or restore it. We really don't have the room for two cars as such, so I am open for your suggestions and thoughts.

What do you think that this car is valued at?
Thanks Ron & Becky
Subject: 1930 5 Window Coupe Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 10:21:44 -0600 From: "Wayne Ostic" To:

I have a friend in Gatesville, TX who recently bought a 1930 Studebaker 5 window coupe. This car also has wood spoke wheels, and the engine, transmisson, and radiator are with the car. The metal on the car body is in excellent condition. Carroll question concerns whether he should sell the car to a restorer or build a street rod out of the car. If the car is worth enough money he would like to sell it or restore it himself.
Wayne Ostic
Subject: information & your web page Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 12:31:11 EST From: To:

applause . . . I've enjoyed your page for some time. You can tell how many folks have come calling, but you may not get much feedback from your "customers." You guys are doing a great job. I'm a Studebakerless member of both the ASC & SDC and hope to change the "less" part of that in the next year or so. My real dream is to drive an antique Studebaker in the Great American Race in the year 2000. If I don't get on the stick about getting the car it may be a "2001 Space Odyssey." I need some help. I've placed an ad in the Review for the January/February 1999 issue and that may produced the results I seek. Do you know of any websites that offer any hope for me in my quest for finding an old Studebaker? What I'd like to find is an open bodied Big Six or perhaps a closed bodied eight from the early to mid 30's. I would like to find a coupe, mid 30's Land Cruiser or maybe one of the earlier St. Regis style. Looking at finding a number one or two condition vehicle where my concerns could be with taking care of the integrity of the mechanicals rather than having to start from ground zero and redo the entire car. I'm looking for a realistically priced vehicle that I can take on this race and enjoy for many years to come. Any ideas about where to look other than the Review? Any help would be appreciated.
Bill Barber 281-242-7777.
Subject: want music Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 14:45:47 -0500 From: "Bruce Wood" To:

Dave and Becky,
What an incredible site! I like and own Studebakers, you like Studebakers (own any?) - I like steam locos, you like steam locos - I like midi music, you like midi music - I like funny stuff, and boy are you funny! - you are a DDS, oh well I ain't had no teeth for years now but 4 out of 5 ain't bad.

Now if you just play chess and read Tarzan then maybe I am really your long lost relative and don't know it!

When I go back to Ohio next spring ( I'm in Florida for the winter ) I'll send you a picture of my 'daddy bought me a new muscle car for graduation' bustin' 1953 Studebaker. (engine a basically stock '62 289) with Corvette close ratio 4-speed and 4.10 rear end plus 57 Golden Hawk puffer setup.

I like 401 AMC Javelin's too.
Subject: Hi Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 21:35:58 -0500 From: Duane Miller To:

I have enjoyed your Bad Chariots page for several months, Found it through the Antique Studebaker club page. I don't know if you are musicians, or where you doug up all of the synthesizer stuff, BUT IT'S GREAT!
One of these years I will have my '53 Starlight Coupe done (I've owned it since '63). Between doing an SDC chapter newsletter, and work, and VFW, etc. stuff, I don't hardly have time to even visit my dentist (I have a crown job coming up next month & a regular check in Dec.). THANKS AGAIN FOR A GREAT INTERNET SITE!!!
Duane Miller
Subject: Re: A couple of pix's Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 20:56:23 +1300 From: David Lane To: "C. David Hemp DDS"

Hello David & Becky

enclosed please find two attachments of photos of Auckland City.

The one marked "Auckland city to Mt Eden" has been taken looking towards the new Sky Tower and out to Mt Eden in the background. Sally and I live just to the right hand side of the big home half way up the mountain slopes and directly hehind the church spire. It only takes us 4 minutes to drive to the center of the city.

The second one marked "Auckland Harbour" is a general view of our wonderfull harbour and surrounding Islands. The Island to the right on the sky line is called Rangitoto and it was an active volcano only 700 years ago. It's that area that they will sail the Americas Cup Races in 2000. Just recently a fellow called AJ Hacket did a bungy jump off the Sky Tower. A world record jump off an building in the world. 390 metres tall.



