"Blackie" At The
Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance

This is my original very 1st Pebble Beach Site I put up before I organized it and broke it down into it's seperate parts and tried to dignifiy it a little bit ... I just ran across it again after 7 years ... Shows a little of everything on one page. I guess I will leave it as an archive .. but man ..I can't believe how corny I was when I did this .. please forgive me!

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Background painting by
world renowned Barry Rowe (c)

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"Blackie .... Chairman of the Board"
A real cool 1933 Packard Sport Phaeton dual cowl

Invites you to listen to his story about being invited to Pebble Beach 1999 and his 50 mile tour with 90 other classic cars on Thursday Aug 26 .... and the Concours d' Elegance on Sunday the 29th. Also his comments on his article in Special Interest Autos by Hemmings Motor News that came out 2 days AFTER the Pebble Beach Concours.

Blackie scored a 99 I was told at Pebble Beach Aug 1999 with only an incidental mark down in the engine compartment in part due to the fact that I won't re-enamelize the exhaust manifold which fades quickly anyway! The enamelization fades after the first 100 miles! And when delivered new by the dealer, after test drives and tune up, it was already burned off anyway! "Blackie" was honored to be one of the few Packards invited to Pebble Beach for Packard's 100th Birthday!

Blackie's year 2000 Donation to Pebble Beach's 50th Anniversary Program (Click on the highlighted text Sherlock)

Okay, Okay, enough of the cutsie pie stuff youse guys! Dis is Blackie speakin .... So's LISTEN UP! Finally after all deze years I finally got to Pebble Beach! Doc & I decided to do the tour & show only to see what shape he had gotten me back into ... which is GREAT!!!!

Being invited to Pebble Beach is heaven to us cars you know! And I WASN'T DISAPPOINTED! I wuz put in the Dietrich Design Class by J. because he felt I am a Packard built car using an earlier Dietrich design - Click Here to see Bill Dobson's thoughts about this in the Pebble Beach Program.

Anyways .... David Kane got me a 1st in Class at Meadow Brook .... and he did dis without tearin my 21,000 mile frame all apart! Dat was good & I tank him for dat! Doc tanks him too as Doc likes original cars much better! Kanes one of doc's & my heros .... Heard him tell doc that tradin me for dat Duesenberg was the biggest mistake of his life. Well DAH! (I mean .... dares only a handfull of us Great Lookin Packard dual cowl Sport Phaetons around .... heck ... at Pebble & Blackhawk dare was more Duesys than Ford Pickups at da cowboy bar in Jackson Hole Wyoming!).

Ron Doss also got me wins at the National Grand Classic & the Port Gardner Concours last year. Ron named me Blackie, a great gangster like name ... I like it .... but ... he traded me for Betty Davis's ride .... geeesh! Big Al would be mortified! I hear Ron now wears PINK socks too. Hee-hee! Anyways ... so now I picked Doc Hemp for my owner ... a tough cookie for a candy assed dentist .... rides Harleys, races cars, etc. Drives a big live Steam locomotive around his place .... Big Al & Frank (as in Sinatra) would like dis guy! Doc gave me the rest of my name "Chairman of the Board" cause he says I have the Sinatra attitude & look about me.
Doc worked on me all summer for Pebble Beach (not to win there ... just to keep me up to past show standards of 98.5 points) ... new front spring covers, straightened hood corners & horn covers, stone dings filled in, buffed out along with all scratches, a little repaint, some new striping, 100 pt trunk with all original Packard suit cases, etc. etc. I now feel as good as I ever have in my entire existence! Life is Great!

I wants to tank Arch Brown (a world class automotive writer .... does a lot better than this candyass doc hemp huh?) and Bud Juneau for his fantastic photos in Hemmings Special Interest Autos article that came out juss 2 days ( on Tuesday) after Pebble Beach) Great article & Pics guys .... you done Blackie good! ... You can tell they have a new young buck (Newer sport cars only) for an editor though .... geeze .... put a Corvette on da cover instead of Blackie? .... I will have a talk with the Don's ride about him. Spats .... the flashy mid 1930 Studebaker President Sport Roadster in doc's garage with me even got his mug on the cover of Special Interest Autos - 10/1990 .... you can check him out from here too.

Well, time for a few photos, Hopes youse all get a little fun out of our pages ....

For a little history on myself just go to My History Page

We rolled into Pebble Beach Wednesday afternoon about 2 PM. Doc parked us in the Polo Field ... a dusty little place but quiet & lots of room for all of us. I told doc I was the best car he ever had & probably ever will have! (you should see what I have to put up with in his garage) .... That this was is his only shot at a Pebble Beach invite tanks to ole Blackie .... so's let's just have FUN!

