To explain this page ... We have the patient shown below ... Kay ... who for the past many many years has always called me Elvis ... Mostly because of the way I have combed my hair since high school ... And ... recently Becky & I have been faithful to our new religion ... Weight Watchers .... I am now a life member and Becky is close to reaching her goal .... Well ... to make a long story short ... Kay had heard from her very good friend and our office manager, Michele, that I had lost some weight ... so when Becky was calling to confirm Kay's appointment she said "I hear Elvis has lost a lot of weight ... So ... Now I guess he really does think he's Elvis?!!!" ....

So ... Michele and Beck cooked up this joke ... Beck rented this Elvis outfit .... at first I wouldn't have anything to do with it ... but finally gave in and am glad I did .... Everyone really had a lot of fun with this ... I walked up front to bring Kay back for her appointment and in my best Elvis voice said "I hear someone thinks I really am Elvis!" ... We almost had to give her CPR ....

Ironically a patient Glenn Anderson (a professional hot rod photographer) was in the chair getting his teeth cleaned ... He immediately called his friend Don Jellison to bring his Elvis Street Rod by the office too. The first photo is one of his .... Michele Lincoln used my camera to take all the others.
We also went next door to Crusty Rusty's ... And .... his patient now prolly thinks she had a terrible nightmare about an ugly and old Elvis visiting her .. Grin ( ; - >

This one is the one Glenn Anderson took.

Kay and Elvis

Becky and Elvis

"Thank You Very Much!"

Elvis at Crusty Rusty's Office

Elvis and his Cerec Technology?

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