1998 National Antique Studebaker Meet
In Austin, Texas

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Work on this site
by Doc Hemp

Folks .... now let Doc Hemp explain sumptin 2 U!! If'n U'all wanna be able to read the text in these here photos .... I must save them as a higher quality jpeg .... means a longer time to down load.
This is straight out of Dick Quinn's fabulous ASC Review .... so ..... start this download .... go get a cup of Java ..... smack the ankle biters around a little .... when you return this site will be ready 4 U 2 peruse. ..... You can see my ebonics statement in BAD Chariots to understand my lingwenertwistics.
Besides I like making Dick Quinn look good. .... hmmmm ..... just like he makes me look bad. ..... Hee-hee! Having fun is Doc Hemp's first priority. ...... See ..... on these car pages you just look at the pictures & can't stand to read the text .... just the opposite of Play Boy where one just reads the articles & NEVER looks at the pictures. ......... hmmmmmm.

Oh, & 4 U neophytes (that's not a nasty word) these photos will appear fuzzy at first & get clearer when finished downloading ... I hope.

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