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Jay Leno

This is Jay's great kids book ... and adults too ... we really get a kick out of it and it opens a window into the real Jay Leno. Our grand kids really enjoy it too. It is also a little ironic as Becky also picked one of these up at the 99 cent store .... But .... We have never seen Jay show that one on his show ... Hee - Hee

Jay Leno's Garage ... (Click Here)
Finally what we've all been waiting for!

And Jay's Photo With Kathy Hemp!

Becky & I have seen Jay a couple times at his one man shows (during the time when he would fill in for "Johnny" & still toured). Our daughter got her photo with him backstage here at the Redding CA Civic Auditorium .... (which she promptly lost). We have bumped into him at Pebble a couple times ..... he doesn't know us from Jack Scheeeitt. But ...... what I (doc hemp) admire about Jay Leno is that his fame & money has changed him very little! He still mingles, loves Harleys & all types of cars like a lot of us do!

Jay Leno and Kathy Hemp

11-27-05 ... Guess what ... Just a few minutes ago Becky and I were up in the attic of my Garage getting Xmas stuff down ... Becky looked in one of the many boxes of Kathy's stuff we put up there when she got married ... and she found the missing photo of over 15 years! .... Jay Leno's picture taken with Kathy Hemp at the Redding CA, Civic Auditorium back stage. The photo is marked Oct 22, 1990 .... You can see the bag of Doritos Jay is clutching that Kathty gave him back stage. I remember our friend Joe Wong got us the back stage pass ... The yellow ribbon sticking out of Kathy's pocket we were all wearing as our son Kevin was a Marine over in the Gulf War #1. He was a tank and humvee driver for General Boomer. He did come home fine.

Jay purchased this 32 Packard shown below from his idol, (everybodies idol) the racing legend Phil Hill. This is what collecting these cars is all about!! The history behind each one! Preserving this history! Preserving these cars! We are all only caretakers & protectors of these cars for future generations. These cars represent people, era's & a warm fuzzy feeling. They become part of the family of a true car lover & collector.

Becky & I have had our Late model 1930 Studebaker President Roadster for 26 years.... (11-30-05 = 33years now). We still have the 1973 Pantera we bought new, and all but one Harley.

As per search engines and our main server ... our many sites get several million hits per year.

As shown in the Robb Report - August 1997

Jay Leno's Classic 32 Packard Twin 6 (Actually 12 Cylinder Coupe) .... At the time ... Jay's and his Dad's Favorite Car! Early 80's purchased from Phil Hill ... Click on the link to the video about this car
Jay's Video about this 12 Cylinder Coupe

Hopefully we may get to see Jay's 32 Packard When we show "Blackie" our 1933 Packard Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton (pictured above here with the caboose on our steam train) when we go to at Pebble Beach this August 29th, Sunday - 1999 for the 100th year of Packard..... (Note) .. Jay brought his green Duesenberg this year .... Like his Packard a little better though! ( ; > ).. Another later note .. for Pebble's 50th anniversary in 2000 ... "Blackie" made the cover of Show Case magazine that was passed out at the gate with the tickets. Jay was also featured in the 50th anniversary edition shown receiving his first in class with his Duesenberg for the previous year of 1999. See these photos below ....



Concours Co-Chairman, Jules Huemann & one of our favorite (Packard nut) actors, Edward Herrmann fighting for a picture with ole Doc Hemp & Blackie - hee-hee .... Edward has a beautifully restored 1936 Packard ... He also rode in the rumble seat of a 1934 Packard Dietrich 12 Convertible Roadster in front of us on the 50 mile tour.

This photo above was taken at the 1999 Pebble Beach Concours ... Jay & his wife were there also ... The photo below is of Jay and his wife Mavis receiving their first in class trophy from Sandra Kasky(Button) for their 1932 Duesenberg Model J Murphy convertible coupe at the 1999 Concours.

This above photo is one that I took

This was the special Pebble Beach 50th Anniversary edition 2000 featuring "Blackie"
Our 1933 Packard Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton on the cover.
And Jay with his Duesy getting the award was also featured inside.

The stats below shows the last 100 visits to this page on the morning of 9/14/07 ... Our free stat counter stores only the last 100 and since all our sites are hobby and non commercial we don't wish to pay for any of the permanent last 10,000 visits, etc. But it is kinda interesting to see that there are almost no visits from out of the USA as opposed to our steam train and Dental sites that get visits from about 50 different countries a day. This page had about 88,000 visits though from the USA this past year.

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