Doc registered for the tour wearing his fake ugly twisted decayed teeth with one silver cap & a Harley hat with long hair hanging down & sun glasses with piece symbols in them .... honest ... he walked up & said .... "I think folks here at Pebble Beach just take themselves too seriously don't you?" One of the wonderful volunteers gave him a great big hug just to try & make him feel welcome (really!) this was totally unexpected .... wish he had gotten her name ...... maybe if I can sell this Packard (joking of course) down here I can get my teeth fixed. After about 10 - 15 minutes when he finally took is teeth out & hat off there was roar of laughter so loud you could hear it clear up to the lodge (and a collective sigh of relief from more than a few I might add) ... Hee-hee!

Tour artwork by Ken Ebberts (c)
We wore these around our necks

Lining up at the Polo Grounds where doc registered as Dr. Hyde!
The Pilot Ray Driving lights turn with the wheels.

Doc, Becky, their daughter kathy & Rob ... son-in-law extraordinaire

Here is Hans .... a cool 1932 Horch..
His owner Fritz Gechter is cleaning him up.

Rob Delker our great son-in-law

Becky & I are dedicating this photo in front of the lodge of Blackie & us to you our wonderful friends that made this a world class event for so many people and raised many thousands for charity at the same time! And for putting up with all ole doc Hemp's shenanigans! Thank you Sandra Kasky (and daughter .... Becky thanks you for the bouquet of flowers!) Leslie MacMillian, Lynn Morris, J Heuman, Glenn Mounger, Ed Gilbertson (co-chair, Ferraris, Harleys - no startch in this guys underwear!) and all the volunteers I frightened to death with my terrible fake teeth, wig, hat & glasses at registration. We also join in with the rest of the world in our sympathies with all of you, Dolores & Jules in the passing of Lorin & Sally. We also want to thank our new friends Jacques & Betty Harguindeguy for all their great support.

The wooden picnic basket filled with champagne, cheese, bread, crackers, etc.
Given to all of us by Mercedes ... It was wonderful as is their cars of which we have a Gemballa & an AMG. Also shown the great Packard leather Pebble Beach Jacket honoring Packard's 100th year.


The Polo Grounds & the Rolls Royce Tent

Concours Co-Chairman, Jules (J) Hueman & one of our favorite (Packard nut) actors, Edward Herrmann (click here) fighting for a picture with ole Doc Hemp & Blacky - hee-hee .... Edward has a beautifully restored 1936 Packard ... he rode in the rumbleseat of a 1934 Dietrich 12 Convertible Roadster in front of us on the 50 mile tour. Oh ... and Edward, Sandra Kasky, J & Glenn Mounger ... PLEASE send us copies of those pics you took of all of us with Blackie
Thanks, Dave, Becky & Blackie.

Upper left ... Anna Wong & Linda McCracken at the Rolls Royce Pavillion. Joe & Anna Wong of ... Marie Calendars, Applebees, Logan's, Burgerkings, etc .. throughout N CA & Oregon, have been very close personal friends (and patients) of ours for over 28 yrs. We were all guests of Joe & Anna's at the Rolls Royce Club on Saturday .. (a good story there too ...)
Upper right .... Becky & Kathy
Lower left Linda (inside) & Ralph McCracken ... Vice Pres. of all Logan's Steak Houses and new friends of ours ... Harley riders & also A PLEASURE to be around!
Lower Right .. Rob & Kathy Delker .... Rob is our WONDERFUL son-in-law .... it's like we put our order into God & he delivered big time folks! Rob & I worked 18 hrs cleaning the car after the tour ... couldn't have done it without him! Rob is a perfusionist on the heart team at Mercy & Shasta Regional Hospital in our town. Of course ... we can't say enough about our sweet little (school teacher) Kathy either!

The Polo Grounds

The Boys ... Left to right ... Tom Crook, Ron Doss & Tom Moretti from chicago, they are mainly all Packard guys! Tom Crook Sold Blackie to us, he deals in Classic Cars, and with a name like Crook he has to be honest ... Hee-hee! .... Give him a call at (253) 941-3454 .... don't let his hungry mountain lion look scare you ... but ... he smiles only when you give him the check! Hee-hee!

Becky & me .... Blacky ready for the tour

Also, many thanks to Robert Talbott Shirts & Handsewn Neckwear for these Packard ties they gave each Packard entrant

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