The 3 Horse Power Gas Speeder
We used building the 1st phase of
Our B.A.D. Great Northern Railway

Above see our son-in-law Rob (married to our daughter Kathy) & our grandson Bryan - (Bubba) .. by way of our son Kevin & his wife Yolonda on our 3 hp speeder we built our layout with ... hauled gravel with it for ballast. This was taken this past Xmas - 12/98

Below is a couple photos taken of us on the speeder by Tom Osky a couple of months ago - I use it to haul the road base for the ballast on the track. The speeder has a 3 hp motor with a fully variable trany out of a WW2 tank. It pulls a heavy load very well!

This picture is very special to me and Becky ... shown is Everet "Del" Rhea, he was a friend and a patient of ours for over 25 years.
He lived, ate, and breathed the Shasta jazz festival ... volunteered every year it has been on ... he was a member of the River City Jazz Association. We are sorry to have to announce he passed away a couple of weeks ago. Del is the one shown behind his brother and next to Becky. This picture was taken on our little gas speeder on our hobby railroad at our home.
We will all miss you Del!
Dave, Becky and all your hundreds of friends!

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