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Subject: Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 00:28:24 -1000 From: "W N" bogart@maui.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Aloha Doc & Family:
Great job on your Web-Site, when ya live on a rock ( Maui Hi. ) the things ya find to keep occupied Like Computers & Cars, our Drag strip page is being upgraded at the moment, you'd be surrprised at what we have here, at least 6 to 8 cars nocking at the door of 6 sec. 200 mph, not bad, anyway here's a site one of the Locals has put together with enough Links to wear anyone out, maybe it would be of some use to you, also a pic of a car we run in 11:90 class with a best of 11:40

Thanks again & Aloha Bogart

Subject: Drag Racing 2000 Update Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 02:34:23 -0800 (PST) From: don@nitroparts.com To: don@nitroparts.com

If you're a fan of drag racing - in the past or in the future - here's some really cool news for the new year.

The largest drag racing photo site in the world, with over 3100 photos of front engine dragsters from 1950 to 1972, has just completed its move to I-Server. Bigger and faster with a new face. Plus, over 200 new photos have been added since the New Year and at least 50 more will be added every 10 days in the months to come. With over 1000 unpublished vintage photos in the wings (and more on the way), we won't run out soon. Check out our new look and come back often. An incredible journey down memory lane. http://www.nitroparts.com

Goodguys Top Fuel World Champion Jim Murphy and the WW2 Racing Team have taken their act to the Web. Their new website debuted this past weekend to rave reviews. Stop by and see what the fastest front engine top fuel dragster in the world has in store for 2000. This will be a banner year for nostalgia fuel racing and the WW2 Racing Team will surly lead the way. http://www.ww2racing.com

Drag racing or circle track -- take your pick at Oregon's premier racing facility. Southern Oregon Dragway, the quickest, fastest and safest drag strip in Oregon has racing from April to September including an NHRA Division 6 Federal Mogul Race. Southern Oregon Speedway is a super 1/3 mile clay oval track that offers a weekly menu of Winged Modifieds, Pro Stocks, Dwarfs and special events. http://www.sospeedway.com
See ya at the races!
Don Ewald
Left Coast Graphics

Subject: Car tax refunds Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 07:30:36 EDT From: Pgwoosley@aol.com To: JBB7882@webtv.com, MDIMAIO@mail.sdsu.edu, Citroens@aol.com, JERRY@moutons.org, AKKANA@best.com, DOCHEMP@c-zone.net, BRITSMF@softcom.net, WEBTEAM@sfrscca.com, BSTEGALL@community.net, HIHA@value.net, CHRIS@carsofcalifornia.com, WWCA@aol.com, barx7club@rx7.org, Hirev321@aol.com, JACKE.CRUMP@latimes.com, PDQCARRERA@aol.com, BLUEMX5@earthlink.net, N6MOD@miata.net, MLEWERT@lucent.com, DON.GILLIS@sjpc.org, ANIASCO@oakwood.com, TWTRESKO@creative.net, DEMILLS@juno.com, MWILLIAM@sdge.com, CEFREIN@adnc.com, RallyeClub@aol.com, Mystery@teleport.com, Vmachado@sonnet.com, MBOCC@desertgold.com, FDIDIK@ddgn.com, MCS72ROTH@aol.com, NSXellent@aol.com, Ccn@carclubnews.com

Car Tax Refund Notice Program Set to Begin A court-ordered notice campaign is set to begin in late April, including notices on DMV's website (www.dmv.ca.gov/refund-notice), a mass mailing and ads in magazines and newspapers. Please help spread the word about the need to ask for refunds. Answers to some popular misconceptions:
1. Refunds are available for all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, etc.

2. You could have bought your vehicle new or used if you bought before August 1983; if bought after that, it had to have been used.

4. This litigation is not about the $300 smog fee, but if you paid the smog fee you may be a victim of the car tax discrimination, too. Other people are fighting the smog fee, and you should ask for a refund of it, too.

5. You may still be able to request a refund even if you have not asked before. The official notice will focus on prior claimants and current owners, but other people are eligible.

See www.dmv-refunds.com for more information.

If you know of anyone who you think would like updates on this subject, let me know. If you do not want updates, also let me know.
Patrick Woosley
Subject: (geen onderwerp) Date: Sun, 21 Mar 99 16:01:27 +0100 From: "T.J. Zwebe" tjzwebe@interestate.nl To: dochemp@c-zone.net

AIRMOTORS Telephone home: +31 412 652748 Smalstraat 74 Telephone office:+31 412 401589 5341 TX Oss Fax: +31 412 652960 The Netherlands E-mail: tjzwebe@interestate.nl ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Dave,
Read a great part of your website, really great.

We are planning to make a coast to coast trip next year, do you know if anybody rents out side-cars? Did i understand correctly that you live in Redding CA? we may drop in.

Greetings from the Netherlands.

Pam and Tom Zwebe (51 year old dentist on a 9 year old Moto Guzzi)
President of the AIRMOTORS,
The only bikers club exclusivly for dentists (60 members)

Subject: senate-news(johannessen,press-releases): mojo introduces smog check bill Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 11:29:39 -0800 (PST) From: Senate-News-Reply@SEN.CA.GOV To: Recipients, of, johannessen, press-releases, messages

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: DEAN A. MCEWEN February 26, 1999 (916) 445-3353

SACRAMENTO: Senator Maurice Johannessen introduced legislation Friday which would eliminate some of the unnecessary smog testing of vehicles with after-market parts.

Currently, California requires vehicles to pass two types of smog check tests: functional as well as the tailpipe test. The bill, SB 1058, streamlines the "visual portion" of the smog inspection by limiting the equipment required to be inspected, thereby eliminating unnecessary inspection. Less time would be spent by motorists and inspectors, fewer burdens would be placed on referees, and less costs would be imposed on the state and consumers by the program.

A car enthusiast himself, Johannessen stated, "Motorists who upgrade their vehicles with after-market parts are often forced to see a referee even though their car may run more efficiently and cleanly. This is a complete waste of time, only benefiting those bureaucracies which this process creates."

Added Johannessen, "If tail-pipe emissions are coming out clean, it shouldn't matter at all what motor parts you have under the hood. This is a good consumer bill that does nothing to harm our air."

For a copy of Senate Bill 1058, contact either Cathy Evans (Legislative Aide) or Dean A. McEwen (Press Secretary) at (916) 445-3353.
Subject: Super Run '99 Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 23:44:37 -0800 From: emjoy@home.com Organization: @Home Network Member To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Just want to invite you and your members to Super Run '99 on July 29,30,Aug. 01, 1999 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

Come join the 1000+ vehicles from all over Canada and the USA for a full weekend of fun and great Western Canadian hospitality. with the dollar exchange rate, your US members should have even a better time.

This event is open to vehicles from 1974 and older with the net proceeds going to assist Camp Easter seals. we are offering 3 early bird prizes, valvecover racing, a nostalgia raffle and much, much, more. Hpoe to see yopu all there.

for more info contact: Dale @ fax: 306 384 4959
@ Email: Emjoy@Home.com
Subject: Land Speed Info II Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 10:49:22 -0800 From: "Thomas E. Bryant" saltracer@awwwsome.com To: David Hemp dochemp@c-zone.net

I'm sorry I forgot to enclose this info in the last e-mail.

History of Land Speed Records

FIA History of Land Speed Record Holders -Unlimited Division

The Federation International de L'Automobile (FIA) is the world governing body for motor sport and land speed records.

