Our Passenger Cars

Our passenger car is 17 feet long overall & about 40 inches wide with oak seats ... very roomy & secure ... room for 2 BIG adults per seat. This is a drop frame car & extremely stable!! This passenger car was sketched by me and built by Jay Snavely ... Jay and Jerry Nash are building our caboose next already

Riding at night is the best time ... cool & the huge billowing clouds of steam really show up highlighted by the engine marker lights

Here you can see the beautiful red painted redwood over the finished oak with the chrome screws to highlight everything. Becky & I (Doc Hemp) can't thank Jay Snavely for the work he, Jerry Nash & Mike did building these ... Not to mention the station & water tank they did!! I have never seen better work .... and I am very particular!

Here are pics of the Penberthy Steam Injection System .... it allows the introduction of cold or warm water into the hot & fully pressurized boiler.

Here on your left is our transmission .... forward is Forward .... in the middle like it is shown here it is in Neutral .... and of course pulled back toward the engineer is Reverse. To the right is the throttle .... forward as shown is off .... pulled back makes the engine go .... opens the throttle ..... this engine has no top speed ... that is it would derail &, or, kill you before it would just top out at a high speed. It is a 3/1 ratio ....20 mph on our 15" gauge would be 60 mph on a full sized locomotive.

This is a Steam Turbine Generator for the full sized #16 Steam Locomotive being restored up in Mc Cloud CA right now ... our good friend Bob Mc Millian just restored this for the Mc Cloud Railroad ..... he made all the nec parts himself ... it had not run since the 40's ... Bob is going to test it of our smaller engine as they work at the same steam pressures of 150lbs.

This is a Harley Davidson Head Lamp Visor for over the train light ... as we said .... not to scale .... one original we can ride in and add a little of our own character to.

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To see color and sound movies of this train

Here is the Senator Maurice (my racing buddy) and Mary Ann Johannasen riding in our new passenger car behind our Live Steam Locomotive "Little Bubba" at our home ... We will have a fund raiser maybe here for him next year with train rides. ..... seated near the back J Snavely (who built this car) & wife. ... Conductor is steam team captain, Ray Bennett. The children in the front are Dave Moeller's grandkids & daughter & son-in-law. click on the photo to go to Maurice's site showing him in his Formula Mazda at Laguna Seca

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