Photo of "Blackie" by Jerry Wyszatycki
Taken at the 1999 Pebble Beach Concours
Honoring 100 years of Packard
"Blackie" was one of 7 Packards choosen
To represent Packard's 100th Birhtday Party.

This special reprint of Show Case Magazine included info from Some of the past 50 years Concours at Pebble Beach and also for the Concorso Italiano that happens in Carmel at the same time each year. This reprint magazine was passed out At the gate to every person that attended the 2000 50th Anniversary Pebble Beach Concours and at the Concorso Italiano.

"Blackie" just a few minutes ago 8/2/15 in our garage

This photo shows the radiator shutters closed .. in the above magazine photo the engine was warm and the shutters were open to allow cooling

Below see some of the info inside this special reprint for Pebble Beach's 50 Anniversary Concours .. This was handed out to everyone attending the year 2000 50th at the gates.

Dietrich designed, but Packard Custom built. ... Click here .. This is why Pebble Beach had this shown as a Dietrich model ..See Ray Dietrich in his Dietrich designed and built Packard of an earlier model year with the flat front windshield and take note of the curved rear dual cowl windshield .. this is the correct way it should be.

"Blackie" Myself, Becky, Kathy and Rob our daughter and soninlaw did the 2nd annual 50mile Tour in 1999 - Edward Herrmann was in a Packard rumble seat ahead of us .. what a wonderful guy ... we chatted and laughed the whole 50 miles except when it rained ;-) and above is our green tour ribbon & below is our 1999 tour number, took this photo this morning 8/2/15 .. The magazine was from year 2000.

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