Speed ...........Driver.......................Car....................Engine.........Date

407.447 -- Craig Breedlove --Spirit of America --- GE J47--- ---8/5/63
413.199 --Tom Green --------- Wingfoot Express ---WE J46 ----10/2/64
434.22 ----Art Arfons ---------Green Monster -------GE -J79 --- 10/5/64
468.719 --Craig Breedlove ---Spirit of America -----GE J79 ---- 10/13/64
526.277 --Craig Breedlove ---Spirit of America -----GE J79 -----10/15/65
536.712 --Art Arfons ----------Green Monster -------GE J79 -----10/27/64
555.127 --Craig Breedlove ---Spirit of America ----- GE J79 -----11/2/65
Sonic 1
576.553 --Art Arfons -----------Green Monster ------ GE J79 ----- 11/7/65
600.601 --Craig Breedlove ---- Spirit of America ---- GE J79 ------11/15/65
Sonic 1
622.407 --Gary Gabelich -------Blue Flame ------------ Rocket ------10/23/70
633.468 --Richard Noble -------Thrust 2 -----------------RR RG 146 10/4/83
763.035 --Andy Green -----------Thrust --------------------SSC RR -----10/15/97

Subject: (no subject) Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 19:09:44 EST From: JRPsport16@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Your pictures and websites are tight (awesome). Im only 13 and you got some of the coolest cars i have ever seen. If you could mabey send me a very good picture of a diablo i could print i would appreciate it a bunch!!!! thanks and again your website is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay Folks - will one of you fortunate enough to own a Diablo help this youngster out with a quality Diablo Photo of your car?
Subject: Update - 1998 200 mph Club - Bonneville & Salt Flat Racing. Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 08:14:06 -0800 From: "Thomas E. Bryant" saltracer@awwwsome.com To: David Hemp dochemp@c-zone.net


World Finals/FIA (October 14-17, 1998) CANCELED

The World Finals was canceled do to standing water, so no more runs at the salt this year. We are preparing to go to El Mirage Dry Lakes for the two-day meet November 14 & 15 to attempt to regain our Gas Class record there. We are building another motor with the newer eighteen degree Chevrolet Bow Tie heads, however, it won't be ready in time for the November meet.

World of Speed (September 23-26, 1998) Jeff and I did go to the World of Speed meet in September, unfortunately, Mother Nature was not kind to the racers. We arrived Wednesday AM, set up our pits and got the car inspected. At 11:30 AM we attended the driver's meeting and learned that we had a wet race course between the three and four mile post. It had been decided that, to allow the race course to dry a little more, there would be no runs made until Thursday. However Wednesday night we got some rain, not much , but enough to further complicate our situation.
This did give us some time to do further preparation to the race car, which, as it turned out, was good for us. We found that we had a serious water leak into the oil. A cracked cylinder head! At noon Thursday the officials open the course for tune up runs through the 2 1/4 traps, but, we were busy trying to correct our water problem. After a trip to town for epoxy, we fixed the head, changed the oil and now we had a serious contender, but, not in time to run Thursday. Friday we went to the salt to find ourselves plagued by wind, which was not all bad, because the wind can help to dry the racing surface, if it bows the right direction, if not it can bring more water across the race course.
It was blowing the right direction. By 12:30 PM on Friday cars were allowed to run the first two miles. A 132' speed trap was set up at the end inside the two miles. We put the car in line for a tune up run. The first run netted us a 187.50 MPH run which was fair, but I felt that we could improve by leaning the motor a little. The next run Jeff ran 194 + which on a normal course, would be a quarter mile time between 200 and 205 MPH (our best 1/4 speed to date has been 201+). The engine was still a little rich, but, were happy with the results and hoped to be able to run a full course on Saturday. That was not to be, we had serious rain Friday night. Saturday morning we went to the pits and load up our equipment while wading around in 2 inches of water. We headed back home with the hopes of returning to the World Finals the 14th through 17th of October.

Speedweek '98

Margaret and I arrived in Wendover Friday 8/14 shortly afternoon, grabbed a bite to eat and proceeded to the salt to set up our pits and get the car inspected. Jim Johnson and Bill Drum, also from Redding, had saved us a spot to pit next to them. Jim has the "Grreate Grape" a purple Studebaker powered by a 691 cubic inch Donovan Chrysler which runs in AA/GCC. This is a car to watch. Jim acquired the Stude a couple of years ago and is getting aquatinted with the Salt Racing after laying off for many years. He ran 224+ on a 254.545 record.
We got the car inspected, as it turned out under the watchful eye of a media team who wanted an inspection process on camera. We breezed through inspection with no faults, returned the car to the pits and went to town to clean up and relax. Saturday morning we returned to the salt to set up our shade canopy, prepare the car and attend the driver's meeting. After the meeting we joined many other competitors for a short tour down the race course in our push trucks to get a look at the condition of the surface. The salt was very good this year, do to the pumping of brine that began this year, I suppose. Reilley Chemical, who mines potash from the salt flats has begun a pumping process to return millions of tons of salt that they have removed over the years. This is supposed to add about 1/2 inch of salt over a 26 square mile area each year.
In the afternoon we returned to Wendover to pick up Jeff and his son Gabe who had flown in from Red Bluff. Time now to get serious! Sunday I made three runs. The first was 172.205 MPH in the first mile, not good, the next I turned out after going through low gear, the next was 185 in the first mile, obviously something is not right. We spent Monday replacing the intake manifold gasket which was leaking and making a check of all our systems. Jeff then took his first ride since the crash last October, a part throttle ride, 184.50 MPH in the first mile, the car was still was not running right in the upper RPMs. Jeff's second run netted a 194 in the middle mile and a cockpit full of smoke. Detonated three pistons, so we are done for this meet.
I am not sure yet what our performance problems are. I suspect the change in the air induction system has some problems. We are repairing the motor and building a new fuel injector air box for the "World of Speed" September 23-26 with plans to regain our fuel class record which we lost to John Beckett of South Carolina at 226.470 MPH. John also raised our gas record to 226.527 MPH, we plan to work on that at the "World Finals" in October.
Even though we had our problems, Speedweek was a great meet. There were roughly 350 car entries plus several bikes. There were a few spins, as usual, one car Streamliner (9898 H/BFS Bickford Racing, driver Jim Bickford) and a Motorcycle Streamliner (1500/S-BG Project Goldwing, rider Kenny Lyon) crashed. Both drivers are OK, Jim was hospitalized a couple of days for observation, but was walking around in the pits on Wednesday. Al Teague had top time of the meet for a piston engine car with a run in excess of 368 MPH setting a new record at 366.043 in "C" Streamliner, Vesco's Turbine powered Streamliner had the fastest time of the meet with a 390+ run, Burkland's new two-engine Streamliner went 361 in the middle mile with traction problems. The next run they broke the front transfer unit and retired for the meet. After crashing two years in a row, George Fields returned this year with a rebuilt and redesigned Competition Coupe. His work netted a A/FCC record of 264.667 MPH. Lots of other teams did well. The results of the meet are on line at scta-bni.org.

