Beverly Kimes Latest Book
The Classic Era!

7-03-08 Update ... I just saw in the Classic Car that Beverly Kimes passed away on this past May 12th. It just doesn't seem possible ... She was always there and always ready to help with any questions ... always had time for everyone ... And she put up with me even with my warped sense of humor. You can see her very supportive emails to me in the link at the bottom of this page. I will miss her as will almost everyone in the entire CCCA.

In the photo below you can see Beverly signing our copy of her 720 page, hard bound, Classic Classic book. This has to be one of the finest classic era volumes, not to mention, the highest quality and most complete book like this that we have ever seen. It has a huge 80 page color photo section. It will make the perfect gift for that less than perfect car nut in your family. Please support yourself, (you need this), our hobby, and the CCCA. Support Bev too ... Let's show her how much we appreciate all she has done for us! Just call 847-390-0443. The CCCA takes Visa and Master charge. The one shown is $99 and there is also a leather bound, signed one for $149. Below you can go to the official CCCA web site done by Chuck Conrad for more info where you can also order on line.

Front and Back

This photo above shows what a random inside color section is like ... I just opened it up ... and ... Let's see here ... Well ... sonofagun ... If it isn't our mid 30 Studebaker President Roadster "Dandy" ... What are the odds? .... I haven't told "Blackie" that he only made the black and white section .... Well ... you can't win em all (grin).

    (Including some nice ones from Beverly to me)

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