Studebaker International Meet
Sacramento CA, June 2003

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(Curt Sochocki of South Bend did the artwork for the meet tee shirts)

Photo by ASC Editor Richard Quinn

This Page Dedicated to Monty Montour

Monty saved my derreire on the 1984 Great American Race in Albuquerque N.M. ! It allowed us to finish the race! Monty and his friends worked all night to R& R a broken fan belt pulley on "Dandy" our 1930 (midyear) Studebaker President Roadster. I managed to send Monty a nice letter after the race and then somehow lost his name and number .. Well, lo and behold .. at the national who walks up but Monty Montour and he still had our broken fan belt pulley with him, pictured below. They had to cut two pulleys down and bolt them together to make one that fit .. I have never replaced that pulley, have shown it to everyone. It has many many miles on it now.

Becky and I are sorry we couldn't make it down for the whole week, this was our 10th weekend in a row away from home as it was ... but I did manage to bring "Dandy" our 30 President Roadster down for the Friday Tour to the CHP Academy which was really really great ... Especially since Becky and I are each Life Members of the CHP 11- 99 Foundation! The Foundation provides valuable services to CHP employees in times of distress or need. Including but not limited to scholarships for children of CHP officers killed on duty, etc. If you as a fellow ASC or CCCA member here in CA would like info on becoming a member of the Foundation email me below and I will go over it with you.

Below are some photos I managed to take ... please feel free to add comments and photos of your own ... just email them to me in jpeg format in a small file size if possible or just look up our address in the respective club rosters and send photos that I will scan .. if you want them back .. please send a S.A.S.E. with them. Photos from the SDC and Avanti would be great too! It was really great seeing old friends and meeting a bunch of new ones too! .. Please sign our guest book on the ASC Site.

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New President Fred Stoecker who drove out and back to the meet
(of course he just lives in Sacramento - just kidding)

Super Woman - Organizer - Gay Whittenberg
Was everywhere, for everything, for all the clubs!

Perry and Betty Knopf
They are the ASC members responsible for the CHP Academy tour

It is always a pleasure to meet old friends
Richard Quinn rode shotgun, Bob Burk & Nephew, David DeLuca - rumble seat

Gay Whittenberg and Doc Hemp with "Dandy" our 30 President Roadster
Which was honored with the Chairman's Award from the ASC.

This was the first time we saw Gay Whittenberg sit down all week!

The $20,000 worth of electronics that goes into each CHP vehicle

Becky after getting a ride doing a 360 at 80 mph.

Becky shooting her high score
For our entire 11-99 group on an earlier tour.

Becky and I are each life members of the 11-99 CHP Foundation.

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