3rd Annual Muroc Meet (June 27 & 28, 1998)
(postponed from 4/25/98)

It has been a long time since I brought everyone up-to-date on the progress of the "Tom Thumb Special." The following is a overview of the situation as it stands now. We do have a race car that is functional! Many hours have been spent in rebuilding after our accident in October, a few changes/improvements have been made, and hopefully by Speed Week the 15th - 21st of August, we will have a presentable car as well.
We entered the car in D/Gas Competition Coupe class and made our first test run, on Saturday June 27 at Muroc. The added skirting, (intended to give a low pressure area under the car) works. Actually its a vacuum cleaner!! The car immediately filled with dust and the run had to be aborted. Top speed was about 140 with a coast through the clocks at 92 MPH. Back to the pits and removed the skirting! Sunday morning we worked with silicone and duct tape to plug all the holes we could find in the underside and rear firewall of the car. Made a second run about 11 AM, still dirty inside the car, but I could see enough to continue down the course. About 100 to 200 yards before the clocks the rear of the car set to the right at about 30 degrees to the course, (hit a soft spot in the course I guess) I backed off the throttle, decelerated against compression, and let it go where it wanted, which was off the course just past the clocks. I received a time of 178+ and a damaged nose of the car. Hit some cones as I left the course. (I'm certain we were running in excess of 200 MPH when it got out of shape.) I admit that it scared me. After the accident we had in October and the tragedy Saturday, my confidence was a bit shaken.
Early Saturday we had a mishap with a lakester that resulted in the death of Bruce Johnston, a long-time competitor at the Lakes and at Bonneville. The racing surface was not as good as normal, breaking up rather quickly causing traction problems for the faster cars. We are in the process of repairing the damaged received at Muroc and finishing the body work so we can get a coat of paint on the car before Bonneville. This is the 50th year since Speed Week began in 1949. Should be quite a week on the Salt with many of those that ran in 1949 in attendance. A good time to make the trek to Salt whether or not you have been there before.
Tom Bryant
Subject: The Phoenix Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 10:04:44 -0800 From: "Carl Heap" carls4x@echoweb.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave,

I was told about this site by Mrs.Slagle, and thought I would give you an update on what is happening with The Phoenix. First of all I want to thank you for having such a nice web site and including The Phoenix in it.

We took the truck to Bonneville in August 1998 and after a few problems were able to complete the measured mile with an average speed of 232 mph and an exit, or terminal speed of 239 mph. This was 6 mph faster than the record for an ulimited diesel truck but unfortunately the engine was damaged and we couldn't make a second run and back up our first. We did manage to make the needed repairs and were ready to go again when the rains came and forced the end of the meet.

Currently the truck is in a container and on its way to Essen, Germany where it will be on display at the Essen Motorshow and be available for the 310,000 people who attend the event to see it.

We will return to the salt in August of next year and attempt to break the record for a diesel truck.

All of the peole associated with The Phoenix and with salt flat racing lost a true friend when R.B.Slagle passed away. We all miss him a great deal and it is in his memory that we continue to achieve our goals.


Carl Heap
Subject: MS Rallye Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 07:23:57 -0700 From: "Andrew C. Jackson" jackson@connect.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Dear Car Enthusiast,
We are in the planning stages of the second "Rallye for a Cure" to benefit the North Texas Chapter of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The preliminary plan is to hold the Rallye in Irving,TX on Sunday, October 25th at 2:00 PM. The proposed rout is gimmick style with Two X One hour legs ending at a restaurant in the area.
Our next planing meeting is Tuesday July 28th 6:30pm at Bravo Technical Resources' offices on LBJ at Montfort. (972) 419.1655. If you are interested in helping organize such an event or would like to get more details, send me back a note and I'll make sure you get additional information. I am also interested in addressing car club meetings in the DFW area who may have an interest in participating in the event. If you know the correct contact within your car club please forward them this request or send me their contact information and meeting time. I can also be reached at the Bravo number.
We had a lot of fun planning and executing the last Rallye in May. I hope you have an interest.
Andrew C. Jackson
Volunteer for MS Society
Subject: Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:24:09 -0500 From: "Tommy Madison" tmadison@concentric.net To:
Dave and Becky;
Visited your site this evening. Harleys look great. My only problem with bikes is that I get a rash every time I get on one. That is a pavement rash. The worst kind.... ouch....
I sell medical equipment for my primary income...... microscopes for surgery and video systems by SONY. Everything Sony makes is the best in the market.
Before I got into medical I sold race car parts and did some street rod work. I laid off for several years and a little over year and a half ago started selling street rod parts as a second business. I offer bodies and chassis and do some building for those that can't do it alone.
The picture I enclosed is a new steel 32 Roadster by RodBods. They are a blast!
I enjoyed your site. Give a call if you are in the Dallas area. Good luck and safe riding!
Tommy Madison 972-298-2215 Fax 972-296-4869 tmadison@concentric.net
Subject: ICA SITE AWARD - AUTOMOBILES Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 16:10:11 +0000 From: "ica@collectiblenet.com" ica@collectiblenet.com Organization: Collectiblenet To: "(ica@collectiblenet.com)"< (ica@collectiblenet.com)>


As Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards (ICA), I want to congratulate your website on being selected as an ICA - Site of the Year for the category of auction. We have created the prestigious ICA - Automobile Site of the Year logo for display on your site. Details of adding the logo to your home page are contained later in this Email letter.
As the Commissioner of The Internet Collectibles Awards, I want to congratulate you again on being selected as an ICA - Automobile Site of the Year Award winner. Good Luck in the 1998 Internet Automobile Awards!
With Friendship,
Deacon Jones
NFL Hall of Fame
Subject: Re: Car Show Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 19:02:19 EDT From: SPeeb47489@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
In a message dated 7/5/98 2:14:06 PM Central Daylight Time, dochemp@c-zone.net writes:

<< thanks for the email of the car show = have posted it in our auto related reading room 2a. >>

We really appreciate it! Anyone you know of that is interested in joining in the fun may contact me for the details!
The show is sponsored annually by the Lexington Police Auxiliary. It is supported by the Muscle Shoals Car Club in which I am a member. This year the Auxiliary is trying to raise money to purchase a tornado warning system for the local school.
I would appreciate anything you can do to help our cause. We hope to see you there!
Ricky Springer 1080 County Rd. 88 Lexington, Alabama 35648 256-229-5534
Subject: Car Show Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 22:03:30 EDT From: SPeeb47489@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
I am sending this to announce the fifth annual car and truck show at the city park in Lexington, Alabama. It will be on Saturday, September 12, 1998, from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. There will be 32 classes with 3 trophies awarded in each class.
For more information contact:
Ricky Springer at 256-229-5534
Terry Mashburn at 256-381-7307

We hope to see you there!
Sincerely, Ricky Springer Member of Muscle Shoals Car and Truck Club
Subject: Stolen Cuda 13 Date: Mon, 29 Jun 98 03:43:29 -0800 From: Erik ewrath@earthlink.net
Hi - Got my car nabbed recently - any info would be greatly appreciated. Call me or Dect. Crawford (213) 207-2047 Thanx Erik
67 Barracuda notchback. High back buckets , power steering, fresh 318, lots of new int. This car was stolen in Los Angeles end of May VIN BH23B72254173 Ca black plate VEC 290 Red w/ black int. PdB, column shift, posi rear, dual exhaust. Paint very rough but chrome good 1 small rust hole pass. side rear quarter behind door. Mags with new T/A radials on rear.
PS Website updated - have 70 Barracuda for sale! www.sunshineauto.base.org Sunshine Auto - American and Foreign Classics Specializing in 55 thru 70 muscle and convertibles email ewrath@earthlink.net Phone Erik (213) 413-5262 or Jeff (213) 464-4913 Fax (213) 483-0752
Subject: excellent Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:49:30 -0700 From: "keith powell" roadrunner@bigwave.ca To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hello there:
Just found your stie and I must say it is excellent. I have a 39 dodge and a 73 roadrunner show cars so I love the old songs. Keep up the good tunes and ROCK ON.
Later dude Keith (Canada)
Subject: Research Date: Fri - June 12 1998 = just found this one in the bone pile = forgot to post it earlier - ( if you hold any world records Contact this nice lady & help her out!!

Thu, 30 Apr 1998 16:38:04 +0100 From: Louise Goldman lou@exmachines.demon.co.uk To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I am currently researching a programme called 'Record Breakers', it will be looking at those unique individuals who push technology to the limit in their quest to go faster than anyone else. The film looks at men and women and their awesome machines to discover how and why they do it. We would very much like to include a piece on you and your machines.

We want to capture the skills of the driver, the engineering back up, the preperation of the vehicles/machines, the tension before and the thrill of the run itself.

