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I am putting this most remarkable letter by David Lane 9/27/97 at the top of our CAR READING ROOM out of sequence so it can be seen first! It is also posted in our Antique Studebaker Club page 2!

Subject: Studebakers & Harleys. Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:41:30 +1200 From: David lane Organization: Real Estate To: dochemp@c-zone.net
I have just discovered your web page on the internet. My name is David Lane and I live in New Zealand and you and I have something very much in common. We both own a 1930 Studebaker Straight Eight Roadster, we both ride Harley Davidsons, Sally, (my partner)and I have just returned back to N.Z. from an extensive tour (with our own bikes)of a 24 States, coast to coast and via Canada. A total of 15000 kms in 6 weeks. The 57th Sturgis Rally was the central reason for making the trip. Sturgis was such a blast. What an ammazing experience. We are also life members of the Harley Owners Group. Now how about that for one hellav coincidence.
The Studebaker that I own has been in my possession for over 37years. It is cream in colour with red wheels the same as yours. The auto shutters, twin spare wheels,left hand drive, (we drive on the other side of the road).The chassis complete with scuttle, windscreen and two doors was imported x the factory in mid 1930 and the rear part of the body was built here in NZ and completed at the end of 1930 for registration. I have travelled over 300 000 miles in her. I have also shipped the car to Australia and toured extensively there. Many years ago I once spoke to your friend Darrel Dye over the phone, but then lost contact. I would love to obtain some more information and photos about your car because I may have a very early photo of your car that came into my possession about 30 + years ago. Mine is the only example "Down Under". It has been a long standing ambition of mine to ship the car to the USA and complete a major tour in your country.I will be bringing it back!! Enough of me for the moment. I would appreicate making contact with you in the first instant.
Who ever said that truth was stranger that fiction.
Kind regards, David Lane.

Allan Eldridge wrote: > > a friend of mine is looking for a stromberg ux2 carb for a 1928 if you know > of one or where there may be one please e-mail me at eldridge@nbnet.nb.ca > > thanks Allan Eldridge New brunswick Canada

amburk@getnet.com wrote: > > Hi, Doc! > > Not sure about carb for this man. Will e-mail him direct. > > Would you put this on the web? Jim Schoffstahl needs oil pump drive gear > for 1930 Dictator, part #167126 (this is the small 8--258 cid). Jim Schoffstahl > 49 Branch Street > Tremont, PA 17981 > 717-695-2394 > > Thanks. > > Bob

DGPoff@aol.com wrote: > Dave and Becky, > > Great page! > > I am in the process of restoring a 1909 Buick Model F 2 cyl Touring. Because > of this affliction, I am in need of some help acquiring needed parts. I know > there are a significant number of 2 cyl Buicks in your area, so I thought I'd > ask for your help. > > I am in need of an engine (159 ci / 22 hp 2 cyl) or parts and a transmission > ( 2 speed planetary, chain drive) for my project. Do you have any > suggestions, or could you nose around for me a bit? > > I'd appreciate any help you could forward. I am a member of the National and > local HCCA clubs. > > Thank You! > > Don Poffenroth > 3118 W. Grace > Spokane, WA 99205 > > 509-326-1956 > 509-326-1951 FAX > DGPoff@aol.com

SMcLaugh53@aol.com wrote: > > I'm looking for a '30 to '37 President. I am would like to buy a restorable > car, not a trailer queen. I am a member of SDC and own a '56 Hawk. > > What would be the best way to locate a car like this? > > Thanks > > Steve

rakitt wrote: > > Dear Sirs: > > A super fast and efficient service is now being offered on the Internet > for all those car enthusiasts who are looking for domestic or foreign parts > for their everyday or special interest car. > Currently with approximately 300 vendors and thousands of parts listed, > finding a particular part becomes a snap with the click of a mouse, whether > it's springs for a 1902 Oldsmobile or fenders for a 1994 Nissan. > > So try a look/see today at www.autopartsfinder.com and see how easy it is > for yourself. If you feel you would like to be listed, just reply with a > yes and I will forward the information you need to get listed. > > sincerely yours, > > Ray Kittlestad > AutoPartsFinder

LOPCITY@aol.com wrote: > > I am selling three Studees if you know anyone interested, 58 Silver Hawk, 60 > Lark Convertible and 56 Shot bed Pick-up, I will drive the Pick-up this > summer. LOP CITY@AOL.COM 906-346-4813

Bad64ss@aol.com wrote: > > Hello, > I have a 1964 Impala 2-dr. htp. and I desperately need one piece > replacement quarter panels for my car. I want to stat away from two-piece > section panels because they just do not look right even with the best putting > them on. I would be willing to give a finders fee if you could get me a pair, > please lead me in the right direction. This will complete my restoration of > my beautiful car. > Sincerely, > BAD64SS@AOL.COM

Stephen P. Upham III wrote: > > Nice website! Yes, these cars are huge! (but my Studebaker is bigger > than yours .... 26 feet long!) > > The attachment to this e-mail is my 1925-26 Studebaker. My grandfather > had it custom built by the Cambridge Coach Company in Cambridge, Ohio. > Construction started late 1925 and finished in early 1926. The engine is > a Studebaker big 6. Only 6,500 original miles - the engine is not broken > in yet! > > My grandfather put the basic design on paper for Cambridge Coach. > Included in the design were seats that folded into beds, screens on all > the windows, a sink, an icebox, and a kerosene stove. Yup ... the first > motorhome! Grandad drove it to Canada 4 times and then put it on blocks > in the barn at our farm in Ohio. There it sat until I started to work on > it in the late 60's and early 70's. > > It is all original mechanically. The body is Aluminum with all oak > framing. No rot and the doors close as nicely as when the car was built. > > Doesn't go very fast but boy does it turn heads. I used it for my > sister's wedding and also for my wedding. > > Best regards, > > Stephen P. Upham III > Saratoga Springs, NY > SPU@spa.net >

