"Blackie" At The
Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance

The Polo Grounds

The Boys ... Left to right ... Tom Crook, Ron Doss & Tom Moretti from chicago, they are mainly all Packard guys! Tom Crook Sold Blackie to us for Ron Doss. He deals in Classic Cars, and with a name like Crook he has to be honest ... Hee-hee! .... Give him a call at (253) 941-3454 .... don't let his hungry mountain lion look scare you ... but ... he smiles only when you give him the check! Hee-hee!

Becky & Blackie

The wooden picnic basket filled with champagne, cheese, bread, crackers, etc.
Given to all of us by Mercedes ... It was wonderful as is their cars of which we have a Gemballa & an AMG.
Also shown the great Packard leather Pebble Beach Jacket honoring Packard's 100th year. We took this one last photo in the sun before loading up Monday afternoon ... we hung around as long as we could ... it was such a wonderful experience ... you are a winner at Pebble Beach whether you are an entrant or a spectator!

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