Meet info for 1999 tour: The ASC has reserved 45 motel rooms & 18 cabins at the River Pines Resort on Hwy 89 in Blairsden, CA. Motel rooms $50 ea. Cabins (1&2 Bdrm.) $60 ea. Call 1-800-696-2551 to make your own reservations by 3/15/99. Adults - $55 ea. Ankle biters (kids) $10. For further info & registration forms please call 530-259-4483. Or write to Ken Porteous - 196 Lake Almanor West Drive, Chester, CA 96020

South West Zone ASC Meet 1998

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The SWZ meet was hosted by Mark Huston. It was a lot of fun! There were 24 cars. As usual we forgot our camera, Mark was kind enough to send me these pics. I only put the large pics on this page that had people in them. We have no goup pics of the cars or people.

Don Derby's 1931 President 4 Seasons Roadster was the car you clicked on to get here. See it again below. We became friends during this tour. He has just finished restoring the car. Absolutely a beautiful job & car! There were many beautiful cars on the tour.

Friday evening some toured out South of Sonora to a country club for dinner.
Saturday every one toured out to James Town's Rail City. The greatest part of the weekend for us as we are in the process of building a 15" gauge steam locomotive at our place. We parked all the cars out on their lawn = a great picture if anyone took one from the train platform. We all got to take a walking tour through only 1 of 2 working steam locomotive roundhouses still functioning in the USA. The train we rode on is the one used in the old T.V. show Petty Coat Junction. They have about 5 Shay engines & many others there & in the area. A must visit place for steam engine buffs!!!!

The group (we got lost) toured over to Studebaker George's (Sherwin Collection) & grave yard. So, Becky & I hung out in down town James Town. It is a wonderful place with tons of antique shops etc. We have a speaker inside our dummy Hit Man Harry who rides in our rumble seat with a wooden Tommy gun & talked to kids, etc that walked up to look at the studebakers. Judge & Mrs. Roy Bean had their 1932 Studebaker bodied by Marmon there too. We then all met back up in Columbia & hung around there for a couple hours. The group had dinner in town there. A fun time was had by all as Judge Bean handed down fines for various humorous infractions. Various awards were given, etc. Read the AS Review for the details & more photos.

Sunday the group held drag races with the old cars. Only, they tried to see who could go the slowest without stopping.
We stayed at the Best Western in Sonora = a nice place to stay with room for a dually with a 26' trailer. The other motel was full as we were late to sign up as usual.
Doc & Becky Hemp

Don Derby's '31 President Roadster!

Shawn Huston's 2 youngest daughters (Sheona on the lft & Seonaid on the rt.) Trying to drive this one away at Studebaker George's. The pic below is from The George Sherwin Collection too. He has hundreds in all types of condition.

Leonard Roman's 41 Commander Sedan

Pete Castongauy's 21 Light Six Touring

Stan Hanenkratt's '31 Commander Brougham

Ken Porteous's '26 Standard Six Duplex Roadster

John Walkin's '29 Dictator Sedan

Liesl Huston dropping the flag in the slow drags Sunday morning Pete Castonguay's light Six Touring on the left & Shawn Huston's '29 FE Touring on the right.

Shawn Huston's '29 FE President Touring loaded with 6 kids & 2 adults during the tour.

Showing off newly rebuilt engine = all matching numbers, '30 Pres

Starting with the upper left to right so on, on down the page we have first -
Ray Pesenti's '22 Light Six Touring, Odd & Greta Justad's '40 Champion
Art Van Dyke's '33 Rockne, Bruce Wheeler's '39 Coupe Express
Jerry Molitor's '41 Pres Land Cruiser, Darrel & Gessie Mae Haye's '37 Dictator 5A
Harlod Hansen's '40 Commander, Rick Peterson's '24 Special Six Roadster
Doc & Becky Hemp's '30 Pres Roadster, Shawn Huston's '29 FE Pres Touring
Hit Man Harry in the rumble seat, Art's '33 Rockne - another view.

Here are some later photos to come in. first we have Judge Roy Bean - aka - Art & Janene Fawcett's 1932 Marmon (Marmons used Studebaker engines). Next we have a group of some of the cars at the train depot & 3rd we have some more at the motel.