Dear Dave & Becky,
First off, WHAT A COOL WEB SITE YOU HAVE! ! ! ! Secondly, I want to pass along some info If you know anyone building a Bonneville or any type of race Stude. There is a guy in Bel Air MD, Frank Morawski, who runs The Glass Shop and makes all kinds of pieces ( hood, trunk, doors, grill, rear quarter panels, even a complete fiberglass '53 coupe) and the quality is exellent.
His pieces have allready been used on Bonneville cars exceeding 200, and I know personally that he is very conscientious about his work. I hope this might be of some interest. > Thanks for your time, > Jeff Crockett

INGEMAR ANDERSSON wrote: 3/4/97 Hello Dave and Becky! Great page and music! You have nice garage.I like it! I have a 1958 Buick Limited Convertible in Sweden.

http://hem.passagen.se/ianderss Mail to:ianderss@hem.passagen.se

JoeMfrmNY@aol.com wrote: 3/3/97 Hi... Love your web page... your Studebaker looks great!! I also own 3 antiques: 1916 Buick D-35 touring 1920 Packard 116 Sedan 1922 Hudson 7-pass Touring (awaiting restoration) In addition to maintaining my own small fleet, I maintain my brothers 1937 Cadillac Series 60 4-door Convertable Sedan (great road machine!) and keep busy helping a friend restore a 1931 Packard 826. I'm attaching a photo of my brothers caddy... as you look at it, keep in mind that it is AACA HPOF certified and is all original except for the top and tires.. this is a rare shot from last summer when we had the top down... Joe Misuraca

Joe Lusk wrote: Hi! I just recieved the following request and thought you may be a good one to contact. I gave him the WWW address and phone number for the Antique Studebaker Club. Thanks, Joe
..... (Joe has Joe's Studebakers Lovers Page at the above url = also listed in our cool links room - A GREAT SITE!)
>Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 16:20:13 -0800 >From: jerry d icard >Reply-To: ike@psln1.psln.com >Organization: DMD >To: jluskjr@hiwaay.net >Subject: door handles > >We need to locate inside door handles for a 1929 studebaker. > Thank you

peter munro wrote: I have just aquired a WW2 Studebaker US 6, 6 x 6 truck. Some of the UNF fasteners are hard to obtain in Australia. Do you know where I could get some 5/16" UNF, round head, slotted, counter sunk, 5/8" long screws for holding on the door hinges. --peter munro ---- munroind@ne.com.au

Georgr wrote: 3/15/97 Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your web pages. I also am a stude/avanti person and a dentist in Center Valley, PA. I am a GP, and my friend George Vassos(Perio) will both be at the National in South Bend. I will be showing my 85 Avanti Convertible, and the other George, will be showing one of his cars (suspect at this time that it will a diesel truck). If you are at South Bend, look us up. Even in a big crowd, we are easy to spot as I am 5'3" and the other George is 6'3". George georgr@ptd.net

Bill Pratt wrote:
Hi Dave and Becky! Great site, and getting better all the time! I have you listed in the 'Bill's Bookmarks/Drag Racing C-D' section of the Drag Racing List main page. Please check out my sites listed below and consider providing links to them. Thanks! Bill --
Bill Pratt - 3/17/97 Bilden Enterprises, Inc. bilden@erols.com DRL Online - Detailed Lists of All the World's Drag Racers! http://www.draglist.com The Race Place! - Unique racing products for serious drag racing fans! http://www.draglist.com/raceplac.htm Dave's Drag Photos - Great shots of history's top drag racers! http://www.draglist.com/drlphoto.htm

Leon Mills wrote: 3/19/97 >
> Into my second week of surfin' the net and decided to go a little further > into the HCCA site and hit your link. GREAT looking web site and I > especially like the high wheel bicycles in the back ground of one of the > pictures. I just recently got my 1911 EMF back on the road after learning > how to rebuild the transaxle. No, I HAD to, it wasn't just for the fun! > Anyway it is ready for tour season. Talk to you again soon. > Leon Mills > Central Valley (Fresno) 1997 Regional Group President

D4091@aol.com wrote:3/18/97 > > Dave & Becky > > I have a 61 impala 409SS for Sale if you or anyone you know may be interested , please feel free to contact me. The " Babe" has been meticulously been reconstructed , and is no cheap date, but i don't want a fistfull of money. > I would like a partial trade and some money. > > Rich Skinner

David Dwey wrote: 3/28/97
HI, Wonderful pages, kinda slooow to load, though! I couldn't get the movie or the sound bites to work, but then I'm on an older, non win95 computer. Gads! Knox's in a Studebaker!! They need to trade cars with the Brumys! Found in a barn, huh, that's one that need to be writtne up in the Gazette!! I am recently the proud(?) owner of a very late '15 (December--so I guess it's really a '16 model) T. So far it is known as, "That pile of rust, brass and termites". It was found in a barn where it had been since 1960, but befor then it had probably been in a dump! T'ake care, David Dewey Native Dunsmuirite,now a flatlander in Oroville.HCCCA member, MATCA, MAFCA, & SACA ......

David! With the newer stuff & Netscape Nav Communicator (blazing fast on all computers) all the necc. plugins etc. are there! 56K modems are now here ... in a couple years it will all be fiberoptic at the least & satellite fur sur! Then only the speed of your computer will hold you down! Thanks for the FUNNY e-mail = glad U like the site! Doc Hemp

kattfish@juno.com wrote:
Hello, my name is James Hunter and I'm the Son in Law of Al & Meady Ticknor. I would like to give you their email address in case you would like to send them mail. They have an account with Juno but no internet access. They have seen your web site and were thrilled. Al has a scanner and has been producing some very fine prints of Antique Studebakers. They can be reached at abticknor@juno.com Thank You

Albert B Ticknor wrote:
Got your Email4/2/7 9:45pm. We just got back from Edmonton, Al. Drove a 26 big 6 roadster of mikeZahordniuk, which he just finished. he has been working on it for 27 years. 2 tone green with black fenders and yellow wheels. drives very well. got a carb part from him I needed badley. can now possibly reproduce part. it is old pot and is very fragil. Needles to say we were very surprised to see our car on the web. your web site is very nice and a very good promotion for the Ant. Club. Ive been telling Dick Quinn he needs a computer, but he says he does not want to learn to use one.See that you live in Redding. We were through there twice this year so far, were down into ariz. looking for parts.I think the 1930 President is one of the nicest and finest looking cars Studebaker ever built. Thanks again for having my car on.
Al and Meady

