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This is a great shot of my good friend Ray Bennet
Taking the locomotive through the Redwood Grove.

These shots above taken 3/17/99 - I (Doc Hemp) with some help & ideas too from friends Ray Bennett, Dave Moeller, Bob Mc Millian, Mel Nethery, etc. have been doing the finish up Drilling, Riveting, Painting, Check Valves, Hinges, Hasps, Clasps, whistle mounting & linkage, Shocks, conduit piping, wiring, marker lights, sand dome chromed, new brass to & from pop off valves, gauges, etc. = Having a ball!!! You can just notice the chromed Sand Dome with the beautiful aluminum top Mel did such a nice job on!! You can also see where I added the Harley Light Visor.
I have gotten timing of the slide valves down to a science

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