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It's purpose is to share our (Becky & Dave's) American Dream with all the young people in the world! With young people of all races & cultures. All econimic levels! Becky & I did it together! We did it all on our own the HARD WAY! No money given from anyone, anytime, anywhere! No loans even, or food stamps for college. We needed loans for dental school obviously, but we paid every cent back! Becky & I worked full time through college & dental school 7 days a week! You kids can, within yourselves, achieve anything you dream of, through education (and, or) your unwavering perserverence to your goal!!!! If you do good in college you can earn the right to borrow for graduate school. Also, BE SURE TO PAY IT BACK! SO OTHERS HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY! I think those who don't should lose their credentials!
We also want to get the younger generation interested in these fine machines of our historical heritage!!! ( And Brushing Their Teeth - hee-hee!) ETC.!!!!
Jay Leno established the Fred Duesenberg scholarship at MacPherson College in Kansas which offers a degree in Auto restoration! That's great & we admire him for that! But since Leno & Gates have all the money, we are willing to donate this site & do our small part to keep the hobby alive so Leno's kids will have something to restore. We are trying to get the youth interested in the American Dream! Study Hard! Work Hard! Play Hard! No Drugs! Get High on Life! EXPERIENCE a full life time! Not a shortened drug fogged one!
One need not make a lot of money to be successful & satisfied with one's life! .... but, also on the other hand, to enjoy the fruits of one's honest hard labor with expensive toys or one's use of his leisure time shouldn't be criticized either!
Have a GREAT LIFE! - Dave (doc) & Becky Hemp

"Jealously is the tribute mediocrity pays to achievers"
Richard Quinn?