Richard Walkush wrote: We would like to request to be linked to your Cool Link Room page. You have really done a great job on your site. Earls Performance Products - W.M. Engineering Performance fittings, and plumbing accessories. http://www.crestcomm.com/motorsports/wmeng-earls.htm and 2nd site at W.M. Engineering Racing and Performance Shop Distributor of Earls Performance Products. http://www.cwo.com/~icdcom/ regards, Richard
MR THOMAS M HEALY wrote: Am also a member,,have an M5 named Weezy plus outside the Antique class, a prestine 58 Packard Hawk and a 49 Champ Bussiness Coupe. Also a 31 A coupe and a 60 Edsel..Boy whould I like to get red of some of them but, only the Packard is realy for sale. Happy spring.. Tom Healy..Newbruyport, Ma.
............ Tomas,
Thanks for the e-mail - just what is an M5? - what year, etc. Doc Hemp
....... MR THOMAS M HEALY wrote: 4/11/97
An M5 is a Studebaker truck..the only 40s vehicle in the Antique Club. .mine is a 48..red and the team vehicle for the Cincinattie Reds imto; Marge Shott's infuriated everyone so I bought it and took it to Newburyport. Old cars are fun..Tom Healy.
Date: Friday, 18 April 1997 3:40 >Hi from Australia! > hoping you can help me i have a 1966 impala and i am looking for two rear > quarter panal trims and one rear door outside trim > If you can help me i would be in your debt my email adress is > bimpala@onaustralia.com.au > help yours in motoring > greg
pdm53 wrote: pdm53@concentric.net
Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting the ASC pages. The photos are exquisite and the page layout is one of the best I've seen.
Congratulations on a job well done. I'll be telling all my Studebaker friends to visit.
Paul Melanson, President Tri-Spokes Chapter, SDC Goffstown, NH ...........
thankyou very much - It's all a hobby to us & it's letters like yours that keep us going! Dave & Becky
Subject: Pierson Bros. Coupe
Jim Evans wrote: 4/19/97
I was going thru the internet and came across this SCTA page about the coupe. My partner and I bought this coupe from the Pierson Bros. back in 1951. We ran it painted red and yellow with a small flathead engine. Turned 151.??? at El Mirage and 164.950 at Bonneville. I might add that this was the best handling car I ever drove on the lakes.
Jim Evans (Oakhurst,Ca.)
This is VERY EXCITING! I usually only put e-mails up in our reading rooms 1 or 2 = Yours is the first to make it up on the site! Will put your e-mail as U sent it 2 me with a note of my own on the site you e-mailed me from! may take a few days - You must have sold it 2 Tom Bryant then? I will tell Tom about this too! Will also put this up in Reading Room 2.
Doc Hemp
Subject: Studebaker Shay
GJHauling@aol.com wrote:
My name is Gloria Randall. I have a wagon made by Studebaker and trying to find out the year & how many were made.... It was in a warehouse in Juneau Alaska in almost perfect condition.... a older couple got it and used it with there horse and than let it sit out in there yard.. Any way I had it restored and everything is original except for a few boards .... the seat was leather and filled with straw but we had to throw that away it just has the wood part know.... If you could help I would like to hear from you....
Thanks, Gloria J. Randall
This is unbelievable! Just today I stopped in Red Bluff - saw this restored 2 seat wagon 4 sale at a Shell station there! - I is a late 1800's Studebaker Wagon - they want $5000 for it! The phone # of the owner is ..... Good Luck!
GTO1966523@aol.com wrote: 4/23/97 Hi Dave and Becky, My name is Ken Ehlschide, and I just purchased a 1937 Studebaker (Dictator or President, don't know yet) with the hopes of restoring it. After sifting through a ton of ads in HMN I still can't find a whole lot of information pertaining strictly to Studebaker. I would like to find some good books and sales literature for this year/model, and of course a parts supplier. I would appreciate any help that you may provide. I would also like to hear more about your club. I'm sure there are other enthusiasts that may be able to help me in the restoration process, so membership seems a small price to pay for their experience. Attached is a photo of my Stu', please tell me what you think. Thanks, Ken Ehlschide GTO1966523@aol.com
Jim Evans wrote: 4/23/97 Hi Doc. Got your letter, many tks, Just a little more info re: the coupe. I was partners with Dawson Hadley and we ran the coupe in 1950 and 51. I bought Dawson out and ran it by myself for about a year. I ended up selling it to George Bentley. I don't know who he sold it to. I may get to see you at the Muroc reunion on Apr.27/28 if you plan on going. Jim Evans

Jim, Thanks again, will contact Tom Bryant & see who he bought it from = if not George Bently I will find out the history & post it in the page. Doc Hemp
keng wrote: 4/19/97 I'm currently restoring a 1930 dictator coupe, Can you help me with the original colours. This car is very similar to yours but has a hard top. Yours faithfully Graeme Dore
Graeme, Just saw your e-mail at the top of our old mail - is the date on your computer off? Anyway - if you are not a member of the Antique Studebaker Club I would urge you to join for the little cost involved - if you contact Rex Miltenburger - 140 Gumwood, Niles MI 49120 (616) 684-3426 = he is a specialist on the 1930's & the president of the ASC. Tell him hello from dochemp.
Bill Shiels wrote:

........ Bill,
Thanks for the e-mail - hope U got a chance to check out our dental site too. If you don't at least click on it the counter won't register. Keep in touch - we love getting the e-mail.
Dave & Becky
Hello, I thought that members of your auto club might be interested in a local sale here in Stillwater, OK. One of our local salvage yards out here is selling any car, pick-up, van or convertible in the yard for $400 each. A LOT of these cars are from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's. The sale is June 14 through June 20, 1997 8:00 am to 5:30 pm You can get a hold of them at: Hauf's Auto Salvage U.S. Highway 177 (405) 372-1585 (405) 372-1586 fax Our you can view their add at: http://www.provalue.net/Advertising/haufs/haufs.htm I hope that this is of some value to you club members, Sheryl Johnson sheryl@provalue.net
amburk@getnet.com wrote: 5/17/97

(note by doc hemp 1st) In response to my last e-mail to him about taking the rest of the Antique Studebaker Club while on tour to a place where they could see the web page. Bob & only one or two others have even seen a computer! I thought Bob's response was really funny so I put it up here in the Auto Reading Room. He is answering after each part of the letter I sent to him.

