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June 24, 25 - Monday/Tuesday
Eugene to Gold Beach Oregon
Ride the Mail Boats up the Rouge River
2002 Pacific Northwest CARavan Tour

Everyone's favorite person on the tour ... Tom Moretti out of Inverness, IL.
Taken across from the Lord Bennett Restaurant

Becky & I left rather early in the morning ... Stopped at the little town of Lorane where they had a sign out front ... "Studebaker Rules" (wonder how that got there? - grin) ... shortly after that we pulled into the King Estate Winery to take a look around. A few miles further along the Umpqua River Highway we took a nut or large rock (from the wheel of a lumber truck coming at us) in our left front head light taking out the lense. Luckily it missed the very rare oval center bar light ... as we say at the track ... "Hey, That's Racing".
We stopped next at the Elk Preserve along the Umpqua River

In Winchester Bay we also took the Umpqua Light House loop off hwy 101. We then stopped at Coos Bay OregonWhere Becky did some antique shopping. Next we stopped in at the Bandon Dunes Golf Course ... patterned after Scotlands links courses. We then stopped a little above Gold Beach to get a photo of "Dandy" and us with the ocean in the back ground. In the North part of Bandon we stopped at the Bandon Cheese Factory (a must visit place) for some Curds. For lunch we all stopped at the Lord Bennett Restaurant in Bandon also, over looking our favorite section of beach, where Becky & I have often rented cabins.

On the long uphills and at over 55 mph we were pushing non heated water out around the radiator cap .... Barry Keating (and Becky Keating) of Salt Lake City UT made us a new radiator cap seal (out of some new space age material) when we arrived at Gold Beach OR that afternoon. Ernie Crutcher also told us we were sucking air around our graphite packing gland faster than our hearts could pump canal water .. which also forces the water out the top of the radiator cap or the overflow too. I had recently placed new graphite packing .... So we tighten that up some more too. Between the two, it worked just fine after that!

Early in the afternoon we pulled into Jot's Resort in Gold Beach Oregon. That evening we enjoyed a LEISURELY BBQ outside.

On Tuesday we spent the day riding the Mail Boats up the Rouge River .. a highlight of the entire trip. Even though we have done this trip several times before we never get tired of it! We saw Bald Eagles, Osprey, Beaver, Otters, Cranes, many other birds, Deer of course, Salmon. We all got refreshingly wet in the white water ... had a great lunch in Agnes. A great time was had by all! In fact the entire tour was over way too fast! Great folks! Great Cars! Great Roads! Great Planning! Again, Many Many thanks to Al and crew for putting on the "Creme De La Creme" of all CCCA tours!

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