Western Hauler - Ford 550 Turbo Diesel

No one else would understand!

This 01 model (sold in 2002) race car and 5th wheel trailer hauler of ours has 19.5" custom polished aluminum wheels. It was modified and customized by Western Hauler when new with their custom hauler bed with all the accesories. Then this truck has had extensive power upgrades ..... Custom grey leather and wood interior ... Adjustable computer controlled power turbo adjustments for Horse Power and Ft Lbs of Torque .. Jake Brake ... Custom turbo, Pyrometer temp & tranny oil temp gauges with alarms .... Huge custom tranny radiator cooler with an added 23 quart Aluminum tranny pan .... Custom exhaust system ... 65 gal. extra fuel tank, etc. done by our friend Joe Wong whom we purchased it from .... no more 20 mph up those 8 - 10 % grades now with the heater on!

.... Joe just upgraded to a Ford 650 Cummins with 6 speed push button Allison Tranny.

Research has shown these custom haulers sell for 85% of new cost 4 years old with an average milage of 80,000 miles.

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