I hope that this gives you an idea of the kind of programme that we are making. I would welcome any help you might be able to give me. My direct line is UK+44(0)1753 650 500 ext.242 fax UK+44(0)1753 630 900. You can also get me on this email address .

Thank you in advance for your help.

Regards, Louise Goldman
Pioneer Productions
Extreme Machines III

Thanks for your interest, Please feel free to contact anyone off our site = I have forwarded this to Tom Bryant = world records at Bonneville. I personally have set no records except as the fastest nobody to push his own toys to the max.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 18:21:07 +1000 From: "pcottrel" pcottrel@onaustralia.com.au To: dochemp@c-zone.net

previously contacted via Blenheim

I personnally drive a maserati but havent been over 235K and I have located a pantera with 8,000 klms for $59,000. I suspect in US dollars that's cheap. I too previously saving for diablo.

regards peter
If you buy a Pantera & want to go real fast = have the motor balanced & blueprinted, ported, polished, decked, etc. go to about 11 or 12 to one compression - Forged crank & pistons. put in the functional ram air ducts on the side behind the windows. A 1000 cfm carb. Special grind cam, roller bearings, perfomance valve springs, anti pump up lifters if let hydrolic. Put in some aviation fuel & lets go racing.
Doc Hemp
Subject: copying areal picture Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 22:57:32 -0700 From: Jim Gore jgore@snowcrest.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Hi, my name is Jeff Gore, and I'd like to get permission to copy your areal photo for a webpage of mine. You can see it as it would look at: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Track/1264/Shasta.html> http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Track/1264/Shasta.html
The page is an information center for a possible Sports car meet in Redding during the car show.

Thank you, Jeff Gore
Subject: Pierson coupe Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 23:21:48 -0800 From: Rex Burnett rburnett@mcn.org To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Look for a cutaway of the coupe in the August issue of Street Rodder by Michael Dobrin. I had the pleasure of doing the cutaway almost fifty years ago. Some of the old cutaways are on display in the new NHRA museum in Pomona
Thanks for the email - please send one of your cutaway & I'd like to put it up here!
It will have it's own page, with a click up from this page.

Again, it is a pleasure & an honor hearing from the legends like you that helped shape & build this sport!
Doc Hemp
Subject: Re: WOW Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 06:43:36 -0700 From: "C. David Hemp DDS Inc." dochemp@c-zone.net Organization: http//:www.c-zone.net/dochemp/badchar.html To: gary garyglasgow@gomontana.com

gary wrote:
BILL & JUDY YOUNG said I would find a unusual -enjoyable site that would explain what they were doing last week end. (THE CAR SHOW) . They sent me your site address--a-n-d-- they were right. I enjoyed it -a lot and still am exploring from it . It's wonderful to find others who enjoy a variety of things that our kids--may never be able to understand
Hey Guys! Thanks for the kind words! When I get tired of all the work on the site maintanence & think about dropping the whole web site thing, it's letters like yours that keep us going!
Dave & Becky Hemp
Subject: Early Oaklands Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 14:44:02 EDT From: Exwrench2 exwrench2@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hello, I'm contacting you to see if you can direct me to persons or other sources of information regarding tech specs, parts sources, or any information on pre-teens Oakland automobiles. The Pontiac-Oakland Car Club doesn't seem to have much info. on these very early Oaklands. Thanking you for any information you can give me, Kent Pusser--Exwrench2@aol.com
Subject: Kool web site Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:49:56 -0700 From: Jon McDermott jzmm@easystreet.com To: "'dochemp@c-zone.net'"

Dave & Becky (can I call you Dave & Becky?),
Wanted to let you know I really appreciate your web site. Lot's of fun and good information. Glad to see a site that so clearly communicates the personality of its author(s).
I'm headed to Kool April next weekend, maybe I'll see you there? I live in Beaverton (OR) now, but used to live in Redding (graduated from Shasta High). I was hoping my '58 BelAir would be ready to drive to the show, but alas, it has a long way to go. Too many distractions from my 'real job' kept me from it. Oh well, next year for sure.
By the way, I created a web site for some good friends of mine over in Central Oregon, they specialize in 1942-54 NOS and Used Chevy parts. They also have some restored and restorable cars for sale. Please check it out at:
We would appreciate a link on your site if possible. We would of course return the favor.
Take care, hope to see you at one of the events.... Regards, Jon
Subject: nice story Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 22:51:54 EDT From: SandmanT21 sandmant21@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Thats a real nice pantera, my dad used to own a 1972 pantera but had to sell it becasue he didnt have enough money to keep it but ever since i saw a picture of me, my bro and the pantera when i was little i knew thats the car im getting when im older. i live in ca but go to school in ill and i still never seen a pantera on the street other than when i was younger but my bro and friend in ca saw and got to drive one. and now im trying to find a cheap not in so good condition 1972 pantera so i could fix it up with my dad. if you have any info on any panteras or any good pics please e-mail them to me. thanks
Subject: engine placement Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:20:51 -0500 From: "Max Zappulla" zappulla@wpe.com To:
I'm building a '30 Ford coupe and am having a great deal of trouble finding out where exactly the engine goes. As far as the distance from the radiator to the block, I've been told measures from 11" to 5 3/4" and that is with the "short" water pump. I bought the "short" water pump and it is 6" from block mount to fan mounting flange. So the 5 3/4" is out. I'm trying to keep everything as tight to the radiator as possible to maximize interior cab space. The other measure is the relationship of the center of the crank pully to the frame. The block that I am using for mock up does not have heads and I don't have headers yet either. I would like to make sure I have the block high enough so the headers will clear the frame.
This is my 1st project (as you can probably tell) and I don't know anyone with a Model A. I already had my crossmembers in (copied after a TCI 32 frame) and had to take them out because I had the engine placed wrong. I would like not to go through that again. My last resort is to e-mail people with Model A's. If you have the time to respond I would appreciate it.
Thank you. Bob
There must be a branch of the NHRA = National Hot Rod Association near you - join that for sure = meet some others that have more experience to help you hands on. The 30 Ford streetrod is fairly common. It is very tough the way you are doing it ... but very educational. I have posted your email in our auto reading room 2A incase anyone can help you. I know many have made the mistake of not having the motor & fan perpendicular to the radiator. Having the motor & fan tipped up & at an angle = runs very hot, etc.
good luck, Doc Hemp
3/21/98 TED PALMER wrote:
Dave & Becky,
I am trying to find some information about a 1958 Packard Golden Hawk. I own one in desire need of a frame up restoration. Near as I can tell, the car is actually a 1958 Studebaker with the Packard nameplate. It is a complete car right down to the supercharged 289 2 barrel engine. My problem is finding parts, starting with a frame. I would like to get a new frame and start transferring the good parts from my car to a new frame. If you know where I could find one I would be very appreciative.
Thanks in advance, Ted Palmer
I would do 3 things, subscribe to Hemmings Motor News, Join both the Studebaker Drivers Club = can get to it from our cool links room, and join the CHVA = the Contemporary Historical Vehicles Association. Both for those years - you could also check with the Packard Club, but I don't think they recognize the Studebaker Pakards for those years although Pierc Arrow is happy to recognize the years 1928 - 34 when Studebake owned them.
Good Luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: No Corvettes Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 13:58:58 -0800 From: "Ralph Bloom" rbloom@rio.com To:
Great stuff and I'm havin a super time, but I can't find even one great looking Corvette. I guess I'll have to bring my 76 Stingray to Redding and show it off. Have a great day. Ralph rbloom@rio.com President Cascade Corvette Club, Eugene, Oregon

Subject: Italian race cars Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 21:33:54 -0500 From: Linda Poole artist2@ptd.net To: dochemp@c-zone.net
We are looking for source to look for rare Italian race and sports cars. Would you please e-mail us a possible source we could check out. Thank you for your assistance. Bill Poole

Subject: RE: 1912-1913 Studebacker Touring Car Photographs Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 21:53:35 -0700 From: "Larry D. Owen" owenld@nuoptics.com Organization: NuOptics International To: "'C. David Hemp D.D.S'"

Thank you very much for the start. I'm still trying to find some original photos taken in 1913 by my relative on their trip. They did have a camera and did take some photos. By the way the traveled 6,000 miles on the trip. Here is the note my great grand-mother made at the end of the trip: ************************ All women have a P. S. to their letters so I am going to have one to my diary, for there is a few things I forgot to mention.

