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11/24/20015 .... This is really old material ... Many improvements since, but will leave it up. When I do these I always apply 100% toward pins, buildups, crowns, etc. within the first 6 months to one year depending on the cases if they don't hold up with our first round of a conservative approach. But ... Many of these are still there today. Now back to the old stuff.

Adhesion Dentistry, Bondodontics, Some of our porcelain veneers, chair side laminates .... I always try to take one of Dr. Ray Bertolotti's (click here) Bondodontics course at least once per year. Any questions you might have on bondodontics ( a phrase he coined) please feel free to contact him at his web site above ... get on his mailing list and be sure to attend one of his up coming lectures.

Ray & Ryan visit us at home & ride our train, Click Here

Reminder: Some of the Accucam photos are mirror images so left looks like right. Also ... This has been up for many years and much has improved since.

8/6/99 We are now using the S.E. Primer & S.E. Bond ... both light cure only OR ... Liner Bond 2v dual cured Primer and Bond for under amalgams, ticore, etc. where there is dentin to be bonded.
12-09-05 update ... Ray and Tin Man now have a 3rd bottle one can add a drop of and turn any light cured bond into a chemical cure bond which is much stronger than the bond of Liner Bond under buildups for crowns.

For bonding on Enamel we still use Photo Bond.
I find the TPH Spectrum composite the greatest right now and really like all the shades available.
For Temporary Crowns we use Kerr Temp Bond NE (for Non Eugenol) ... A Eugenol Temp may weaken later bonding strength. Again .. for all the pure chemistry contact my friend Ray Bertolotti.

Also visit our Cosmetic Dentistry Page with some updated photos.



5/20/98 - Below see a case we did today just a couple of hours ago - restored 2 lingual cusps on Maxillary 1st & 2nd Bicuspids. The patient needed no numbing, felt nothing! = Air Abrasion, acid etch, Liner Bond, Photobond for the enamel too sometimes - (more Horse Power), Prisma TPH Ultra Micro Hybrid composite.

5/11/98 Below see a case on an 8 yr. old that fractured her font tooth on the handle bar of her bicycle. No numbing, zero pain, a little micro air abrasion, Liner Bond, TPH Prisma micro hybrid bonded on = a little Liner Bond residue can be seen at the gingival before I cleaned it up. This should be followed up with a porcelain veneer when she is around 15 or so.

5/1/98 = Below see a case we just did yesterday on a very nice 94 year old lady - her front 2 teeth are completely worn out - we didn't want to put her through the expense of a crown so I hand made a chair side laminate composite crown essentially for less that 1/3rd the cost of a high noble to porcelain crown would have been.



Adhesion Dentistry Case #1

  • Fractured tooth --


  • Loose piece in place unattached
  • Shows color change in 2 hours out of water due to dehydration
  • Always keep any fractured piece of tooth wet until it can be re-attached!
  • Re-attached with new adhesion technique
  • Tooth fragment soaked in water to regain color.
  • A strong non filled tooth could be left as is
  • Eliminates pins and buildup if a crown should have been used anyway

Adhesion Dentistry Case #2:
Adhesion by Splinting to
Adjacent Teeth

  • 08/13/83
  • Initial fracture
  • 07/11/89
  • Stabilized
  • 01/12/90
  • Distal bonded
  • 02/04/92
  • Distal bonded
Notes: I re-attached this case in 1983
on an Oral Surgeon friend. 1/3 fractured into
bone. I eventually did an R.C. on the incisal
1/3 for color purposes. The root is still
vital today! The tooth looks fine. I initially
re-attached, wired and bonded to adjacent
teeth. This one is now free standing. We
bond it occasionally when he smacks it! The
bone is still great, it's just burned out
on the copy.

09/2015 This #10 coronal part of #10 finally failed .... The root is still buried in the bone and vital and will be left for bone support. In the mean time #9 failed with a vertical fracture and has been extracted ...we are in the process of an implant with a cantalever over #10.

Adhesion Dentistry Case #3:

  • Before repair
  • date: 04/21/94
  • After repair and a new lingual composite filling
  • Re-attached tooth #10 on 04/21/94
  • Photobond thickened to of 20 microns.
  • Another after
  • It's still there & still vital
  • Photos taken 03/12/96
Notes: I feel this is stronger than a crown. If it fails,
pins and buildup would be required first, anyway.

Adhesion Dentistry Case #4: Porcelain repair until patient can afford new front crown.

  • Before repair, after micro - tin man sandblaster.
  • Then, Silane on the glass (Fusion used here) tinplate
  • (Scotch Prime will bond to the gold & glass)
  • Photobond, opaquer, composite - finished.
  • Color perfect straight on, is a little translucent
    at an angle, a dash of opaquer in composite
    would cure that too. Doesn't look this dark in the mouth at all.
  • Date: 11/15/96 = case done today
  • Also shows how the Accucam is used, one to
    the patient & one to the insurance. All one photo.
  • I usually apply all of the cost toward the crown
    if done within six months & half within the year.
    This crown is 25 - 30 years old.

Adhesion Case: 7 - 1/97

Done 1/97 - - This was a badly decayed tooth, still vital, was scheduled elsewhere 6mo ago for root canal & crown. Removed decay, Liner bond 2, photobond 3, light cured base, layered, no pins, hybrid composite. No pain or discomfort yet. Possible gold crown later.

Adhesion Case: 8 - 2/10/97

Severe toothbrush abrasion with a spot of soft decay & decay in a spot on the tooth behind it where an old filling had failed & fallen out. Below see after we removed decay.


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