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2009 Chrysler 300C BIG HEMI SRT8

With added Mopar performance upgrades

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All of these photos taken by Doc Hemp .. So ..
Chrysler .. Don't get your tail in a knot.

2/28/10 UPDATE ... I have just posted udated photos of our car at the bottom of this page taken today a few minutes ago with all the black chrome, etc.

In April 2009 Becky and I bought this car with only 2 miles on it. I wouldn't settle for one without 100% of all the available options and our local dealer couldn't find one for us. I found this one in Huntington Beach CA. ... But .. We bought our 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty from our local dealer and had them put on all the Mopar high performance parts bringing our 425 H.P. up to around 475.

I do have to say we got the perfect car so far. Not one item or bulb not working! All electronics, etc. are perfect! The power and handling for this large a sedan is staggering!

I drove identical ones on the Laguna Seca Race track Feb 05/10 with the Chrysler SRT Racing Experience. We drove all the Chrysler SRT models and Becky got to ride along too. All of the drivers I talked to, myself included, all agreed that the 300C was the most neutral in the corners and handled by far the best. Better than the Challenger, Charger or Jeep SRT8. I have posted a few photos below of our day on the track. I was having too much fun to take very many.

Also, I can't say enough about Chrysler's SRT Racing Group. They tour the whole of the USA letting owners of these SRT cars drive identical factory ones on the rack track. And for $500 anyone can register for the experience which is WELL WORTH IT! It is extremely well organized and is a first class crew from stem to stern and is run by the Richard Petty Racing Group! My only complaint is that there was only one Viper SRT10 there only a few got a ride in it ... and .. I was not one of the few .. was thinking of getting one too someday.

Another big point I didn't want to forget .. with the two groups they were running out there ...all these cars were going non stop for 3 hrs in the morning and afternoon and the huge full race Brembo brakes hardly showed any fade whatsoever! And the stock tires gripped much better than anticipated! .. With the 300C I was doing smooth and fully controlled 4 wheel high speed drifts on the fast corners. Oh Lordy .. How much Horse Power Can I Have and Still Go to Heaven?! ... The weather broke with pure sun shine and no wind .. All my hail Mary's paid off!!!!

Becky and I drove this track in the old days in the formula Fords, formula Mazdas and our 1973 Pantera (which we bought new and still have) Porsches, etc. ... All pre 1988 or so at Laguna ... I remember we were running on the last weekend before the track was closed and changed to it's new design. At least they left the wonderful Cork Screw the same!!!! ... It was changed because of Andretti Corner after the old turn #4 where he piled up several race cars.... I ruined 4 tires on a formula Mazda on that corner too when the rev limiter kicked in at the worst possible moment.

On another note .. Always being the independent bad boy in the group .. They also have an old fashioned autocross .. (head to head too) using the Jeep SRT8 .. I can tell you .. I went thru the tight corners with the throttle wide open on the last run ... with all 4 tires burning rubber .. the ESP worked great .. And ..It didn't roll over! .. I knocked a few cones down but had a wonderful time .. didn't win the oven mitt ... but had the most fun!!!!!!! .. And for a 67 yr. old that will be skiing at Mt. Shasta Super Bowl Sunday on the black diamonds .. the adrenalin is still flowing! ... Becky too!!!

The time on the road track is really what's it's all about! Without that it wouldn't even be worth taking off work to go at all. Auto Crosses are important to learn to handle cars but ..... one can be had in any piggly wiggley parking lot on a Sunday.
Although .. I did finish 7th overall in the Autocross .. listed under Carl Hempe on the monitor.

One last note .. the new 2010 Viper has 1000 lbs of down force at 100 mph compared to only 140lbs for the previous ones. And with 600 H.P. it is needed on the track I am told.

3/25/10 Udate .. We were honored to be invited to the VIP Viper Experience at the Race Track in Las Vegas in April ... But ..... If we go anywhere on that date it will be to my 50th high school reunion in New Market, VA.

This is Richard Bontempi ... Richard and I are OLD TIME racers from way back .. Richard owns High Performance House (Viper and Porsche race car builders) ..Richard held the old course record at Laguna Seca in the Porsche 914 class. (email
2431 Spring St. Redwood City, CA 94063

Photos Below of the Blacked out treatment.... Am updating that too
Painter did not know how to do Black Chrome and paint peeling off too.

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