We had a new seven-passenger Studebacker car. Our baggage consisted of a comfort, blanket and pillow for each of us. We each had two suits beside our best. The cooking outfit was three pans, two stewers, six tin plates, six tin cups, tea-spoons and cook spoon. We had two extra tires for the auto with inner tubes and several extras. We carried our provision in a suit case and Dora had her clothes in a suitcase. We wrapped our bedding and clothing in the 12x14 tent, strapped on behind.

While at Manotou, Colo. Port walked to the top of Pike's Peak but came down on the cog road. Since going to Cripple Creek and Canon City have got used to making high drives.

While we were in Denver, we went through the Capitol building and grounds. It certainly is a beautiful Place. You can see the dome of the capitol for quite a distance. It is made of gold. We all went up several stories on top of the Daniels--Fisher Tower and could see all over the city.

A short distance west of Eagle, Colo. we passed an extinct volcano with acres of lava beds.

For fifteen miles this side of Glennwood Springs, the road is right above the river on a shelf from 50 to 100 feet above the water. It is very narrow and the cliffs rise on the other side within touching distance from the car. Our road on one side and the railroad on the other. The road is cut out of solid rock and it takes careful driving. Along this drive a power plant is located. Water is taken from the river and harnessed into a 16000 horse power of electricity and sent to Denver and Grand Junction.

We arrived in Grand Junction on August 8th. The farms contain from 5 to 25 acres, all in orchards and the land is worth $1500 to $2000 per acre.

In my diary where I said we turned back, we talked of coming, home, but next morning went over the same road, with not so faint a heart. The entire run of l00 miles to Green River is through the desert, as desolate and lifeless a region as can be imagined. There is no houses and sign of human life except when the trail winds to the railroad about every 50 miles. There is no water except at the RR tanks. Here we crossed the line between Colo. and Utah, found it mostly desert, only little spots where the rancher had reclaimed the land and had found water.

On entering California, we found deserts. The aquaduct I mentioned in my diary took ! years to build. They carried 260 miles part of the way in an open ditch in the ground, then cemented for a long distance. It runs over the top of the mountains, through steel pipes 8 or 10 feet in diameter. This is considered one of the greatest achievements of the world. I saw in the paper on the 5th or 6th of November that California was going to have a picnic on that date about 23 miles north of Los Angeles and open the flood to let the water into the monster San Fernando resevoir. The cost is near $30000000.

I have tried to describe ourtrip the best I could, but it doesn't sound very enjoyable. Please pardon all mistakes as you will find a plenty. ********************************** Hope you find it interesting, Thanks again, Larry Owen

I am running this following extraordinary letter here in reading room 2a also as it how we found the only other existing Late 1930 Studebaker President Roadster! We at the ASC knew that one was sent to New Zealand from the factory to be finished over there but had lost total contact of it. Dave Lane & Sally have become real friends through the internet since Becky & I first received this following e-mail. It took Dave 2 years to finally stumble on my website but he did! That alone has been worth my thousands of hours to do this hobby thing!!!

Subject: Studebakers & Harleys. Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:41:30 +1200 From: David lane davidsally@xtra.co.nz Organization: Real Estate To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I have just discovered your web page on the internet. My name is David Lane and I live in New Zealand and you and I have something very much in common. We both own a 1930 Studebaker Straight Eight Roadster, we both ride Harley Davidsons, Sally, (my partner)and I have just returned back to N.Z. from an extensive tour (with our own bikes)of a 24 States, coast to coast and via Canada. A total of 15000 kms in 6 weeks. The 57th Sturgis Rally was the central reason for making the trip. Sturgis was such a blast. What an ammazing experience. We are also life members of the Harley Owners Group. Now how about that for one hellav coincidence.
The Studebaker that I own has been in my possession for over 37years. It is cream in colour with red wheels the same as yours. The auto shutters, twin spare wheels,left hand drive, (we drive on the other side of the road).The chassis complete with scuttle, windscreen and two doors was imported x the factory in mid 1930 and the rear part of the body was built here in NZ and completed at the end of 1930 for registration. I have travelled over 300 000 miles in her. I have also shipped the car to Australia and toured extensively there. Many years ago I once spoke to your friend Darrel Dye over the phone, but then lost contact. I would love to obtain some more information and photos about your car because I may have a very early photo of your car that came into my possession about 30 + years ago. Mine is the only example "Down Under". It has been a long standing ambition of mine to ship the car to the USA and complete a major tour in your country.I will be bringing it back!! Enough of me for the moment. I would appreicate making contact with you in the first instant.
Who ever said that truth was stranger that fiction.
Kind regards, David Lane.
Subject: ASC application Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 00:13:48 +0100 From: Grizlee Organization: HighTech To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Dear Dave and Becky Hemp,
I have an uncle who is an antique car restorer and collector. He owns a 1929 Studebaker President he want's to restore and everibody tells me to enroll him at a Studebaker club. Since his car is a pre-war model, somebody told me to contact ASC. We live in Portugal, and I would like to know what is the cost of becoming a member of ASC and what are the benefits my uncle can take from being a member. Do you give any help regarding the restauration? It is very dificult to find parts for this car here in Portugal. Thank you very much for your kind attention. I will wait an answer from you soon
Best regards Pedro Graça Pedro_Graca@Bigfoot.com
Subject: ASC application Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 11:09:56 -0700 From: RLBurk To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" References: 1

Hi, Doc and Becky,
We received your e-mail. Yes, I am flying every weekend but still have my brains. AM's cousin was ground hopping his ultra light when it took off and crashed from 50 ft. up. He's okay but the plane suffered big time.
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was nice with good weather and 23 family and friends.
Car auction time is coming up in January. If you guys want to come out and go with me, let me know.
Do you want us to write to Pedro in Portugal or are you taking care of it? He can call 800-527-3452 and handle it over the phone. First class postage is listed in the Review. I'm at work and don't have a copy here but I believe it's $42 for outside the U.S.

