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Ironically the yellow Pantera (Ferrari Beater) also shown above in the upper right hand corner is a a misprint and is a 1973 not a 1972 and is identical, color and all, to our own 1973 Pantera that Beckity and I bought new in Sacramento and we both raced for many years and we still own to this day too. It has been undergoing a major restoration for the past 18 months and is almost done.

This featured car is our (Dave & Becky Hemp's) mid-year 1930 Studebaker President Sport Roadster (which we still have to this day) Shown here in this SIA magazine. It is an original car that we purchased in 1973 out of a museum. It has never been off the frame, still has much of the original maroon paint ... very badly checked but looks great from about 15 feet away :-) ... One of my best friends, Terry Rust and I drove this car cross country in the Great American Race in 1984 and even took first place one day ... Terry was Navigator and I was the lead foot driver! ;-) ...
The color photos were taken in front of Joe Wong's home, another best friend and car nut!

This car is one of only two known left in existence out of only about 4 or 5 ordered and built during the great depression. It was also the first to break the ice being the very first Studebaker ever accepted into the Classic Car Club of America on September 13, 1983. Tom Lester (of Lester Tires) was the one who approached me to present our car to be recognized by the CCCA as a Full Classic ... and .. His Studebaker 1931 Four Season Roadster and all the other Stude Presidents followed shortly there after.

.... This is what's known as a DEAD MAN'S CAR .... As it only changes hands after it's owner goes TOES UP! ;-) .. and his wife sells it for about a $100 bucks ;-)