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  • This beautiful 1931 President Model 80 Four Seasons Roadster belongs to Phil Cooper of Casper Wyoming. All of the color cover photos are donated by members in the ASC to offset the cost of the color & extra mailing. We want to thank all of them for this & for being able to see their wonderful Studebakers in color!!

    Above is a photo of a 1931 4 Season Studebaker President Roadster (just a note 9/28/97 - Dupont Registry this month has a car like this with only 30,000 miles on it totally original & unrestored for sale for $139,000 just to give you an idea how valuable these President Roadsters have become!) & a 1943 Stearman, model N2S-3! Used extenstively between 1936 & 1945. One very lucky young man is the current owner of both!!!! His name is Ben Margerum & he lives in Monkton, Maryland. The Studebaker was Ben's 1996 Christmas gift from his father Mike Margerum. Mike had purchased this car over 25years ago from SDC founder Harry Barnes. This photo & text the complements of the Antique Studebaker Club & editor Dick Quinn. (a note from Doc Hemp - Mike Margerum & Dick Quinn have helped me many times over the past 24 years with the documentation, microfilm, etc. of my Late 1930 Studebaker President Roadster of which I am very greatful!)

    The Good, the bad & the ugly (in that order), also known as Dick Quinn (editor of ASC), Bob Van Arsdale & Jim Shoul, await wagon master Mike Margerum's order to "get' em up & move' em out!" A little of rain never slowed down a studebaker!
    I am also dedicating this page 2 of the ASC web site to Dick Quinn who has donated more time than anyone else in the world over the years to making the ASC what it is today!

    Harold Koch poses next to the 1935 President roadster at the car corral at Hershey, Pennsylvania, in October 1996.

    Don Skow's 1925 big 6 Duplex Phaeton - 7 passenger! It is unrestored & in original condition! This car was purchased new by Don's Great Uncle!! Don rode in the rumble seat of our mid 1930 President Roadster with Bob Burk - (last years ASC President extradinaire!!) during the whole tour up in Oregon at the Pacific NW Zone Meet!! Which, by the way, was well organized & a blast with a lot of really great people & 22 Studebakers!

    David and Sally Lanes mid year 1930 Studebaker President Roadster
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