David & Sally are ASC Members in Auckland New Zealand! He owns & drives a Studebaker President Roadster like ours. CLICK HERE To see Auckland New Zealand where Dave & Sally live!
Subject: Re 34 Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 21:40:52 -0400 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Hi Doc,
Well Doc, we gave it our best shot , but fell a little short of the mark.Needless to say a little disappointed, but life carries on,And Daisy knows that I was working long & hard hours to get it going.The night of her birthday I was still working till11Pm.All the fenders,running boards, doors were intact , motor running, but it was still not to be, even with the help of George Rohrback, who emailed pictures of linkages on motor days before in my plea for Help.Thanks George, ALAS WE WILL CONTINUE TO WORK AT IT TILL COMPLETED. Many thanks again for your support& well wishes, As soon as I can borrow the digital camera from work I will send a few J peg of project.
Best Regards
Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!
Subject: Re Studebaker's Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 23:11:53 -0400 From: "Andy Hook" To:

Greeting to the both of you,
.......I have been a bad guy , not,keeping in touch with you Doc.,..But it has beentaking all my time trying to get this 34 Comm coupe done for a birthday ride for my mother in law..on her 85 th on Oct 8 of this year,Her name is Daisy, so guess who I would like to take for a spin..around the block,I do not know if I can pull it off,but I will not quit until 7TH OF OCT..POSSIBLY maybe the 8 th, we will wait & see, If I get it close I send you a picture,Wish me luck.
Best Regards, A.H.
Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!
Subject: 28 Studebaker Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 02:04:43 -0700 From: Damon Wicker To:
I'm trying to help my uncle find parts for his 1928 Studebaker. He needs a carborator, and two headlight rings. Also, could you give me any idea what it is worth. It has 15,000 miles on it and is completely original. It's all there! No rust, it was kept in a garage until 1947 and then put in a barn until my uncle bought it several years ago. He also has kept it in the garage. The interior is almost perfect considering it is 70 years old. The car would run if we could find a carb. I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Thank You, Damon Wicker
Subject: 55 Speedster Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 08:49:49 -0700 (PDT) From: (Lou Dapas) To:
Greetings! I would like to purchase a restorable 1955 Studebaker Speedster - preferably one located in Western US.

Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Cordially,
Subject: Studebaker Race Cars Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 08:44:17 -0700 (PDT) From: (Lou Dapas) To:
Greetings! Great Web Site - Thanx for all your dedication and your excellent work.

FYI - ED SNEVA, father of INDY 500 winner TOM SNEVA, raced early 30s Studebaker sedans with powerful late model Stude V8 engines built-up to radical racing standards. Ed was a top competitor and was consistantly in the "Trophy Dash" with these very fast Studes. (I well know having competed against him with my cars)

SNEVA was based in Spokane, WA and ran his cars on the Spokane "Fairgrounds" 5/8s mile dirt track. He would bring these fast Studes over to race with us in all our big championship races which ran on asphalt tracks (Seattle,WA and Portland, Salem and Eugene, OR). We would go to Spokane and compete with his cars in their big championship races.

I have several great pics of my car running side by side with Sneva's car (in trophy dashes, fast heats, main events, etc)

Perhaps it would be of interest to contact Ed (and/or Tom) and invite them to "Join Doc Hemp" on-line and add their stories on this bit of Studebaker history.

I say YOU BET!!! Sounds great! Can you point them to this page & our site - we would love to put their stories here with yours.
Subject: (no subject) Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 21:35:23 -0700 From: nni/ To:
Just found your GREAT web site. (The music is terrific!) Could you please point me in the right direction? I have a 1949 Studabaker pick-up truck I would like to sell and would like some guidance on how to go about selling it as well as a reasonable asking price. I've recently looked in Hemming's but didn't see anything similar on which to base the price. The truck is completely original, in running condition. There is some rust but no holes. Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Lou Pellegrini
625 Elm Ave.
Reading, PA 19605
Phone: 610-929-8324

Subject: I think there is a problem Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 13:48:31 -0700 From: "M & J Huston" To:
Good afternoon Doc,
I was on your ASC web page today and on the page that lists email contacts for ASC members 1 -19, #19 has the "Go now to Studebaker reading room #2" Email's posted as of 8/2/98" and when you click on it you get a blank email message page for "johnh3377@compuserve.comJohn Houghton - UK Member. 1924 Dictator UE" in place of the reading room. Can't get to the new email's. Can you check it out?
Mark Huston
Thanks for the feedback - I forgot to add the "> after the .com in John Houghton's email address - a little thing like that kills everything on the page after it.
Thanks again,
Dave (Doc) Hemp
Subject: SIR, Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 01:18:04 -0500 From: Joe Jenkins To:
Subject: Looking in Arkansas Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 22:36:59 -0500 From: "Clearsprings"
Just found your site and hope someone can point me to a 1957 Gold or Silverhawk to puchase. Also looking for 40's pickup truck. Great site! ANybody sellin?
Contact me at
Subject: UK MEMBERS Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 17:28:37 -0400 From: JOHN HOUGHTON To: ""
Subject: Looking for information Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 19:01:57 EDT From: To:
Hello, my name is Bryce Hinderks and I own a 49 and a 51 3/4 ton Studebaker pickups. I am really hard pressed for finding parts for these trucks. Granted they are only that, seeings how all the emphasis is on the cars that were made. Nonetheless they mean a lot to me and I want to restore them very badly. One problem, I cannot find any resto parts. Do you have any information that can help? It would be greatly appreciated.
Bryce Hinderks
Subject: Interiors by Shannon Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 01:36:54 -0500 From: "Shannon Walters" To:
Shannon wrote :
Nice web site !!
I liked Lanny Jackobson's 1938 Chevy because I have one somewhat like it Attached Photo )
Check out my site ! In Search ( interiors by Shannon or )
I plan to come back when I have more time.

