Terry Ehrich - 1941 - 2002
Publisher Hemmings Motor News
Remembered by B.A.D. Chariots

I am dedicating this page to the memory of Terry Ehrich. Terry was the publisher of Hemmings Motor News and made the publication what it is today. But much more than that he ran a mighty commercial enterprise with integrity above all else! These photos and print are taken out of the March 2002 Hemmings, it will take a while to download so please be patient. There is much more in the March 2002 Hemming's issue about this wonderful person, boss, family man, humanitarian, environmentalist, etc. etc.

I was born in Jan 1943, am about one year younger than Terry and feel we grew up with many of the same values in life.
I first had personal contact with Terry Ehrich, I would guess, in 1995 or so when I encouraged Hemmings to make it's presence felt on the internet. That first contact was of the staff Xmas photo I scanned, enhanced and sent in by email with my encouragement and thanks for making Hemmings the "Old Car Bible" that it is. Terry took an immediate liking to "Dandy" our unrestored mid-year 1930 Studebaker President Roadster. My only personal contact with him was through a couple very early supportive emails when Hemmings first went on line. Although Hemmings has been a big part of our life since about 1972.

We have all lost a very honest, caring human being that tried his best to make this world a little better place to live in. Even though our political views may have been di-polar, my respect for this man is most profound!

We must all try and live life as fully as we can day by day and as honest as we can as well ... It is only a blink of an eye before we will all have to face our own individual mortality .. Our time here is so so short. Lets respect and love one another as Terry Ehrich did.

Our deepest sympathies to Terry's family and Hemming's whole close knit Family.
C. David "Doc" and Becky Hemp
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