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Sous le ciel de Paris
(Under Paris Skies)
Edith Piaf
(Accordion Man - Andy Bakke)

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This is a shot of the Arch of Triumph taken from the top of the
Eiffel Tower zoomed in with our new Sony CD Digital Camera

Top .. Left to Right .. Claude Figoni, Becky, Jacques, Doc Hemp, Father Raymond ... all at the wonderful Delehaye Banquet.
Middle ... Doc Hemp enjoying his Stoogie after giving Jacques the bill! (grin) .... Actually Becky & I and Jacques brother were guests of Jacques this evening at their favorite Paris Restaurant.
Bottom .... Jacques, Becky, Father Raymond & the gracious local French restaurant owners and friends of Jacques and Raymond. This is a local favorite and we saw no other tourists in the 3 - 4 hrs we were there

Jacques giving Glenn Mounger (Click here) ... (Chairman of Pebble Beach Concours) one of the new car posters Robert made for Jacques of Jacques 1937 Figoni Falashi #676 Delahaye (Click here) That won "Best of Show" last August 2000 at Pebble Beach. In fact it is my framed and signed poster given to me by Robert that is Pictured here above on the wall that Robert is going to mail to me since we were not able to carry it on the plane ... (Update .. 9/12/10 .. am still waiting for Robert to mail this to us ... grin)

Jacques and his brother Father Raymond
(a Catholic Priest, served 40 years in Africa) .... Hey that makes a great riddle! How can a person be your Father and your Brother at the same time? .... Jacques took Raymond, Becky and myself to their favorite local French restaurant .... it was a wonderful 4 hr experience! The best food we have ever tasted in our lives!

1910 Mercedes

Russ Duclos checking out the special scooter

Our favorite Renault prototype

It was a pleasure to meet Stephane Poux (President of the De Tomaso Club De Fance) while at Retromobile where he was maning the De Tomaso Booth .... Especially since Becky and I own a 1973 Pantera L (click here) we bought new in Sacramento. My camera disk failed just then, so no other pictures than the one above ... the middle top is the prototype of the newest Pantera due out in 2002. It will cost $160,000 U.S. dollars. The one on the upper left is the one Stephane drives daily, I saw it parked out front here today.

This web site brought to you by "BLACKIE" ... Our 1933 Packard Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton ... (Click "Blackie" or the above Photo)

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