Antique Studebaker Pacific Zone NW 1998 Meet
At Centralia, Washington - 17th annual.

"The Trains, Planes & Automobile Tour!"

Everyone went in costume this year!
Looks Great guys!! The spectators appreciate it!

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Above photos - UR (Planning the heist!) LL (Bonnie & Clyde & friends) LR (Jack& Nita Bonagofski)

UR (Baldwin 2-8-2 Locomotive), LR (The Dapper Jerry Washburn)

UL (James Tefft - 26 Big 6, Culdesac, Idaho) UR (Vic & Peggy Mc Farland - 1914 Stude - Langley BC) LL (Rick & Bob Peterson - 24 Roadster) LR (Milt & Pam Glaser - 41 Commander, Jerry molitor - 41 President)

Below are a few more of James Tefft's beautiful Studebakers

Subject: chat Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 19:37:54 -0800 From: James Tefft To:

Hi Doctor Tidy Tooth, I found out today that my friend that I hunt and fish with knows you. Was in dental school with you. Has a practice in Craigmont Idaho. You may not remember John Johnson. He was down to my birthmus today. now on medicare. in the 98 NW Zone pictures you have a picture of my firetruck but I didnt recognize my name. well I am going to try to send you another couple of my prize possions. so here goes. Jim