Hi, Dave,

>How about the next time you are on tour with these guys >(you are a computer guru to them remember!)
Yeah, in the Valley of the Blind the one-eyed man is king.

>take a little tour in the cars to a Circuit City, Sears, >Wards, anywhere they sell computers - Egg Head -

When they start serving ice water in hell, I'll get these guys to go.

>call ahead - tell them you are bringing a load of computer >illeterate morrrons to luk et a music site & if dually impressed they will prolly by loads of stufff to get on the >internat!!!! Or buy a big truck! (dually)

They don't realize all of the time that they can efficiently waste with these computers. They would get so attached that you couldn't pry them away with any kind of Studebaker story or new car to drive. NOT!

>They will prolly have coffee & donuts waiting 4 U if you call ahead & set

it up!!!!!! With these guys it would have to be cold beer. THEN maybe they would be a little more pliable.

>Please check out the stude2 page = more stuff!!! Also put >some stude stuff on our airplane page - check that out 2. >If you can't ever see changes I have made it is because I >forgot to upload it to my server uptown from our hard drive. Or you need to clear your disk & memory cache. Please let me know - thanks

Will do asap. Been coming home too late evenings and just konking out. The Stude that I was getting ready for a customer to drive the Great Race, is finally done. However, tonight AB wanted to go shopping for a new mouse. This Microsoft mouse is too big for her hand and her wrist is bothering her. She said either we go to the store or she will wind up at the doctor's with carpal tunnel syndrome. So, we found a nice little mouse that fits her hand. Now THIS little mouse is worn out and ready for bed. I'm leaving for Vicksburg tomorrow at noon. Will visit your page and then e-mail you about the trip, too.
Charlie Fusco wrote: 5/16/97 Can you please send information on how I can join the Antique Studebaker Club. I have two cars - 1923 Light Six Roadster & 1926 Standard Six Duplex Phaeton. Best regards,
(Mr) Chris Priestley 34 Goliath Avenue Winston Hills 2153 N.S.W. AUSTRALIA

The following I also put here in the auto reading room from the Pierson Bros. Coupe page. It is a series of e-mails over a period of time. It is very interesting & this world famous Bonneville & dragster car can be seen off our BAD Chariots page in the first set of thumb nail photos.

This is an e-mail I just received today about the Coupe!

Subject:Pierson Bros. Coupe
Jim Evans wrote: 4/19/97
I was going thru the internet and came across this SCTA page about the coupe. My partner and I bought this coupe from the Pierson Bros. back in 1951. We ran it painted red and yellow with a small flathead engine. Turned 151.??? at El Mirage and 164.950 at Bonneville. I might add that this was the best handling car I ever drove on the lakes.
Jim Evans (Oakhurst,Ca.)

Jim Evans wrote: 4/23/97

Hi Doc. Got your letter, many tks, Just a little more info re: the coupe. I was partners with Dawson Hadley and we ran the coupe in 1950 and 51. I bought Dawson out and ran it by myself for about a year. I ended up selling it to George Bentley. I don't know who he sold it to. I may get to see you at the Muroc reunion on Apr.27/28 if you plan on going.
Jim Evans

................... Jim,
Thanks again, will contact Tom Bryant & see who he bought it from = if not George Bently I will find out the history & post it in the page.
Doc Hemp

Saltracer@aol.com wrote: 5/17/97

Hello Dr. Dave,

I got your message to call about my car. I don't know the best time to call and I don't want to interfer with your work. E-mail me at saltrace@aol.com if you want to give me a schedule.

While at Muroc the end of last month, I ran into Jim Evans and had a good visit. I had not met him before. He was able to fill in a few holes in the history of the ownership of the coupe. I knew that Dawson Hadley had purchased it from Pierson, but I wasn't aware of Jim's involvement. (Jim said to say Hi to you for him)

At Muroc, Jeff (my eldest son) drove (our new coupe) to a new record of 219.816 MPH to gain entry into the Muroc 200 MPH Club (his fastest ride anywhere). Our goal is to place him in the El Mirage and the Bonneville clubs this year as well.

The succession of ownership of the Pierson Coupe according to my knowledge is: Pierson, Evans & Hadley, George Bently, Tom Cobb (the last person to run the car at Bonneville before I got it, {1958} 196+ one-way with a blown 331 cu in Chevy), Bob Joehnck (Bob ran the car at the Bakersfield 1st National Drag meet in 1959, in preparation for an assualt at Bonnevile, powered by a Chrysler. He had handling problems so he sold the car to one of his employees. The next owner found the car parked at the curb in Santa Barbara, inquired about it and bought it, bringing it to Redding where it remained in a barn on old 44 Hwy for several years until it was purchased by Dick Schell of Central Valley. Dick got a rule book from me and attempted to prepare the car for Bonneville, but, becoming discouraged sold it to me in June, 1980. We first ran the car at Bonneville in August 1980.

If there is other info you want, e-mail the best time to contact you and I will call.


