"Blackie" At The
Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance

"Blackie .... Chairman of the Board"
A real cool 1933 Packard 1004 Super 8 Sport Phaeton dual cowl

Invites you to listen to his story about being invited to Pebble Beach 1999 and his 50 mile tour with 90 other classic cars on Thursday Aug 26 .... and the Concours d' Elegance on Sunday the 29th. Also, you can read Arch Brown's in his article in Special Interest Autos by Hemmings Motor News that came out 2 days AFTER the Pebble Beach Concours.

Pebble Beach had "Blackie" in the Dietrich Class because these 1933 Super 8 Packard Dual Cowl Sport Phaetons were Packard custom built cars but Dietrich designed - Click Here to see Bill Dobson's thoughts about this in the Pebble Beach Program.

David Kane and Ron Doss were previous owners (Need I say more?)


Also, many thanks to Robert Talbott Shirts & Handsewn Neckwear for these Packard ties they gave each Packard entrant ... They have them for sale at all fashionable men's stores.

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