This is Anna Marie. Dave, photograph Becky's painting and then scan the photo. That's what I do with my paintings. They are too large for the scanner--except for the one with the little boys going fishing which is only 9 x 12. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Glad you liked the cartoon. Now all I have to do is come up with a drawing for Christmas. This may be the last year we have emus in the drawing as we're thinking of getting out of the business. Too much cost and no profit at all.
Subject: Web-site (My 3 Sons) Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 20:22:41 -0600 From: mrwilk@juno.com (Brian S Wilkinson) To: dochemp@c-zone.net
I stumbled across your web site While doing a search for a midi file of the theme from the old tv TV show "My Three Sons". I spent some time checking several pages to see if in fact it was by chance on one of them,but had no luck on any that I checked.
Can you tell me if it actually is on one of your pages, and if so, where to find it?
By the way I did enjoy a lot of what I saw on your web site, and I am not a big car buff so I can imagine how much someone who is would really enjoy it.
Keep up the good work. hope to hear from you soon.
Signed Brian S. Wilkinson E-mail Address: MrWilk@juno.com
Subject: Looks Great Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 14:51:29 -0800 From: Benton Gill To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Looking at the photos-There are some great studebaker (class ) autos out there. I have a 1941 Studebaker President, Im rebuilding ( or trying to ) and finding ANYTHING, for this car seem's impossable. If you, or any of your bunch know where I might find anything for this 41, please let me know. Thank's--Benton Gill EiMail---plastic@comnett.net
Subject: Wagons and such Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:19:35 -0700 From: Bill Pettis To: dochemp@c-zone.net CC: bpettis@edd.ca.com

Hi Folks; I just found your web site It's just....Great I am into wagons, Studebakers and others. There were several questions about them, wagons that is the Studebaker Museum in South Bend is the place to go is: Studebaker National Museum URL: http://www.ci.south-bend.in.us/stude/stude.htm They are very helpful. I have a Xerox of Catalogue #801 from 1913 from which I was able to identify my 1913 wagon. I also have from them a color copy of the paint combinations what were used, mine were yellow and red. As for other wagon stuff it's out there but you have to do a lot of looking. Here are two places to start.
Bill Pettis hvranch@tomatoweb.com
Ray Hren wrote:
Hi Dave & Becky,
Just came upon your web sight and decided it is one of the neatest I've seen in my short time on the internet. I am a member of the Gold Country region HCCA and have been on several of your tours. Know many of your members and have toured with them down here in my country and up there in yours. Possibly have toured with you also. Have a 15 Ford Touring and trying to restore a 12 Ford Torpedo roadster. Hope to tour your way again soon. Have not had a chance to look at the whole sight yet but will soon.
Ray Hren


Ray, Thanks for the kind words! There are hardly any HCCA members on line with computers! We get about 1,000 e-mails about Studebakers literally to every one about HCCA! Pass the word!! Thanks again! I think we were on the tour with you out of Quincy the year before last I think. We have the 1930 Studebaker President Roadster. Happy holidays! Doc & Becky Hemp
JSprad6589 wrote: Hey.....I'm back. Or "Hello", depending on the order of how you got your mail! Looking at your pages, I see where you know of Mark Oswald.....Small web. My wife used to run around with Mark when he lived in Hamilton, Oh. Oh well.....Just thought that was WILD!!! Dr....You care if I throw a link on my page to yours? Good fun you have there. Got any pointers for me? "http://members.aol.com/Lytmup68/lytmup68.html" Lytmup's Home Page Check it out if you get bored-----Ha! Lyt.....................


I see we are both sitting at the computer!
Yes, I have spent many hours with Mark Oswald in the pits - he does most of his own wrenching on the car you know!! One of the greatest guys I've ever met!! & I think the most talented driver on tour! If he had the unlimited funding of Force & Mc Donalds he would be number one!! He was fourth last year! Having a very rough year this year - 16 races & only one final - ranked # 14th - I think Guy Snyder ( In & Out Sponser) may be dropping out of drag racing. ........... the latest rumor ........... but you know how rumors go! Mark will always have a ride!!

Of course you can link to us - .......... I am looking at your page right now - GREAT LOOKING CHEV II ! Hmm ........... I think I could use that starting tree on that In & Out Page!! Hee-hee! you don't need any pointers your page is just fine!! You will see a link to you shortly in our Cool Links Room!! Lets git you some hits!

P.S. I see your wife still keeps FAST company!! Hee-hee!
Hey Doc, Yeah...I know, Go to bed guy. Wanted to ask you though if you'd mind if I put the image of the "The Much Matured Chick" (wasn't that politically correct!) on the scooter on my page to create the link to yours....I'll do it for now. Scream if you have any strong objections.......After all, I assume you picked my "tree".....hehehe. Funny you mention my wife keeping fast company. Long story Short. Me in school = Football games, Parties, Dances, Parties, etc. Wife did the Dragstrip thing every Wed. and Friday night while in high school (twiddled thumbs and listen to bench racing). We met...I was into Bikes at the time. She didn't like them, but we toured the snot out of the East Coast - It beat the dragstrip in her mind. I had fast cars in high school and that was my first love (she didn't know this). We got married after dating 9 years and I got another project in '90. OOOoooo yeah! That went over real well. I remember it like it was yesterday. She said with a small grin on her face "If I would have known you were into cars that heavy, I might have thought twice about marrying you". I said "I thought you did, that's why it took you 9 years to decide to marry me". "Ok...You can get the Nova, but no F'kin way your getting me back into racing. "Oh no dear, I wouldn't think of it". "We'll just show it" (for now) I replied. I set the Nova up for Super Gas (just in case mind you) for when she gets tired of us showing it and wants to race it......She's my best friend so I can wait! Have a great weekend Doc!


Hey Jimbo!
Good Morning!
No problemo - look at the in & out page = just put the tree up. We have always been into the bikes (enduro racing) & cars but especially bikes (5 Harleys) in the past 10 years - still have 4 of them. And Road Racing the cars. You guys have a great weekend yourselves! Am going to have breakfast & head out to the B.A.D. Garage & put a new set of Kerker pipes (I picked up in Chico yesterday) on one of the Harleys! My 3rd set to get it to sound right!! Believe me - living life as we go is better than all the money many put into the bank doing nothing waiting to spend it spitting up paplum on themselves in a rest home somewhere!
Doc - L8er
Subject: Re: MERRY XMAS-HAPPY NEW YEAR! Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:03:24 -0600 From: Joe Lusk To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S"

And Merry Christmas to you, too. We have a new daughter (Amanda Michelle) born November 15 (about 6 weeks early). She is doing fine, no problems. She had to stay on oxygen for just a couple of days and was home within a week. There were a lot of people praying for her (and us) and God was with us through this scary ordeal. Poor Rebekah (our almost-three-year-old) took a couple of weeks to get over being tossed from one set of grandparents to another to aunts and uncles, etc. It has finally settled down in time to enjoy Christmas and remember that it is about another baby who was born to die so that everyone could be saved if they believe in Him.
Happy Studebakering, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.,
Joe's Studebaker Lovers Page http://fly.hiwaay.net/~jluskjr

Subject: studebakers say thanks Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 13:17:51 EST From: Punkska37 Organization: AOL (http://www.aol.com) To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hi...we were wondering if you were interested in buying various studebaker parts...we have many parts that we are looking to get rid of, for example: 5 studebaker engines...radiators...bumpers...floor panels...grills...miscellaneous body parts...and a few full studebakers...we also have many miscellaneous parts...hubcaps...radios...etc...if you are interested please mail me back...we are in temperance, mi...part of monroe county...thank you for your time...
Subject: '58 Studebaker Golden Hawk Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 20:43:33 -0600 From: "M.P. Henley" Organization: High-Tech Builders, Inc. To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Howdy: I'm helping out a friend in Sacramento who has a '58 Golden Hawk show car for sale. It has every option available on the 1958 model -- it's work order was tagged for delivery to the 1958 Detroit Auto Show. He's asking $18,000 obo. Photo attached. He's had the car for several years, but has to sell it for health reasons. Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Dianne Henley hightech@dallas.net

