Blackie, Doc and Becky's
Year 2000 Program Donation
Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance
50th Anniversary Year!

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467 Alvarado St #3, Montery, CA 93940

We elected to donate this 1/2 ad to support the Pebble Beach effort ... Becky and I are not wealthy enough to just throw money away. But, we feel that this greatest auto show on earth must be supported financially to keep it as such! And to help them support the charities they so generously support every year at the same time! Please open up your wallet to support the hobby we all love! Show your favorite car off to the world at the same time! ... Just contact Maryln Roseberry Of Pebble Beach and Graphic Moon Design listed above to get ready for next year!
Be sure to tell em ... Doc Hemp Sentcha!
Doc & Becky Hemp (and Blackie of course)

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