Hal Spence wrote: 5/30/97 Just was browsing and saw your page. My brother-in-law has a 35 Dictator 4dr sedan in excellent (for original) original condition, black, the release overdrive, auto-restart, all works. Original interior with one or two small mouse holes! He needs front bumper as we bent it towing is home. A little work and it runs great. 170,000 miles. No one added switches, or gauges, or anything like that, that one would expect. His engine has a cracked block from freezing, and he would like to find another engine, too. The tail light lens we found, (v-chevron shape) is identical to a later model ford, '39 I think. Its a great car to drive, handles well. Are there other cars same year and model around that people have photos, information, parts, etc? Any information would be appreciated. Hal

Hal, Go back to our Studebaker site - call the toll free number! Join the club = there are lots of cars like that & people that make just about anything you need - will take some time & patience! But you must get the Studebaker Review with all it's ad's & place a free ad of your own once U R a member! regards, doc hemp
i have a 1936 dictator that i am restoring. I would like to get info. especially specs. price lists on parts etc. send to sharon young, 117 545 rochester ave. coquitlam, b.c. canada v3k 2v4. thanks. hope to send you a pic when done.
docBucha wrote: 6/8/97 Hi; I was just looking through your site and saw your address. I live in Niles, just north of South Bend. I came across a hard back book called History of the Studebaker Corporation 1852-1923 written by:Albert Russel Erskine 1924, 220 pages. The inside of the book is in good shape but the cover and binding needs help. I would like to see one of your members get the book first. I do not know if this is the proper place to list this, but I hope you can help? Doug Bucha 616-683-0686 Bucha.1@nd.edu Thank You

Thank you very much! I forwarded your message to Bob Burk the past president of the ASC - I know a member will be thrilled to have it = also am posting this message up in our reading room 2.
"WIN THIS STUDEBAKER! 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk, 8-CYL, AUTO, RADIO, HEATER, for your driving pleasure. To be given away FEBRUARY 22, 1998 at the Keystone National Swap Meet, York Fairgrounds, York, Pennsylvania, by the Keystone Region Chapter, Studebakers Drivers Club. DONATION $1.00 (U.S.). NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN. Please make check or money order out to: Keystone Region Chapter, and mail to: Raffle Car on the Web c/o James Schoffstall 49 Branch Street Tremont, PA 17981

Dear Dave & Becky, I have been surfing the net for quite some time now seeking information regarding my grandfather's 1928 Erskine. Thus far I have come up with only a few suggestions from other vintage car sites that turned out to be dead ends. I was hoping that you may have some suggestions on where to find information on this rare breed of automobile, or possibly you know someone on your tour that I could be referred to. Your help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Jeremy Duhn e-mail: duhnj@mail.mankato.msus.edu PS> I just found your site this morning, and LOVED IT!!! It is good to see that some people are interested in restoring vehicles for what they are rather than building street rods. Keep up the good work!
Great page, I love the music, especially the bluegrass. Dad used to own Studebakers in the 50's. Had a 51 Commander with suicide doors. Thanks, Paul Clark in Granbury, TX
CONGRATS!!!! So blasť about such an accomplishment -- you should be ashamed!! I hope that you get onto the Final Round!!! Best of luck to you!!!!!!!! Many big, pearly white smiles to ya'! :-) -- Best Regards, The Yeakle's The Yeakle's Home http://www.nfis.com/~canan/ Your home of the Good Neighbor Award http://www.geocities.com/NapaValley/2950/award.htm Help us out at the Site Fights http://www.thesitefights/kidglove/arena1.html
I have recently bought a 1935 VLD H-D. It is one of the mythical "I found it in a barn" Harleys. I am trying to find a detail illustrations and/or pictorial to help me with restoration. I is my aim to make this machine historically accurate. Would you have any good leads on tracking down this kind of stuff? Jeff Sumners Enterprise, AL
Dear Sir: I am a car enthusiast currently restoring a stude. 1925 touring.I badly need literature,workshop manuals.Can you help me? I will also like to became a member of your club. My name: Alfredo Gordillo address: Luis F.Villaran 395 tel.: 511 4428021 fax: 511 4406314 e-mail: gordillo@amauta.rcp.net.pe
doc hemp: I am located in Lima, Peru.It is imposible to dial the toll free number from here.Any sugestions?
If possible could you find me a orginal Studebaker hubcap with the name accross the center with the three rings around the out side rim. I just picked up a replica from Studebaker West. But it not just the same. My Grandfather bought the pickup brand new in 1946 because he owned a home oil heating company, Medford Mobil Oil Heating Co. He put on a 1947 hood ornament and it has been orginal ever since. The pick up has been past on to my dad then to me. In fact I learned how to drive in my pick-up and I'm 45 now. Last month I lost one of the originals on a ride and I can't find an other any where. So please help me find an orginal replacment. Call me at (707)792-1528 Pacific time evenings. By the way my E-Mail address is the same as my 1946 Studebaker's M-5 license plate. Thank you Curt Holmes
dear sir, saw your web site on the internet, is it possible to request wanted parts . i am restoring a 1935 and need a set of headlamps, clock,rear end parts, good steering box. thankyou, ken churchman, western australia e-mail olcars@bigpond.com
62 Studebaker long wide box My dad owns 62 Studebaker pick up truck that's been parked under the car port for the last couple of years. He would like to price it for a quick sale. It is a bit dusty and the battery will be down from sitting, but it was in running condition when he parked it. I would like to know what would be a fair price and then get it sold. E-mail me or if you want you can call. Kress Cave phone (702)883-7700

Thanks--I was hoping I could find someone who might look it up or better be looking for a Studebaker P.U. and would take good care of this one. Every one restored is just one more on the road continuing the name. You see I grew up in Studebakers and this is one of the few my dad didn't buy bland new. I wish they still were in business, but government mandated costs make it impossible to compete unless your are one of the big boys. I still think they are the best looking cars on the road. Dad will be selling this one at a fair price, I was hoping to see it go to someone who loves them like I do.
RCAWDB wrote: 7/1/97 Ran across your site quite by accident as I was surfing. Got a '10 Maxwell AA runabout and a '12 Hupp mod 20 runabout that I have fun with when I'm not playing with my favorites- - TT trucks.Great interactive site. Thanks for the pics. George House gwhouse@hotmail.com
Carl J. Schmitt wrote: Great Web Site. . . . .except for all that dental work. Please tell Bruny that I have moved to Walla Walla, just finishing building a new home, will not be able to make the Modoc tour this year because of a change in time and that I would be interested in finding out more about his Simplex. Many thanks, Carl Schmitt
7/11/97 Help, My mother has a 1932 Rockne Model 65. This car was on display at the Studebaker Museum for 5 years. It was also put on display for Pres. Reagan in 1988. She has made it very clear that she wants this car sold. Can you help me? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Kenny Olson E-Mail LOson1610@aol.com (303)646-9135 or (303)799-6653 days
Bob Amott wrote: 7/18/97 Hello. I'm Brian Christopher, the webmaster for the Collector Car Restoration site. I am writing to inform you that we have recently added your site, B.A.D. Chariots, to our links page. We have compiled our links with the idea of giving people interested in cars and car restoration a list of resources to draw from and we feel your site would be a perfect fit for that purpose. In order to promote our site as well, we would ask you to consider adding the Collector Car Restoration site to your links page as well. Feel free to take at look at the site before you make a decision. The address is: www.carestoration.com We would appreciate your help in linking back to our page. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at Horizon_Productions@msn.com. Attached below, you will find an image that can be used at your discretion when linking to the Collector Car Restoration site. Thank you again, Brian Christopher Webmaster

Brian, It's a pleasure to add your url to our Cool Links Room. You have a quality site! L8ER, Doc Hemp
The following is a copy of a requested article I sent in to the Tonight show web page about our first car.