Subject: '58 Golden Hawk Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 00:17:57 -0600 From: "M.P. Henley" Organization: High-Tech Builders, Inc. To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Thanks very much for your help in advertising the Golden Hawk. I sent several messages regarding the vehicle, and you were the only folks who replied. I appreciate it very much.
Hope you and yours have a wonderful new year. I have a lot to be thankful for. A little over 8 months ago I was living in Anchorage, Alaska, looking for penpals on the internet. Boy did I get more than I bargained for! Tomorrow, January 2, is our 8-month wedding anniversary. At 48 years old, I finally found my soul-mate. Take care, and God bless you both. Dianne and Pat Henley Garland, Texas
Mary Kruetzfeldt wrote:
HI, Just saw your web page for the Shasta regional group. Great job and nice photos. Makes getting more computer horsepower worthwile!
Mary Kruetzfedlt Sonora regional group
Subject: Re: Questions & Answers. Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 01:18:05 +1300 From: David Lane To: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" References: 1
Hi Dave,
Hope that you both have had a neat Xmas break with your family. Sally & I have just returned from a 900 mile camping trip around the East coast of the North Island in the Stude. We took a 6x4 trailer together with our 30 year old 12x12 brown sided green roofed canvas tent, Tilly lamp, and preasure stove just to help us along with the vintage mood, and all the provisions for camping off road. It was wonderful. With the reconditioned carb we averaged out 12 miles to the English gallon and cruised at 55 to 65 MPH. The car preformed faultlessly. Part of the trip was 120 kms of rough loose metal road through some of the most beautiful lakes and mountain region that we have in this part of NZ. As a result of the rough terain I now have to replace the spring shackle pins, especially in the rear springs.They go clonk rather badly when going around the corner. These are the pre packed ball (or roller) bearing race type. Do you know anybody who makes and sells them as a set? I have heard a rumor that somebody offered them for sale through Turning Wheels some time ago?. Could you please advise me. While the back end is out I'm having that checked out throughly. (Foot note; I would love to change the crown wheel ratio up to a higher factor. Currently I have 4.6) Last question, would you please count the number of spring leaves that you have in the rear axle assembly. This is the first time that the back end has been out and I think that I have one too many leaves on each side.I am going to have the springs reset as well. In answer to your questions, I have 650 x 20 Firestone white wall tyres. They came from the Koko Tyre company in Tennesee. If you require an address, EM me. They set me back approx.$US350 each 3 years ago. I have done 20000 miles on them and there is still heaps to go.Thanks for the thought re the spokes.I'll give it a miss and stay on the set that I've got. By the way, I had them Powder Coated.Wonderful for cleaning. Hey It's got late quick again. Now 1-15 am Sat morning. Yes we got the photos.Thanks. See U later mate.
Subject: 1914 Benz Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 18:19:38 EST From: Selct1 Organization: AOL (http://www.aol.com) To: dochemp@c-zone.net
We are looking for interested buyers for the following museum quality automobile. Please feel free to contact the seller's mandates listed at the end of the description. Thank you in advance for your time.
K. Talbert QT International Business Services, Inc.
Museum Quality 1914 Benz Racing Tourer Mint Condition---Last Known One in Existence in the World.
Only 5,796 miles, certified by the owner as of December 14th, 1997. Car has been in same family since new, kept in dry storage. Interior luxuriously appointed in ORIGINAL dark blue leather. Exterior is grey with black guards--all original paint. Black vinyl hood in excellent condition was replaced in 1969. Has the original Mahogany picnic box on the rear. Also has Bosch electric lights, first year of lights being standard on Benz cars.
Engine: Powered by a perfect running, all original 6.3 liter (430 ci) engine with 77 indicated HP, 27 at standing and capable of 90 MPH top speed. Dual block with 6 cylinders (each block having three cylinders). Each block is equipped with a brass Zenith side-draft carburetor. Ignition is a Bosch ZU magneto-type on open flywheel in addition to crank handle.
Drive Train: Benz 4-speed gate change, with open-cone type clutch, and Benz split- differential Bevel Drive and enclosed tailshaft. Whitworth Rudge steel wire-spoked wheel w/knock-on keepers w/splined hubs. Second set of tires put on in 1969, and still with less than 20% wear.
Serious inquiries only. For color photos and additional information contact Owners Mandates:
Real Gilbert, Q T International Business Services, Inc., 500 Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH 03101 USA Tel: 1 603 625-2700 Fax: 1 603 626-0833 E-Mail: Inttrad@aol.com or Paul Mansell, Merrick Trading, Inc., 11100 N. E. 8th Street, Suite 610, Bellevue, Washington 98004 USA Tel: 1 425 562-6061 Fax: 1 425 861-9383 E-Mail: merrick@foxinternat.net
Subject: Hi ANTIQUE STUDEBAKER CLUB!!I have Studebaker Truck 1943 US-6. Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 02:22:41 +0300 From: "Lomakov Dmitry" To:
( It is computer translation!!!! Can be and wrong sense!!!!)
I have Studebaker Truck 1943 US-6. It(he) was put in USSR against Hitler under the agreement of the allies - USA and USSR. It(he) at us almost complete, but not on the move - is necessary to restore. In Moscow and in all Russia, not that that Studebaker Truck, practically at all did not remain of ancient machines... Almost all ancient automobiles the Russian owners have taken out and have sold in other countries in 1985-1990. There was a mass export, the speculators " have swept all " - very purely(very cleanly)! We have remained almost one of collectors.... Still it is a lot of, during socialism, have welded(cooked) on metal. Desert now... >From last forces we try to keep that remained. We needed to collect 47000 $ on first in Russia a museum. But we can not find this rest - ours " new Russian " the cultures and very greedy have not, and with western countries we have not contacts.... The governmental bodies do not help us... But it (restoration Studebaker Truck) today for us and Russia is not urgent. Today main to open though one hall of a museum in Moscow - then our people will see and will begin to endow on development of a museum. The closed circle..... But all of us is equal we shall achieve - at us there is a museum and there is a separate hall of the allies and separate hall of firm Studebaker!
Yours faithfully, Dmitry a Lomakov, collector of an automoto-oldtimer, The owner and director " of a Museum of ancient automobiles and motorcycles ", The united representative of family a Lomakov, President " Russian Club of fans(amateurs) of ancient automobiles and motorcycles "RETROMOTOR" ".
The telephone: (095) 356-79-95.
The address of a sait in a network a INTERNET - http://rosweb.ru/lomakovka/
E-mail: lomakov@lgg.orc.ru

To: Jay Leno
From: Doc Hemp

My pal Jim Jensen has just returned to Redding from Texas. He has owned over 1200 cars. He already sold you 2. When he meets with you Feb 9 about the AMX he will tell you I am Juan Kule Dude. He is now again one of our "WILD BUNCH!" He is rushing to finish a car for Cool April Nights! He will beg for me for one of your Duesys.

Since you haven't responded to the Senators letter or my e-mail we are not sure my pestering has gotten through about your sending up one of your Duesenburgs to this or next years Cool April Nights Car Show here in Redding CA. It is not only street rods.

Again, while out at the dump hunting up food I ran across the Rob Report & the article that mentions you enjoy sharing the Duesys with communitys that have never seen one! Wellsah, we is dat community sah! Please remember your roots sah, when you thunk a 57 Desoto was all you'd ever be able to afford sah! Doc Hemp is beggin sah! Fat, Drunk & Stupid is the only life I knows sah!

Your Humble Sevant Sah! (doc hemp is bowed low with hat in hand as he backs out of the room while Jay stares at him with disapproval over his Caviar & crackers)
Doc Hemp
Subject: Thanks Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 23:23:49 -0500 From: Joe Moore Organization: Jomo, Inc. To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Joe Moore wrote:
Thanks for the kind words about RACELINE. I visited your site and roamed around for about an hour. You must have a lot of time on your hands!

It was all quite entertaining. I'm listening to one of your tunes now.

My wife and I are in Washington visiting my daughter who attends college here. We head back to our home in Norfolk, Va. tomorrow and then go to Daytona Beach next Wednesday for the Rolex 24 and the start of Speedweeks.

Keep watching the show and keep up the good work with your pages.

Joe Moore,


Joe & Mrs. Moore,
Nice of you to respond,
It does take a lot of time - but it has been spaced out over 3 years now. If it were not for the fact that I am an addicted techno freak = 7 computers, 4 printers, etc. & we have friends now from all over the world we have met thru the internet, = it's hard to stop.

