Full Size Diesel Locomotives

Patients and friends involved with full sized trains

Conductor Justin Laird (First Photos) .. a patient of ours

Engineer & Friend
Archer Livengood

Archer and I were high school buds, he was one year ahead of me. We went to Shenandoah Valley Academy in New Market Virginia. He is pictured here below with his wife Shirley and in his Iron Horse.

Archer and I have gotten reaquainted these past 2 years thru our Shenandoah reunions ..... and now that he has given me one of his 4 cup BIG BUBBA coffee mugs to lug around with us on our 1 hour walk every morning we are reminded of his mug every time I take a sip ... ( ; > ) >

This is the reason they hired Arch in the first place (grin) .....
If they derailed he would just lift it back on the track!

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