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One of my racing friends - Senator Maurice Johannessen in his Formula Mazda at Laguna Seca!
Becky & I have known Maurice & Marianne for 28 years. He is not your typical politician! He went into politics as a businessman to try & make a difference! Lower Taxation! Put the incentive to work back in our lives!
He is for all personal rights & freedoms & for people learning to make THEIR OWN WAY in life! Maurice is for the right to keep & bear arms. And is against the mandatory helmet law for individuals over 21.
It was me that gave Maurice his campaign slogan "MAKE WELFARE AS HARD TO GET AS A BUILDING PERMIT!" He also rides a Harley! What more can I say!

Here is Maurice with several of us on our Harleys taken in front of Shasta Dam during a poker run at Big Bike weekend, June 2000 ... (started by Howard Stubblefield) here in Redding CA.

Here is the Senator and Mary Ann riding on our Live Steam Locomotive "Little Bubba" at our home ... We had a very successful fund raiser here for him this past May .. 250 attending, dinner with train rides.
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Subject: senate-news(johannessen,press-releases): mojo introduces smog check bill Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:29:39 -0800 (PST) From: Senate-News-Reply@SEN.CA.GOV To: Doc Hemp -

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: DEAN A. MCEWEN February 26, 1999 (916) 445-3353

SACRAMENTO: Senator Maurice Johannessen introduced legislation Friday which would eliminate some of the unnecessary smog testing of vehicles with after-market parts.

Currently, California requires vehicles to pass two types of smog check tests: functional as well as the tailpipe test. The bill, SB 1058, streamlines the "visual portion" of the smog inspection by limiting the equipment required to be inspected, thereby eliminating unnecessary inspection. Less time would be spent by motorists and inspectors, fewer burdens would be placed on referees, and less costs would be imposed on the state and consumers by the program.

A car enthusiast himself, Johannessen stated, "Motorists who upgrade their vehicles with after-market parts are often forced to see a referee even though their car may run more efficiently and cleanly. This is a complete waste of time, only benefiting those bureaucracies which this process creates."

Added Johannessen, "If tail-pipe emissions are coming out clean, it shouldn't matter at all what motor parts you have under the hood. This is a good consumer bill that does nothing to harm our air."

For a copy of Senate Bill 1058, contact either Cathy Evans (Legislative Aide) or Dean A. McEwen (Press Secretary) at (916) 445-3353.

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