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Welcome 1937 and Older Classics
June 22, 23, - Saturday & Sunday
Eugene Oregon - Valley River Inn
2002 Pacific Northwest CARavan Tour

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Pictured below is Ed and Pam Rittenhouse's 1933 Packard 1004 Sport Phaeton dual cowl. Becky and I own the brother "Blackie" to this car. There are only 3 of these left in existence.
Ed did run out of gas on the way down .. Ask him about it (grin). He and Pam drove this car from Washington to Eugene on Saturday. I have to admire all of these folks that walk the walk with these magnificent Classics and don't just talk the talk from the back of their car trailers at shows!

About 1/2 of us showed up on Saturday .. Many of us drove our Classics all or part of the way like we did.
As I said on the cover page, The River Valley Inn is situated on one of the most beautiful river trails in the USA! Becky rented us bicycles which we rode around the loop several times! The river trail crosses the river in several places ... We will lead this page off with photos along this river trail and the magnificent rose gardens reminiscent of Buchart Gardens and the largest and oldest black cherry tree in the world!

Below are more of the Cars
And folks from Saturday and Sunday

I don't need a horn ...
With my deep Bob Reverman (radio announcer's voice)
I just go BEEP BEEP! (GRIN!)

Ranger Ron and Gale Doss's rare 1937 Packard 12 cylinder ... (Another of our favorite cars) ... This car has a most interesting history.
Gail is doing the article in the national magazine about the tour .. Please look for it .... They are wonderful folks and we are proud that they are our friends. Ron is the one that told me to beat hell out of my carburetor with a BIG screw driver to clear out the needle seat and Ernie Crutcher is the one that told me how to remove a BIG screw driver from the side of our carburetor (grin) ... Actually ... the first thing to do is to tap (gently) on the carb like Ron told me to do.
Ron is one of the all around most knowledgeable Classic Car people in the world (he gave me his desert to say that)

Now ... don't tell anyone Don, that we hit
that little old lady carrying the black purse
(check out the Rt. front fender - grin)

Finders Keepers (grin)

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