Our very first Jim Russell racing school at Laguna Seca in 1985 ...Our Formula Ford group, Becky and Dave kneeling. We all took this class and then many of us moved on to the Formula Mazdas next.

I put this Jim Russell racing event together just for our group, to get us all off the very remote back roads and on the race track after Joe Wong took out 4 fence posts 28 years ago with his GTS Ferrari, trying to follow me in our 1973 Detomase Pantera L thru a negative camber turn. And, Frank Lavolsi barely made it and ripped his steering column loose from his 1979 930 Porsche Turbo Carrera, which is designed to still work when that happens.

Until one starts taking these racing schools and learning on the track with SCCA and other Sports car clubs, etc .. You have NO IDEA HOW LITTLE YOU KNOW!!! Senator Maurice Johannessen from our group actually went professional for a while and came in 3rd one season on the Formula Mazda circuit.
This is why getting our gear head kids started on the right track in the Go Karts, etc. IS SO IMPORTANT .. Speeding otherwise, especially now days with so many vehicles crowding or roads is certain disaster!

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