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Thanks a ton to Rob our Assembly Professional Son-In-Law who put most of this together for us! Beck and myself helped as much as we could ... unpacking and I helped place the bolts and tighten everything up.

This is a new commercial grade Surrey we purchased from Brian Cinerney The owner of Wheel Fun Rentals ... they have a store in San Francisco and in Ventura .... And rent these down at the Swedish town of Solvang where we first saw them many many years ago. Brian told me he still has his first one he started renting in 1986 or so. These also come with a life time warranty on all parts. And I have to say their Customer Support is Really Really good! Brian told us to call him when it was delivered and he would give us some pointers on the assembly which he did and was needed as the instructions are pretty weak.
Also there was not any good large photos off their website I could save and enlarge ... here my friends I will put some up I took with my Droid and some tips Brian passed on. Assemble from front to back and bottom to top, finger tight only, and then tighten from the bottom up. Tires need to be inflated to 45lbs cold .. ignore the 25lbs on the tire, 25lbs is entirely too soft for sure. Putting the batteries in the rear tail lights is tricky ... very tiny nuts recessed on the back .. hold them in place when you take the screw out to place the included batteries. Set the Brakes up so they just engage enough to hold it while set in park. The long support brace under the front seat shares the long bolt with the middle outside of the seat. Another option not mentioned is a Surrey top with fringes ... ask for it.

Becky has wanted one of these for a long time now .... and we finally got around to getting one.

When you visit Brian's link to his website below tell him that Doc Hemp Sentcha! ...That and $5 will get me a cup of coffee .... (grin)

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