Ashland Oregon
Jacksonville Oregon
2002 PNW Region's CARavan
Friday & Saturday, June 28 & 29

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We left Eureka very very early again .... I wanted to stop in at Mr. Goodwrench and have an on/off switch for our electric fuel pump added. This was Al's Road! ... There is always one day and one route that's Al's .. and he did a phenomenal job .. The weather was unseasonably cool thank goodness with all the uphills. The trip along the Klamath is breath taking ... lunch was at Happy Camp.
One of the Cords lost a front wheel on that steep & twisty road, but luckily it happened right where there was a turn out ... no one was hurt .. the driver did a fine job of controlling the car. And, the axle may have been cracked the night before when he hit a curb very hard.

We went on to Medford to have Mr. Goodwrench put our electric fuel pump switch in. We then checked into the Ashland Hills Inn.

We had the whole day Saturday to ourselves to roam around .. Most of us went to Jacksonville about 20 miles away, etc. Ugo and Sandra followed us into Jacksonville as we have been there many times before. Ugo got to taste the great Fountain of Youth (Lithia Water) at the fountain in Ashland ... Grin .. Is real bitter but he went back for seconds.

That evening the buses picked everyone up and took them to the world renowned Ashland Shakespearean Theater for a stimulating play in the out door theater. Becky & I had already seen this play when Shakespeare was but a mere boy ... so we declined this time (grin)

One very interesting coincidence is that our Boo - Boo - Burgie award has an Edsel Grill on it . This award is a fun thing that the holder must fly on his car the next day. It is for those who mess up or do something not so smart. Well ....... You guessed it ... sharing the hotel with us was the Edsel Club! .. No fooling ... (now if you love Edsels like I do, please don't send me hate mail - grin)

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