"Blackie" At The
Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance
50 mile tour

We took off ... was raining, cold, muddy, but we were the few .... the tough ... the rugged ... the unafraid of touring at the expense of a bruised ego by missing out on a ribbon Sunday. Going for a great ride with the Creme de la Creme through most of the local towns ... Sharing our Classic good looks with the community!

Took 17 mile drive to Pacific Grove, weather improved .... thousands of happy folks lining the route to cheer us on! We went inland ... was about 105 degrees ... Half way up dis big grade ... had slow cars in front of me .... had a hot flash .... started to throw up! I stopped and opened the side vents ..... added some of the drinking water they gave us & finished up just fine cooling down immediately the rest of the way up the hill.

We spent 2 hrs in Carmel by the Sea .... We had a wonderful lunch in elegant surroundings of white linen, wine, crystal, orchestra. We sat at Grundy's (Of Grundy's Classic Car Insurance) table. Had a great time and a great visit.

Tour artwork by Ken Ebberts (c)
We wore these around our necks
Blackie got to wear a GREEN TOUR RIBBON, The only one in our class that had the guts to go on the tour and in the rain and give up a chance for a trophy. Blackie did score 99 points anyway though! :-)

Lining up at the Polo Grounds for registration
The Pilot Ray Driving lights turn with the wheels.

Doc, Becky, and daughter kathy & Rob ... son-in-law extraordinaire

Downtown Carmel ... Thousands around all these Classic Cars!
Lots of interviews by lots of the media ... especially for european television.

Here is Fritz Gechter with his cool 1932 Horch
cleaning up after the tour back at the polo grounds.

Rob Delker helping with our 18 hr. clean up after the tour in the above photo
As is the caddy named "Tooth Pick Charlie" before the show Sunday.

The next day Monday we ran most of the tour again
In the sun shine before heading for home

17 Mile Drive Folks!

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