Car I learned to drive in
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 11:29:34 -0700
From: "Dave \"DOC\" & Becky Hemp"
Organization: C. David Hemp DDS INC.
To: john.knox@nbc.com

First of all let me say you have a wonderful site - the interactivity is great! The first car we ever drove was a brand new 1960 Chevy Impala Convertible, it is the one (my wife) Becky's parents owned when I dated her! Virgil & Iris Casebeer! We like to say that Becky taught me to DRIVE & I taught her to PARK! Hee-hee! It was Black with white coves - Red & white interior! We have one now (except it is red with white coves) we will prolly never really finish restoring as we do it ourselves & drive the heck out of it! It has the 348 motor with 3x2's. since the enclosed photo we have done quite a bite - dual antennas, fendermarkers on top, dual mirrors, fender skirts, etc. Sadly, Iris & Virgil were both killed in a plane accident two months before our wedding... They were two of the most wonderful people I have ever met! They let me take that new car & drive the hell out of it! Never got on my case! Never told me not to scratch it. They would take people in off the streets for months at a time till they got back on their feet! Harleys, trains, planes, & automobiles are my life & the preservation & enjoyment of them - I am really proud of Jay Leno establishing the Fred Duesenberg scholarship at MacPheerson College in Kansas, which offers a degree in professional automobile restoration! Becky & I are trying to get the younger generation interested in the presevation, collecting, racing, and driving of these fine machines in our own way too! We webmaster the B.A.D. (Becky And Dave's) Chariots web site. It is very entertaining - funny, music, HUGE! We are the Official Antique Studebaker Club! HCCA - Shasta Cascade Region, Redding & Chico HOG Chapters. Impala International, etc.etc. custom backgrounds, graphics, etc. Please give us a visit http://www.c-zone.net/dochemp/badchar.html http://www.c-zone.net/dochemp/leno.html - Jay's own spot too! L8ER, Doc Hemp P.S. I also specialize in Adhesion & Cosmetic Dentistry in my spare time! The photo with Becky in it was taken one year before we got married in her 1960 Chevy Impala convertible
Dear Dochemp, Wrote recently asking anyone for info on a pierson bros. coupe cutaway illustration. Here's some corrected info: Illustration is by Eddie Wimble (think I had it wrong the first time) He's and artist from England, may now be in California. Was featured in Street Rodder Magazine's Street & Custom Rodding Illustrated, Winter 1996, Vol.2, No.1. If you think this is suitable for your mailroom, maybe someone will know a source for a poster or print of this cutaway. Thanks again. Row 518@aol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 97 15:38:36 -0700 From: sam burg

Dear Dr. Dave, I have a custom built Cobra on a 69 LT-1 chassis that I would like to sell for $20K or trade for a 20'-28' speed boat. It has a 350 bored out to 375 with 10:1 comp.,roller heads, torque cam, short-throw 4spd.,centerline wheels, etc. The car is red w/ black interior. It was featured in the Mar.88 issue of kit kar magazine. I would send a photo if I could figure out how to use my wife's scanner. I can be reached at 805-937-3577. Thanks, Sam
Subject: Studebaker Carriages Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 20:18:32 -0500 From: Greg Olson Organization: Baseball Card Basement To: dochemp@c-zone.net We at Old West Museum in Chamberlain, SD will be having a retirement auction of our cars, tractors, and horse drawn items. We do not have any Studebaker autos, but will be selling a Studebaker Army Ambulance that is all original and never used and a Studebaker Wedding Carriage. Do you have any suggestions as to where we might advertise these items?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank YOu, The Olsons
Subject: web-site Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 12:42:35 -0500 From: "Rick Blanchard" To: Hey, that's one of the neatest web-site I've seen so far !!!! I just stumbled accross it, but it realy looks good !!!! I have (had ) a '59 Bel-air until it got wrecked about a week ago and I was looking for someone to help with an approx. $$$ value on the old beast. . Insurance companies SUCK. If you know what I mean ! well, gotta keep searching ! the site looks great!!! keep up the good work !!! Rick Blanchard
Subject: Hogs Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 22:08:17 -0700 From: sam burg To: dochemp@c-zone.net Dear Dr. Dave I sent you the info on my cobra replica and some pictures with it. Are you off to Sturgis next week. I was going to go but ended up riding in June Through Glacier, Banff, and Jasper national parks with some of the CDA guys. It was a great time but I still need to get to Sturgis. I also have a Heritage Springer but with red trim. Are you planning to come down to Santa Maria for the Calif. Hog ralley in Oct.? Let me know and we will have to get together. Have a great weekend. Dr. Sam
Subject: '38 Studebaker 4 door convertible Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 13:16:04 -0400 (EDT) From: DUR44@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net I am interested in any information you may have regarding 1938 Studebaker four door convertibles manufactured with Cord bodies. My father owned one and he had a few pictures of portions of the car. I would like to know if any of these have been restored or if any information or pictures are available. Your help is appreciated. My e-mail address is dur44@aol.com John Duran
Subject: Can you help me? Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 13:28:48 PDT From: "Robert Martin" To: dochemp@c-zone.net Dear Dave and Becky, My father and I have just recently pulled an antique Studebaker out of the wood after it's fouty year stay a pine forest. The condition of this car, considering where it has been and how long it has been there, is amazing! My late uncle, and antique car enthusiest, once looked at it with my father and told him that was a 1933, and probably a president model. At a recent car show that Dad and I went to, I was able to get a little info on what the president looked like, and what I found looks nothing like what we have. We talk with a man who had a '31 Commander (I think) at the show, and he said that it was most likely NOT a president. What I am looking for is somewhere that I could get some identifing matterials so that we could figure out just what kind of Studebaker we have. Could you help me out with this by, maybe, pionting me in the right direction? If it helps you at all, the model is a four door, four passenger, sedan. There are two spare tire wells in the one piece fenders and a straight six cylinder engine. we messured the wheel base and, although I can't quite remember what the exact demention was, I believe that it was 75" or there abouts. My best guess is that it might be a Comander, but I have no idea tobe perfectly frank. So, if you could help me, I would apreciate it greatly. Thank you very much. Your- -Bob Martin
Hello, it's me again. After I hit the send button for my last letter I decided that it would be better to clear a few things up that I wrote you. To start with, I mentioned that the car had "two spare tire wells in the one piece fenders." By one piece, I mean that the front of the fenders is all one piece of steel compared to the two piece fenders that I saw on the '31 at the car show. Second I mentioned that we messured the wheel base. I talked with my Father to find out just what the wheelbase was, thinking that acurate numbers would be more helpfull, and he told me thatthe wheelbase of the car is 118", not 75 like I guessed. Also, and I have no Idea if this is going to be helpfull at all but, the length of the rear axel - from backing plate to backing plate - is 52 3/4". Well, I hope that this cleared up any confution my letter would have caused. And I thank you again for helping me.
Subject: Recent "What do I have?" message Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 17:06:13 -0500 From: Joe Lusk To: dochemp@c-zone.net Hi again, In reference to the recent message entitled "What do I have?" which I forwarded to you, I received a followup with the attached photos (stude.jpg - approx 83k). From the picture, and to the best of my knowledge and info available, my guess is a '32 Studebaker Six. I have also seen pictures of '31 Presidents and Commanders with the same grille, but the 11/96 Turning Wheels (SDC International Meet issue) shows a '31 Six with a different grille and round headlights. I got the followup message at work, but for some reason I'm having difficulty downloading it here at home. The message has a couple of part numbers (I think the engine block casting number and possibly part of the engine serial number). I'll send it to you Monday when I get back to work. I have recommended that they join SDC, however, if the plan is to hot rod the car, I'm not sure how well received they would be in in the ASC. If you don't care to comment for that reason, that's fine. Thanks for your time.
Joe Studebaker Lovers Page http://fly.hiwaay.net/~jluskjr

