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Below is the Steam Train Becky & I just rode 2 weeks ago! 6/98 - it is the one that was used in the old T.V. show Petticoat Junction. We also took the walking tour through their 1 of 2 working round houses left in the USA! They have a 100 ton Shay & about 4 other Shays too! They use & maintain the old Steam powered machine shop with all the belts going over head to one huge belt running everything on top. They are located at Rail Town in James Town - very near Sonora CA. The whole area is worth a full weekend folks!

Two local Steam Engine trips you must try! The first is the Blue Goose in Yreka CA (next to Oregon on Interstate 5)= a 3 hr trip = leaves at 10 Am Wed through Sunday & a dinner train ride on Saturdays 5:30 pm Aug 8 & Oct 3 = only ones left in 1998. 1 (800) 973-5277 .... And The Blue Goose Website .. Just purchased and being refurbished by a wealthy gent (out of Colorado) I think ... Thank you sir! It is people like this that have a sense and responsibility to history that keep live steam available for future generations!! Please support these trains .. the Blue Goose and the McCloud Railroad both! It is the least you as a passenger can do to preserve history yourself! It is the passengers that make or break these endeavors! Believe me folks ... these hobbiests could invest their money elsewhere for a greater return if it was just the love of money they had, ... like 99% of the rest of the world would do.

The second is the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train and Steam Train out of McCloud CA. McCloud is a wonderful little town about 10 miles East of the town of Mt Shasta just off Interstate 5 ... Contact at 1 (800) 733- 2141 or (530) 964-2142 and www.shastasunset.com
They have steam train rides on special days and the diesel dinner trains on weekends. We took our entire office staff and families on the dinner train a couple of years ago. The food and ride are really first class!

The Skunk Train is an awsome 3 hr ride by Steam & all day to Willits & back by diesel. It goes through the Redwood wilderness. The Skunk Train also has a great entertainer on board! Greg Schindel! Been with them 8 years. He keeps the kids & adults entertained while waiting for the train to depart, etc.

Roaring Camp Steam Locomotives! A great train ride! Becky & I just recently took this one! At 8 % grades up through the Redwoods this is a must when you are in CA. From the Santa Cruz Boardwalk .. Park and take the Diesel train 10 miles or so to Roaring Camp (an old lumber camp). Here you transfer to one of the 2 Steam Locomotive Shay's. One a 2 truck and one a 3 truck. One hell of a rush for live steam nuts!!!!! No Diesel subs here, up into the mountains. ... Tell em Doc Hemp Sencha! Pictures to follow when I can find em.

Engineer your own Locomotives
at the Portola Rail Museum