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Large G scale Railroad site!

This site features photos of our friends Mel & Dorothy Nethery's Garden Railroad lay out. It also has photos of Larry & Alice Epperson's layout. - we were saddened to hear that Larry has since passed away. 7/28/06 Udate .... Mel and Dorothy have since sold all his G Scale and moved into town since Mel's health has been failing ... I will leave this site here in a tribute to Mel and Larry and hopefully it will be an inspiration to other G Scalers. When finished here visit our local G Scale Group web mastered by Matt Starman The Shasta Garden Rail Road Society

Mon, 7 Apr 1997 23:22:30 -0400 (EDT) wrote:

Dear Doc.... ('Hope that not too informal?) I just received a call from a mutual friend, Dick Bruce. He told me that you had done a little niciety (sp?) about another mutual friend Larry. So here I am...(I generally don't use e-mail, rather I use the phone, and all day long at that.) You know it's hard to believe Larry is done playing with his trains so soon! He was, and is, a great guy! Thanks for his mention......................
Ron Gibson
LGB of America



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Dorothy & Mel Nethery's G scale train traveling over a bridge in their outside garden railroad!

CLICK HERE -FOR A REALLY BIG VIEW! (check the trestle out) - Come back to this one last! It is saved as a huge max jpeg for the REAL train lovers with 21" monitors! You can git your oil changed while this one is downloading! - Hee - hee. - there is one more below that the large view is really needed to show the details!

Below is more of Mel & Dorothy's G scale railroad pictures in the garden. Mel is expanding his railroad now, has an extensive indoor layout too! Has scenes from actual mining sites painted off of photos he took.

Below is photos of Larry & Alice Epperson's outdoor garden G scale railroads! (Larry is a Harley rider! He even has an entire room dedicated to his Harley) Larry's garden railroad is one of the best in the world! Thousands of feet of total track! Hundreds of engines & cars! It is impossible to give the feeling of the quality & size of his outdoor, let alone, his indoor layouts in two different buildings!! Their railroad garden includes, ponds, waterfalls& lake! It has been featured in magazines & TV! The indoor photos are 3 years old and outdated - Larry is getting me current ones inside & an overview of as much of the outside site he can next spring when he moves his buildings, etc back outside!) I also have to say Larry & I hit it off great right from the start like Mel & I did!

If you click on the 6th picture in the following table you will go to a huge - highly detailed photo of that picture just so you can see what many of the garden members detailed areas are like, although maybe not as extensive as Larrys. Kept the detail & size - It will take a while to load = sometimes good things come to those who wait! (doc hemp 3:16)

Below is a few of his indoor layouts from just one of his buildings! & so much more has been done - his wife Alice has since painted entire walls with outdoor mountain scenes, etc.

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