Hello, It's me again. Thank you very much for responding to my E-mail! Any way, the attachment to this letter has four pictures that we took before removing the car from the woods. Staring top left and going clockwise the first is a front shot of the car (as if you couldn't tell), the next is the dash of the car, bellow that is the 6 cylinder engine, and to the left of that is a side shot that would have come out better if the flash had not gone off on the stupid camera. There are two numbers on the engine block. At the front of the block the number is 172723-1. At the rear of the engine is a stamp plate with the numbers L*2*25. You said you might be able to put these in your web site under a "What is it" caption? If you could that would be Awsome!!! Thank you again for helping me on this. - Bob Martin robertmartin@hotmail.com

This Cobra Replica is for sale by Dr. Samuel B Burg. It was featured in Kit Car Magazine. He will take a boat for trade or 20K cash. Dr. Sam can be reached at (805) 922-3530 or E - Mail at sam burg sbb54@fix.net - If you buy or trade for it let me know so's I can git him to send me a box of Arturo Fuentes Cigars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT THAT SAM????

Subject: E-MAIL ADDRESS CHANGE Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 11:17:23 -0400 (EDT) From: Saltracer@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net Hi Doc & Becky, I reviewed with interest your Sturgis trip. It appears that you had a great time. I enjoyed your report. I have changed my e-mail address. It is now saltracer@awwwsome.com. At present I'm still on AOL as well. but will be cancelling this month. I also have developed a web page which should be on most search engines in a week or so, check it out. (bryantauto.com) We were at Bonneville Speed Week the 16th thru 24th of August, (my 37th year) Jeff lost control of the car at 220 MPH and made a couple of 360's. car stayed on its wheels, but lost the hood and some other body panels, so I'm learning fiberglass repair. (a steering part broke) We will be going back to the World of Speed the 24th-27th of this month to try again. Tom
Subject: old car clubs Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 21:03:26 -0400 (EDT) From: Westndfrnd@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net CC: Westndfrnd@aol.com
Hello, this is Wayne Molter `s son Eddy I did`nt realise the club had a web sight but was happy to find it. I think you you guys did a good job on it. hopefully some day me and will have are cars on it to, but that might be awhile sence I just start a 1913 model T ford and he has still aways to on 1912 jackson EDDY
Sun, 14 Sept. hargous wrote:
Hello Dave & Becky, I sure liked your web page it was fun thanks! By the way my dad and I own a 1930 Studebaker Dictator Coupe, we are trying to restore it now it's sure has been fun, but to tell you the truth we have not found very much information on this car so I thought I would search the net. I hope someone out there will know something. Your car sure looks like our ours is not as deluxe as yours. It does't have the rubble seat or storage trunk and no metal coverings on the tires but other than that they look pretty close. If you have any information on our car or know were we can get so please let us know! Thanks alot Mike Hargous 62680 Dixon Loop Bend OR. 97701 541-385-8495
Mike, you guys have a VERY RARE car = all the 1930's are especially! You really must join the ASC - call the toll free # on our web site for the Antique Studebaker Club. Here you can place ads & see all the NOS stuff produced for your car & get a manual for it etc. good luck, Doc Hemp
Subject: 47 Studebaker Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 15:18:49 -0700 From: Thomas Owens Organization: Pikeway Motors, Inc. To: dochemp@c-zone.net
I have a 47 Studebaker split window coupe that I would like to part-out. I will ship parts anywhere. The car is complete. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. My e-mail adress is alljeep@shentel.net Thanks
Subject: HI there friends Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 23:56:09 -0400 (EDT) From: RUAWIZIM@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net I just bought a 1936 Studebaker and don't have any where to start. It is in ok shape interior is pretty back exterior is rusted but all I see is a beautiful car that someday my husband and I and the kids will be driving to shows. I want to start finding pictures of restored ones to help me with my vision - then I want to know everything there is to know about the car itself. I hope you can help. Barbie Carlson california
Subject: 1951 studebaker champion Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 22:42:07 -0400 (EDT) From: TRIGGS96@aol.com To: dochemp@c-zone.net I have the above ,bullettnose with suicide doors, am looking for interior, and passenger side taillite assy. any help will be greatly appreciated. Any clubs in new york? Thanks a lot!! Mike Petrigliano
Subject: 1930 Dictator Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 13:39:33 +0000 From: hargous Organization: Prodigy Internet To: dochemp@c-zone.net Hi Doc, Here is a picture of our 1930 Studebaker Dictator, Mike Hargous