Subject: 1995 Studebaker President Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 15:54:55 PDT From: "Hlynur Johannsson" To:
Hello, my name is Olafur Olafsson and I am from Iceland. I own a 1955 Studebaker President and I need some spare parts. I need a motor and all the chrome parts I can get my hands on. I was wandering if you could help me there, if not could you tell me where I can get the parts. Thank you.
Subject: Congratulations!! Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 21:29:09 -0700 From: "Darren ." Organization: @Home Network To:
My compliments on your site! absolutely GORGEOUS! I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard by the time I got to the third page! The '38 K-5 express brought back memories of my farm-boy childhood, my Father drove one just like it! My only suggestion would be for you to include the later Studes as well as the classics. I'm in the process of {slowly} restoring my '57 GoldenHawk, and although not a classic in the purist sense, it has the lines and character that epitomizes Studebaker. Again; good work!
Thank you for the very kind words! We are glad you enjoyed the site. Our sister site the Studebaker Drivers Club which you can get to from our Cool Links Room from various places off our BAD Chariots Site & the ASC Site have the later model cars you request. Good luck with your restoration.
Doc Hemp
Subject: parts for Studebaker Dictator '29 Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 21:05:39 -0700 From: kerry To:
Hi Becky and Dave,
My name is Jim Taylor. I have recently aquired a 1929 Studebaker Dictator. I am in need of a head for the engine, though. The engine is a straight 8 FC. I was told that the engine of the "President" is similar. If anyone would know of a good source for this part please email me at Thanks!
Subject: 1948 pickup Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 21:19:41 -0500 From: Dave Mackey To:
Hi, I am about to (hopefully)purchase my first Studebaker, a 1948 Pickup truck. hopefully you can direct me as to where I might be able to see a picture of what this truck might have looked like originally. Also if possible where I might find parts for it.As well as any other information about it, I:E engine size, etc.
If possible Canadian sources if you have any.
Thankyou Dave Mackey
Subject: Hello-!! Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 15:19:44, -0500 From: (MR DAVID O'CONNOR) To:
I have a '27 Studebaker Erskine Roadster that i have had in storage since the late 60's. Is there anyone i can contact for parts-and do you have any registered Erskine owners? thanks for any info-Dave
Subject: help! Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 18:24:02 -0600 From: Robert Kleisinger To:
I am not sure if you are able to help me in my search but here goes. I am on the Crossfield Alberta Fire Department and we have our original fire truck all but a piece or two fully restored. It is a 1926 Studebaker "chemical" fire truck. it is an inline 6 and what we figure to be a flathead. the Serial number is 0202. Our problem is the shaft that connects the crank to the generator is missing and no-one knows where it went or for that matter what the spec's are to even make a new one. In addition how would we check the out-put, what is it suppose to be, and where do the wires hook up and go.
I have looked almost everywhere and now I found your site so I ask( almost begging) for help
Any info would be wonderfull
Thanks, Robert Kleisinger
email; phone: (403) 946-3933
Subject: 36 studebaker Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 16:47:26 -0700 From: "covington's" To:
Hi Doc: Last Friday I purchased a 1936 Studebacker Dictator. The car is in pretty fine shape, but I need some information and parts. The oil pan leaks, as do the value covers. The exhaust manifold needs replacing, also. The points look like they are out of adjustment, do you have any idea what the settings should be? I have a parts manual, do I need to have the maintenace manual to get the values clearance, or can you give me that information? Thank you, thank you, our mailing address is Albert Covington 209 Eveningside Drive Chattanooga, TN 37404-5010. Phone is 423-624-9669. Again, THANKS!!!
Subject: 29 President Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 16:32:10 EDT From: To:
Have a chance to acquire a 1929 President 4-door, complete but not running, and in need of much restoration. Am new to these pages...and to Studes...where can I find info on the 29 as far as value and rarity?
Subject: antique studebaker Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 19:52:53 -0600 From: Terri To:
Dear Dave and Becky:
I'm not sure your club includes these kind of antiques... I was willed studebaker running gear. It has 12 spoke wooden wheels and they're quite low, maybe three feet high. My late uncle used the running gear for his bundle wagon during harvest, and as far as we can determine, the running gear came up to Southern Saskatchewan (Western Canada) when my grandparents immigrated from Kansas in the late 1800's.
I would like to restore the running gear and build an authentic wagon box for their conestoga type wagon. Any idea where I can find out information on their wagons and if it's possible to get plans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I told you it was antique...
Sincerely, Terri Mason
Subject: Freewheeling Magazine Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 10:26:54 +0000 From: Barbara Van Gorder Organization: Athena Creative Group To:
Dear Doc Hemp,
I'm trying to find a magazine called Freewheeling Magazine from 1929/1930. Apparently, my boyfriend's father and his grandfather are on the cover posing with a Studebaker. I'd greatly appreciate any ideas on how I might locate such a magazine. Have you ever heard of it?
Thanks in advance . . .
Barbara Van Gorder
Subject: Studebaker Classified Ad Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 23:30:45 EDT From: To:
Hi. Would you please post the following "For Sale" add on the Studebaker web site:
I used to have a 1938 Studebaker State Commander, and I still have a pair of inside headlight lenses (the State Commander and Presidents used both inner and outer headlight lenses.) Best offer. -------------------- Rick Black 5595 Pioneer Road Medford, OR 97501 USA 541 770-9481 voice 541 770-2983 fax
Subject: Sell item Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 11:25:56 -0700 From: "R or I Grace" To:
I've been spending hours on the Studebaker site. I have added my name to the reading room etc. Now I thought someone out there would like to get an original Service Operation Manual for a '39 Champion Model 'G'. We have Studes from '28 to '63, but no '39. It's a 44 page Service operations for use with the Shop manual and in near new condition. Before it gets damaged, I would let it go for $30. Ralph Grace at r-igrace@juno .com
Subject: Studebaker Pickups! Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 04:16:50 -0600 From: Roy Echiverri Organization: ANL-W To: "''"
Dear Dochemp,
Wow, I've finally found something about Studebakers! Specifically, I've been searching for info on Studebaker Pickups, circa 50's and 60's. These are EXTREMELY rare animals, at least in my experience. I've found that you are able to spot one on the street maybe ONCE a year. I'm normally a Chevy pickup man, but the first time I saw one of these pickups, it rendered me speechless. I just don't know what it is about those LINES that just 'do it for me'.