I will put a link up to raceline from our Cool Links Room - I don't think you have personal site links back - but that's okay. If you ever do - please think about us. Hemmings has us listed in 5 places & in their top 20 Old but still Cool Sites in the world. I am the webmaster for the Official Antique Studebaker Club Site (off BAD Chariots too) = may get 40,000 hits it's self this year.

I had gotten really involved with drag racing at Pamona - if you saw the IN - N - OUT site off our page.
I got to hang around with Mark Oswald & crew for 4 years in the pits - cleaned parts, etc.or so at the Winter Nationals & Winston Finals.
I guess Guy Snyder isn't going to sponser their Over the Hill Gang funny car this year, just the top fuel rail. They didn't do too well last year.

I hope your daughter got to see some of our site - the college kids really go for it too! We do have a lot of good dental info & use the funny stuff to pull them in.

I will make it a point to watch your show, especially now.

Watched the Indy 200 today = a lot of stupid wrecks!

T.A. Rust & Myself tried to get Rollex to sponser us on the Great American Race as we spent a fortune on their watchs for us & our wives, = they only sponser winners - hee-hee. When they wear out we will go to timex.

hope you guys had a nice flight back as I'm sure this is too late to catch you.

You will have a great career! You are very good, very relaxed, interested in what you do! It shows! Every thing flows!

Best wishes from us, Dave & Becky to You, your wife & daughter!

P.S. I went to high school in New Market VA for 4 years, ya'll!
Subject: Where have you been and let's go Greatracin' Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 17:46:03 -0600 From: Sister McRae Organization: Great Race To: dochemp@c-zone.net
You are not getting our Newsletter because I don't have your current address and phone number. Also, I'm not good at attachments on the web and would like to send you via pony express our formal entry kit. Tom can be reached at 214-358-4498. I faxed him a copy of your email about attaching to your page, etc. He and Sandi are still in Dallas awaiting sale of their home. The baby sister (me) is already in GB....
Note in our current newsletter, Leroy Wilson is wanting to sell the start of a fire truck....
We need more fun people like you in the Race. I await your address so I can get you back on track. Later and cheers, Sister
Subject: Kool April Nights Car Show Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 02:36:32 -0500 From: Judy Weimer judyw@clarityconnect.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

Do you have information on the Kool April Nights Car Show for 1998? It looks like a great event and we'd like to include it in our car show calendar. We are trying to develop a FREE resource of car shows, auctions, swap meets, cruise nights and the like for automotive enthusiasts.
Our site's main page generates a little over 10,000 hits per year, and our car event page is running over 4,000 hits per year. We'd love to list your event. If you're interested please go to the URL below and click on the link to submit your information. A form will come up.
Really enjoyed your site! (We have a '73 Mach I, a '56 Buick, and a '57 arriving February 6, and a '94 Blazer that's decked out with 5 neon kits and numerous neon accessories.) Thanks a lot. -- ***************************************** Judy Weimer judyw@clarityconnect.com Useless personal graffiti for the 90's at it's finest: http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/jh16 :>)
Subject: HISTORY CHANNEL GREAT RACE Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:25:29 -0600 From: greatrac@hcnews.com (Sister McRae) To: dochemp@c-zone.net
DOC, Thx for the new address. Glad you will now be getting our newsletters again. Headquarters is in Granbury and Tom and Sandi are still in Dallas. Their email address is greatrac@ix.netcom.com
I faxed your email to him (didn't know how to transfer messages last week) and Tom makes all decisions regarding linking pages, etc.. Suggest you send him a short message. He's covered up right now.....History Channel has just signed on as our title sponsor.
You guys sound like a lot of fun. Note newsletter on our web site. Leroy Wilson has a great deal on fire truck under construction. Doc Fuson is the only one I know and I believe Big Thunder is retired. We'll help you look around. 1998 would be a great year to go!! Greatracin', Sister
Subject: Superchargers Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 11:42:41 -0600 From: Wayne Herring werks@earthlink.net Organization: Wayne's VW Werks To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Noticed your site on Superchargers and was wondering if you have ever used or designed one for a Volkswagen engine. I restore and modify Volkswagens and would be interested in using such a monster on my 1835cc Volkswagen Dune Buggy. I also have customers that would like to install one on their cars (daily drivers) for improved power and horse power. Wayne Herring Wayne's Volkswagen Werks e-mail: werks@earthlink.net web-site: http://www.lubbock.com/volkswagen/index.html Phone: 806-765-6422
Hey uncle Bob!
Glad 2 hear U R off the stogies! When U can inhale & blow smoke rings out your ears U no sumptin inside has broken down!
Sorry to hear about Greg - I will always remember him in that black TR 3 Triumph - I was with him once when he got a ticket - we were blasting along & I said watch out you're gunna get a ticket - he said I can smell a cop a mile away! And I said well that one behind us with his lights flashing must have taken a shower today!
Greg was a good old boy! We always used to stop by the pier when he still worked their & shoot the breeze for an hour or so with him when we went to Crescent City.
Well, he has taken his final test in life & I'd give him an A! He did it HIS WAY. I finished up on the Harleys last nite - fixed 2 & broke one more than it was! Good thing I didn't touch Becky's Sportster or it would have been a draw!
Don't wait to come up till April - or we should come down - I'd like to see that Harley hill climber you are building.
Well, let's see if Becky wrote your email down right. L8ER - Uncle Dave
Subject: Thanks from Kool April Nites Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 17:49:18 -0800 From: DUANE TOMEI tomei@awwwsome.com To: "Dave Hemp (E-mail)"
Dave & Becky,
Thank You for your home page on KAN, a wonderful job... Because of the efforts of folks like you, we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year. Sounds like you enjoy yourselves at our event, My observation of you at our events, as well as others in town, tells me you are having a great time with this wonderful hobby.
Thanks again Regards, Duane........
Subject: English cab 40 s +Citrion Avanti traction 48 Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 08:57:05 -0800 (PST) From: John Burke johnburke747@yahoo.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net

I m just sending this E out there to you all, asking if anyone knows where i can get a picture of a 1948 Avanti traction citrion. also if anyone knows the where abouts of "Charles W. Hughes" from Alaska. I have 40 s English cab in good shape if intrested
Subject: Visiting.........??? Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 13:42:43 -0800 From: Orville Harp oharp@manznet.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Michelle just came by and suggested that I visit your new web pages. Very impressive................!!!!!!!!! I need a couple of more lessons on how to access the great music and get it to play for a long time while I am brousing. My machine knows how dumb I am and it really gets ticked off at me when I try to pile on two tunes at once or move too quickly to another page. Oh, well,.......It should be happy that I can do as well as I do. It has been great visiting all your beautiful cars.. I tried not to leave any finger prints or drooling. Until later Orville

Hey Orville, Like your jokes you send! Did you see the page I created today on the Lamborgini Diablos? http://www.c-zone.net/dochemp/diablo.html Just double click here to go there! can U get this picture I sent? This is the way your computer pictures you I bet - Hee-hee!

On the music, after you click on one & it starts playing just click the stop button on the icon to stop the music first then click on the - in the little square in the upper right hand corner of the icon playing the music to minimize it. You can add as many as you have ram memory for on your computer - you may only have enough memory to carry several along with you. Doc
Subject: Antique Car Found Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 00:24:58 EST From: RFisher555 rfisher555@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Dave and Becky, I have run across a 1930s car which I have never heard of before, can you tell me anything about it? It is a two door coupe with 10 inch front mounted headlights. It had a vinal roof and a round window in the back of the coupe. It also had a rear exterior mounted spare tire. The only marking on it is what looks like a German cross inside a shield and the name Alicia. If you can help me please send any comments to RFisher555@aol.com. Thanks Bob Fisher

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