1930 Studebaker President Roadster
Drawing by Bill Ulch
This 1930 FH Studebaker President Roadster is the last example of its vintage known to be in existence. The car was built in late 1930. It has a 125 inch wheelbase and a 336 cu. in. straight 8 engine that delivers 115 horsepower. In 1929 a Studebaker Roadster, similar to this one was the official Indianapolis 500 pace car.
Some interesting features and options:
    • Port and starboard "navigation lights" on the running boards
    • Port and starboard "gem reflectors" on the headlights
    • Sidemount spares, a rare $60 factory option
    • Custom paint: the car was delivered primed but unpainted to the dealer, who would have it painted any color for $75