Unfortunately, it's darned near impossible to find ANYTHING about them. Could you please direct me to any sources, individuals, clubs, publications, websites, that specialize in these trucks?

I remember way back in the mid to late 70's, OFF-ROAD magazine did a feature article on two brothers in Missouri who had restored two Studebaker pickups for show. Sadly, I have since misplaced this copy (maybe 20 years ago?). Anyway, that article, coupled with a rare sighting in Hawaii after high school, sealed my interest in these trucks forever. I have come across two working pickups in Utah, and one in Idaho, but that is it!

I'd sure appreciate ANY help you could give me.


Roy V. Echiverri
1307 East 25th Street
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Ph. (208) 524-3332 Home
521-4541 Cellular
533-7325 Work
Subject: Bad link.. Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 23:14:15 -0400 From: George Rohrbach To: "''"
This page takes me nowhere. GO NOW TO STUDEBAKER READING ROOM #2 EMAILS Posted as of 8/2/98
Visit my Web site HIGHSPEED MOTORS, Your local Studebaker Dealer of THE 30's - 40's
George! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! This is just the kind of feedback I need!! Any others of you that ever see anything that doesn't work please let me know. I have created a monster with all these websites & it is only one of our many hobbies, we need some help! Thanks again George!
Doc Hemp
Subject: 1910 studebaker flanders 20 Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 12:52:51 -0500 From: Saul Serrano Espinoza To:
We want any info you have about this car , we need car manual , we want to rebuild the engine and the accessories my email is
Subject: I owe you one, Date: Sun, 2 Aug 1998 10:10:49 -0400 From: "Andy Hook" To:
.....I had to send you one before you thought.that I had forgot about you down there.I just got sent to me from Brooks Brierley [ author of THERE IS NO MISTAKING A PIERCE ARROW] 13 wonderful pages on export imformation in the 30's.I had wrote to him some months ago ,and he was so generous in replying with this imformation.I'm working very hard at present time to finish my 34 comm. coupe .

