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I was a Captain USAF 1968 - 1970, Prosthetic officer Mt. Home AFB.
See Our Family's Military History Here.

  1. Becky Rides AGAIN in the Pendleton Oregon Roundup Parade 2015

  2. World's Record, Largest Fixed Bridge Ever Made By a Dentist!

Click Here to Go Racing with Doc Hemp & Friends - 3/17/2016 MORE ADDED

Our 911 Carrera RS Light Weight. 2.7L - 250 HP Stroker Motor - Webbers, etc.

Remember .. Old Dentists Never Die ....
They Just Make a Bad Impression!

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"Dream Like You Will Live Forever"
"Live Like You May Die Tomorrow"
James Dean

"A pessimist sees the difficulty
In every opportunity
an optimist sees the opportunity
In every difficulty"
Winston Churchill

"Usually Most Successes
Are Preceded By Failures"
Doc Hemp

"Nobody is Perfect!"
"I (Doc Hemp) am Nobody!"
"Thus ... I am Perfect!"

"Contempt for others is bred by Conceit!"
Original Quote by Doc Hemp

"Those that think they know it all
Really irritate those of us that do!" - hee-hee

"The greater the obstacle,
The more glory in overcoming it!"
-- Moliere

Casper The Friendly Ghost

(But - I must tell you - "He's usually three sheets to the wind"!)

Hemp is the Answer! ...
Now ... What Was that Question Again?"

(Uncle Dave)

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For your edification, what may appear in many of my extant comments to be just a patois of misspelled words and poor punctuation is actually a very distinctive and cerebral exercise, searching for just the right combination of words to reach all levels of those trying to reach a deeper understanding! .... For the timorous, I would be reticent to not say that this multifarious, ubiquitous, eclectic style is still tasteful and erudite though not quixotic and didactic. Because of this I do not wish to be classified as passe, truculent, hackneyed, somnolent, loquacious or taken sycophantically! There might be some verbosity & prolixity - but ...... Hey! Most of my thoughts are mesmeric, pragmatic & blithe yet still filled with lores & 100% probity to placate, yet not abrogate, to the incurable dogmatic, parsimonious, anal retentive! This is certainly not meant as a pejorative to be opprobrious, vituperative or to be contumelious to any race, color, creed, religion or nation! I just hope this aphorism has not been too plethoric for some. I also hope obfuscation due to misinterpretation will not lead to pusillanimous attempts at a malicious retort to my comments!

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