Subject: web page Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 21:37:51 -0700 From: Charles To: dochemp@c-zone.net I enjoyed your wed-page. I have been watching the classifieds for a pre-1916 vehicle that I can tour with. I have been a guest on three different tours and I caught the bug. I visited a HCCA member in Orange CA who was selling a 1915 Buick Roadster. The car was great but I think my wife and I would like a four seater so we could bring friends/family along. Keep up the nice page! Charles Rollins
Subject: classified ads? Date: Wed, 24 Sep 97 20:57:55 -700 From: hstanton To: dochemp@c-zone.net Hello My family is trying to sell a '65 Studebaker pickup from my fathers' estate. Can you tell me how I might best advertise it in the Mid Atlantic or Eastern region? I have been asked by the family to help disperse it and several other antique cars and hoped to do so online. Many thanks David Graves Email hstanton@igc.apc.org
Subject: Congratulations from Australia Date: Thu, 2 Oct 97 23:57:15 +1000 From: Graham White To: Doc and friends, Congratulations on one of the best vintage petrol head sites I have visited,the background musics not bad either. Like you boys I'm into old cars,boats and planes. On the Studebaker side of things I drive a 1964 Cruiser everyday and roll out a 1938 convertable Commander on the weekends. Keep up the great site I'll be back. Regards Graham White Melbourne Australia
Subject: car for sale Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 09:22:24 -0500 From: "Dr. Robert Foerster" Organization: Burtsfield School To: dochemp@c-zone.net
Hello, Your website was just the place I was looking for. I hope you can help me. My name is Bob Foerster. I am a principal in West Lafayette, IN. Prior to becoming a principal, I taught for 16 years. One of the highlights was being selected as one of the ten teacher finalists to train for the ill-fated Challenger flight. Since that time, I have been working with local volunteers to start a hands-on children's museum that focuses on science, technology and transportation. A local businessman donated a car collection to get us started. Here's how you can help. We were given a 1924 Studebaker, model EP, 28,365 mi., all original (except the top) We need to sell the car to use the proceeds for additional displays and other projects. Could you please direct us to the most favorable location to advertise this car? We know that just using the local classifieds is probably not the best source, since there are perhaps many people who would love to have this car throughout the country.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you or any of your members are interested, they can call Ed Frickey at 765-463-9986 or email me at foerster@wvec.k12.in.us The appraisal for the car was $17,000 by Kruse. We would consider serious offers.
Subject: Re: Race Sponsorship Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 06:37:20 -0800 From: "C. David Hemp D.D.S" Organization: http://www.c-zone.net/dochemp/ To: T Z07 References: 1
T Z07 wrote: > Hello Mr. and Mrs. Hemp, >
A new race team has been formed to race in the upcoming Barber Dodge Pro season. Driver, Townsend Bell, finished fourth in only race ran in 97 season. Townsend is an outstanding young man who needs a break. Please consider meeting with us to discuss the possibilities of sponsorship. This effort will be first class. Hoping to hear from you. If not, good luck in your racing efforts. I like your Web site. Thanks for your time!! >
Tom Callero Team Manager Towsend Bell Motorsports PH: (408) 335-3543 E-Mail: TZ07@aol.com


We are not sponsoring (except for local hardtops, etc. - little stuff - last Saturday - our car was in first = got pushed into the wall on the next to last lap) but I can sympathize with you & Townsend - it is tough to get sponsership. But hang in there - I have NEVER heard of anyone finishing 4th in their first & one & only race of a season! I will post this in our reading room - we do have racers of all persuasions visit our site - I don't want to foster any false hopes, but every little bit helps! Guys like Guy Snyder at In & Out Burger have their established crews & full race schedules & have million dollar budgets already. They never take on new projects & if they do - they do it with the highest ranked driver they can afford. Best of luck to all of you! And I mean that! Doc Hemp
Subject: Classifieds? Date: Mon, 03 Nov 97 13:56:10 -800 From: hstanton To: dochemp@c-zone.net Greetings, Can you please tell me if it ispossible to list a Studebaker p/u for sale on the website and how? My father recently passed away and among the exyensive list of project cars is a 1964 Champ p/u we would like to find a new home for. Many thanks, David Graves Hstanton@igc.apc.org
I recently viewed with interest your antique car web page. I am in Quincy,CA, and I am working on a planning committee with the Quincy Main Street Chamber of Commerce here planning and organizing our third annual (1998) Quincy Antique Wings and Wheels event at Gansner Field next to town. It is antique car and plane oriented and is held in mid to late September. We have had modest turnout in the first two years,
and would like to expand the participation somewhat next year. As you may know, Quincy is located in historic Northern California gold mining country and is a great fly-in destination with good facilities and local interest. It is located approximately 75 miles northwest of Reno NV and about the same distance from Sacramento and Chico, CA. Would you or someone in your organization be willing to assist me by providing
leads or contacts for clubs, associations and individuals in the Northern California Reno areas engaged in antique car and airplane activities? We would like to invite interested people in the near future to participate in the 1998 event and want to avoid as many scheduling conflicts with similar events, as well. If you can help, or if you know of someone else who could, I would really appreciate it. My name is Fritz Schopflin--
email: fritz.schopflin@mail.excite.com Regular mail: P.O. Box 1801, Quincy, CA 95971; Phone: (916) 283-4057. Thanks --- fritz


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