I'll keep you posted, And I add to the long list, THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS WONDERFUL JOB ON THE WEB.
Best Regards,
A.H....................................... Andy Hook
Studebaker Nut!!!
Subject: studebaker delivery truck Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 07:30:38 -0500 From: HERB & DANA TOALSON To:
Hello Doc,
I'm Herb Toalson, I live in north central Texas, I've come across a 1936 Studebaker delivery truck. It has a flat head 6 cylinder engine, with a front end, from the firewall up, in pretty good shape. It dosen't run, but it looks like most everything is there. The walk-in part of the box, which was made by a company called Highland Manufacturing, I belive in Cincinnati Ohio. There some rust through spots around the rear wheels.
I would like to buy this truck for me and my wife,Dana, to restore. The owner has told me he has had the truck since he had bought the bussiness and it has been park since 1951. He's willing to sell it but will not give a price. He told me to make him an offer and that I wouldn't offend him by the offer.
I have no idea how much this truck would go for. It will take some hard work to restore, but well worth it in my opinion. I had people tell me to offer a couple of hundered for it and others that have said over a thousand. I've come to the conclusion that not to many people around here know to much about Studebaker cars or trucks. Old cars and trucks don't sell for as much around here, like they do on the East and West coasts. Would you have any ideal and mind giving me some input on this truck? I would appreciate any help.
Thank You Herbert & Dana Toalson
Herbert, You can check in Hemmings motor news at your bookstore & see a similar situation for sale .... but I would not think $500 would be too little = you will have more in it than you will be able to sell it for I'm sure .... but it will be a real collectors item!! Don't let it go to waste!! Good luck!
Subject: 1916 Stude 4-cyl Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 18:35:41 EDT From: To:
I have had a 1916 Stude 4-cyl for many years, collected from the best of a bunch of parts cars I bought many years ago. I'll never get to it. Mostly rust-free, with some duplicates. Would like to get this into someone's hands that will do something with it. AndrewOtt@AOL.COM
Subject: Doc Hemp Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:29:56 -0500 From: James To:
hello there, I was wondering if you might be able to help me, or sugest some one that might be able to help me?
I have, well I think I have a 1954 Studabaker Commander 2 door hardtop, well I now what kind of car it is its just the year I am having troubles with.
I have a parts catalog and a few other body catalogs from studebaker and non seem to show the diagrams of my car, there is every other car but mine.
My grandfother bought the car from a car show in 1953 it was suposedly some special showing of this car
The serial No. is 8957453 and iit is Canadian made.
the car is in pretty good shape need some underbody work but other then that it only has 28781 clicks onit and it runs like a dream.
any help you might be able to give me would be great.
Do you know of any places to buy rocker panels? thats all thats stoping me from putting this lady on the road...
thanks again James
Subject: hershey? Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 17:22:31 EDT From: To:
Dear Doc:
I have a 35 Dictator Roadster that I recently purchased. It was a winner in 93 and 97 at Hershey. I would like to show it again but do not know what is involved, i.e. do I have to preregistor, join a club, etc. Could you or someone on the net help me out. I am a member of the SDC and,the antique SDC. The meet is on Columbus Day Weekend. Thanks,
Subject: Wheels for my Studebaker Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 16:00:51 +0200 From: "Lode Meijer" To:
Can anyone give me information about the size and model of the original wheels for my Studebaker Rockne, 1933. After my father bout this car in 1933 he never sold it. It was part of the family. After worldwar 2 the brakes were renewed and the wheels became flat steel ones. Later the engine was taken from a 1949 Studebaker. The car is after the dead of my father complet rebuild. Only now I am searching for suitable wheels for the car. As an accident damaged 2 wheels I have to find 5 new wheels. The car is not completly original but it looks almost new with e renewed engine on 12 volt electric. Please give me information if possible. email or postal.
I found out that there 2 of these cars in Holland. The trach of the other one is lost after a divorce in that particular family.
L.Meijer, Postbus 2633, NL-7301 Apeldoorn.
Subject: 1925 Studebaker Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 22:10:13 -0000 From: "Mary L Poremba" To: Doc Hemp, I own a 1925 Studebaker standard duplex phaeton with 17,000 miles on it. It is in good original condition but it does not like to run in temperatures over 85 degrees. I believe that the problem lies between the vacuum tank and the exhaust manifold. My temporary solution is to hang a bag of ice over the vacuum tank. Can you give me a better solution to my problem? My name is Bernard Poremba My e-mail address is